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My baby isn’t a waterbaby!!

Hi, my ds is 10 weeks old and we started Waterbabies swimming lessons 2 weeks ago. the first time he was ok for the first 20 mins then cried unconsolably so we had to get out. i assumed it wasn’t because he was hungry as the only hung that would settle him despite lots of cuddles was a bottle! However we have taken him again today and fed him before entered The pool, same again! 15 mins were ok and then he got upset. Again the only that soothed him was getting out, dressed and fed. we really Want him to enjoy the water and learn to swim eventually as it is such a big part of our lives. Has anyone else experienced this or have any tips on ways to proceed? Do we still go to the next 8 sessions or give it up until he’s older? Thanks


  • What’s the temp of the water? Could he be getting too cold, therefore upset? Also it could really tire him out if he’s moving lots. My son often gets upset once out as he’s so tired. 

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