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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in February 2018 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby (we know there's are quite a few of you due, please don't be shy, come on over here!) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in February 2018 Birth Club so far but have a baby born February 2018, do please feel free to post and join in. Come and tell us about you and your baby - the more, the merrier! 




  • Welcome to the World Delilah, Evelyn, Archie, Florence, Teddy, Emilia, Mason, Maisie and Billy. 

    Please come and share some new baby pics, tell us how you ar getting on - we would love to hear from you! 

  • Hi are we getting on with our new babies?  Billy is 1 week old tomorrow and he is just awesome, we are both loving every minute so far....even through the lack of sleep .  The last 2 nights we have had to wake him up for his feeds...he appears to be a lazy baby although I'm fully expecting that all to change lol. image

  • Mason is 13 days old today! This is him on his first night home (2 days old) vs 12 days old (last night) - how do they grow so fast! 😩❤️imageimage

  • Ahhh look at your beautiful baby boys! Are you guys having loads of visitors? 

  • imageimage

    Ahhh love seeing photos of your babies ❤️❤️ Teddy is nearly a month old but still pretty small! 

    Visitors have slowed down though haven’t got a day without anyone coming over for a week now 🙈🙈 No naps for me haha. 

    How much sleep is everyone getting? 

  • All these gorgeous boys!!! 😍

    Oh Hanny what even is sleep?! 😂 my girls have been super fussy the last few nights and it’s been hellish! 

    Th seem to be doing well - although delilah aeems to have bad reflux and I think Evelyn is heading that way! Although I just had a gastro bug so maybe they were sick? Who knows. 

    I actially just came from the doctor- I thought I had a prolapse and I was complete devastated. The doctor was a Former midwife so I was confident in her - and she reckons it’s nothing! How silly :/ but it’s prob just scar tissue from my stiches when I had paddy! As u can imagine I’m relieved. I think I’ve earnt a wine! 

  • Aww Aussie I love that last photo! 

  • Aww beautiful photos 😍 that photo of paddy 😍 such a good big brother! ur Insta posts are too cute he had me LOL this morn dancing.. 

    Flo is just over 6wks and now weighing 8lbs and we have had a few smiles 😍 shes good a night only having 2 feeds but I do go bed late. Few photos...


  • Happy mothers day beauties, hope you all have a great day x

  • Aww flo is gorgeous.  Billy is 11 days old today and was born at 8lb and is now 7lb 13. He is feeding about every 2 hours during vthe day but is very good at night and just tends to get me up at about 1 and 5 .  How do you guys manage the night feeds without disturbing your partners too much? I'm concerned my partner is going to be too tired at work .

  • Thank you skittles 😁 ahh he was a big boy flo lost nearly 7lbs after birth but may have been down to her milk as she's now on an intolerance milk... Ahhh glad he is good at night that's exactky what flo does. I was feeding on demand and she don't want much at night now she can go 3-4 hrs tho which is easier. I dont disturb my partner he is a deep sleeper! So unable to even do night feeds 😣 do u stay in the room to feed? Maybe go in to a diff room when Billy wakes? That's harder coz u bother wake up sitting in a sitting room or wherever. X

  • Hi everyone, thank you so much for posting your birth stories on the Big Birth thread. Could AussieDeaFirstBabyFebruary and Skittles123 please PM me your full name and address. 

  • Flo lost 7oz! Soz that msg was b4 my 2nd cup of coffee 😴😴 need at least 3 in the morn 🤣 x

  • Formula feeding mummy's... 

    We are giving Maisie 3oz every 3-4 hours depending on when she wakes. But she seems to be wanting more.. what do I do? Is 4oz too much at 8 days old?? 

    She only lost 60grams by day 5. Dropped from 7lb to 6lb 8.. 

    Any advice would be great thank you.. me and my other half go stir crazy when she won't settle because she seems to want more but I don't want to over feed xx

  • I prob aint the best to give advice coz both my girls never fed well. I usually just give Flo w.e she wants and that' 3-4 oz every 3-4 hours. Maybe see how she takes more or how much she takes and if it seems like to much talk to H/V they may say to try the hungry baby formula but dont think u should put her on that unless advised to. Hope that helps x

  • Also have u tried a dummy? Flo use to seem as though she wanted another bottle and when I made it she wouldn't take it but was happy with a dummy. She may spit it out but if u keep tapping it they usually take it. My 1st never took to the dummy but dunno what id do without them with flo lol x

  • Thanks Jane. I see my midwife Thursday so will ask her then but I think we get passed onto health visitor from Thursday on wards. I've seen the hungry baby but as you said I'll get advice first :) 

    She has had a dummy since the night she was born and they are definitely a life saver.. they buy us a bit of time when she's crying for a bottle. 

    I get what you mean with making another bottle and then not drinking it .. I've tried to give her 3oz and let it settle before offering more. Which works in the day but last night she just wanted to feed.. if she is the same tonight, I'll give her that bit extra and see what MW says on Thursday. 

    Thanks for your advice hun, helps a lot xx

  • That's ok 😊 yeah give her what ever she will take till Thurs so u can have a better nights sleep that way u can also say what she is taking and how oftern.. hope u have a better night let us now how u get on. 

    Yeah I use them to keep her calm while i sort bottles but now shes off comfort milk I can go back to filling the bottles with water and just adding powder when she wants instead of havin  to make a whole bottle. And she just takes it cold which is good for bedtime and when we're out for the day/eve x

  • first, 

    id just give her what she wants 💕 what We did is give an extra once if she wanted it, then made her wait at least 15-20 Mins (even if she’s was upset) Cos otherwise she’s just spew it all up if we have her more. Hv and midwife agreed that was best. Gives them a chance to realise they are full. I dunno if u give a dummy or not but she may also just be wanting comfort and some babies like to suck, so she might seem hungry but just wants a comfort suck. 💕

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