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July 2017 Babies - Part 5

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the July 2017 Babies - Part 4 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Gosh part 5!!

    getting a Drs appt is no easy feat, Mines tomorrow but I booked it last week 😬

    Things are no different mummytoolly, just need to get through till June and see what it oooks like I guess 

  • I'm waiting on my new hv. Feel sick about it. Feel I'm being assessed 

  • Hope it goes well katt

  • Good luck Katt, your doing a fab job 😊

  • Katt your doing amazing Hun !

    yeah it's terrible trying to get one at mine too 

  • image

    Just got back from the doctors I've been started on antidepressants again. They looked at ollys feet and refered him to physio he was really naughty on the way back resulting in me crying my eyes out

  • HV is going to do a letter of support so I can get Patrick in nursery now hes 2 although it's likely to be after summer.

    She doesn't think he has ASD just that he has lots of energy. She thinks there is still plenty time for his speech to come on without intervention as wouldn't do speech therapy until 30 months. She said I just need to set really form boundaries and only give 1 warning. She's going to come back out on the next week to go over some other techniques. I was a bit upset when she was here but fell apart when she left. My husband expects a magic cure which there isn't and he's not prepared to set proper boundaries as he's an arse! Away out again tonight for the football...wits end! 

    Kayleigh how do you feel about being back on antidepressants. Did they offer you any other assistance. What did the doc think the problem with ollys feet were?

  • I feel like I need some sort of help katt im not coping well it breaks my heart because I love my boys so much and i chose to have them so close but I feel overwhelmed at times and like Im not doing very well as a parent. They said they're referring him to physio to see if it's behavioural or something they can correct

  • Dont beat yourself up about it Kayleigh, you are doing a great job and working full time nights. I’ve had a super shit time and theres a 6 year gap. I find it so hard to understand why I struggle when he was wanted so much. I think we all blame ourselves to much!

    katt must be really hard without having your husband support with boundaries. However you should be proud of how well you have done. Nursery will probably help Patrick especially if he has a lot of energy to burn. Isaac is very much like that and needs entertainment constantly. He doesn’t stop!

  • Hi ladies. Sorry not been on for a while. Have felt a bit down and not really had anything interesting to say. Have got mastitis now as well So I feel like I’ve got flu. Is a nightmare as it’s half term. Just want to curl up in bed. 

    Bincey sorry to hear you are still having problems 😞

    katt glad you seem to be getting some help with Patrick xx 

  • Sorry to hear that louise are you feeling any better now? Are you still breastfeeding whilst you have mastitis?

    So ladies ive had some weird symptoms the last few weeks and it dawned on me that I hadn't had my period recently iItook a test in town and two lines came up but it was the wrong way and when I looked ten minutes later it had faded could it be a fluke i really don't want to be pregnant and ive been taking my pill 🤷🤦

  • Go buy another. 

    Louise have you got anti biotics? Is it effecting your decision to keep going with breastfeeding?

    I'm trying to build the bed rail for Patrick bed and I'm ready to punch a wall

  • Yes get another test mummytoolley. If two lines came up then it wouldn’t matter which way round it is would it? 

    Yes have got antibiotics. Hoping I feel better soon. 

    Good luck with the bed rail katt xx

  • Mummytoollyandcharlie I would buy another and do it in the morning 

  • MY friend had it louise and she was really poorly too one of my boobs was really sore this morning and I thought I might have it cuz I've still got breast milk ... long story and seeing an endocrinologist on Wednesday 

    i finally feel like I've got some answers with ollie sickness ... the doctor is referring him to a specialist

  • Hope you get some answers on Wednesday Lillian? Did they give you an idea what was causing ol sickness? 

  • Ollies not ol 

  • Definitely take another test mummytooandc! Can’t quite remember how the lines work but two lines does sound more like a positive. but only another test will confirm? 

    What speciallist have they send you to Lillian? 

    Hope you feel better soon Louise, are the antibiotics working?

  • Thanks dizzy xx 

  •    Hope you're ok Kayleigh xxx

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