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Coldsore or mouth ulcer??

Hi, my baby girl fell a few weeks ago and hit her mouth and her teeth punctured two small holes in the bottom lip, I didn't check the top lip. Also a few weeks ago, she managed to take a drink from a cup her cousin drank from, he has coldsores, I'm not 100% he didn't have 1 coming on that day. The 2 punctures on the bottom lip have turned to mouth ulcers, but on her top lip, where I am not sure if she cut or not, there is what looks like another ulcer. My wife is worried it is a Coldsore from the bottle, since we aren't 100% sure if she cut that lip or bot. Attached are photos of both lips, please share your opinion! imageimage


  • Totally look like ulcers - my daughter has a habit of chewing her lips and the inside of her mouth, and this is just what they look like in her mouth.  Also looks like your daughter might be chewing on her lip too, as it looks like she's teething. Get some Anbesol liquid from the chemist - it will numb the ulcers and it also seems to help my daughters healing too. If they don't clear up in a few days, maybe a visit to the GP, just to be on the safe side. 

  • Thanks a lot BobbieRae, I thought it was too, but family members were dismissing it, making me concerned. She's been in very bad form, could the presence of so many ulcers be bringing her down ? 

  • Yeah it could be I know I'm totally grumpy when I have an ulcer and I'm a fully grown women but ulcers can indicate an illness coming on too ... if your worried take little one to the doctors and they can swob for the cold sore virus 

  • Do you think it looks like ulcers on the top lip Lillian? 

  • Yes but a swob would make sure it's nothing else hope lo isn't too grumpy

  • Lillian is right, the ulcers look really sore, so if she's still not herself in a few days (and you're using something on the ulcers) worth a visit to the docs. 

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