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Colic help

Hi my 12 day old baby is suffering really bad from colic. Its from 7pm till 1am her bouts of screaming are terrible. I feel awful on her as there's nothing me or my partner can do to soothe her 😔 she literally brings no wind up no matter how long I wind her for. has anyone got any advice or help for me please? I'm already dreading 6,7pm tonight. Thanks so much x


  • Our little guy had bad gas... I would definitely recommend trying some gas drops... we did that & it helped a lot. 

    New used a brand called ‘Little remedies’ But I know there are others. 

    Also, are you breast or bottle feeding? If breastfeeding, try cutting out foods that can cause gas, if bottle feeding, look for one of the ‘gentle’ formulas which are designed for gassy babies. Also, if bottle feeding, try switching to a nipple that is more like the breast where she has to work hard to suck the milk out rather than a more free flow nipple which can cause gas if she is taking in the milk at a pace that is too quick for her & causing her to gulp. We used medela calma nipples as I was mostly breastfeeding & these nipples help with the switching to and fro... but they are also good for encouraging a natural suck / cut down on gulping. 

    Hope she gets some relief soon!

  • Thanks for the reply. My partner went out last night and bought some Dr brown bottles and colief and she had a much more settled night. Thank God! I' hoping tonight is the same xxc

  • Glad to hear she had a better night!

  • Hi. Sorry to bother you but what milk isn’t your baby on? And what is colief? Have you found this has worked? I’m having the same problem and really struggling xxx 

  • She's on aptimal number 1 and colief is something u put into the milk to break down the lactose sobita easier to digest xx

  • Aww thanks I’ve just switched my baby onto comfort milk, praying it works x 

  • Hi, Sounds like the same symptoms as my daughter she is 5 weeks old she has just be diagnosed as being lactose intolerent the doctor changed her food too nutramigen so far so good x

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