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Hi, has anyone got any magical advice for babies with colic!! My poor baby does nothing but cry on an evening and there is absolutely nothing I can do to help. I have tried all the tricks online. Massage, bath, back rub, belly rub, changed to comfort milk! Literally everything ... she has now started to get upset throughout the day which she never did this before! Is this still colic or should I see my gp? Thanks in advance x


  • Hi my daughter is 5 weeks old we had the same issue wouldn't settle screamed for hours in the evening, brought her too a&e and they said shes latose intolerence maybe your baby is too? 

  • My daughter is 5 weeks too!! Maybe this is the problem then I will book her in the GP thank you xxx

  • Book an emergency appointment with your gp they have too see her because shes so young.. they changed her food too nutramigen and I weaned her onto it using half her old feed sma gold and half the new feed until she gets used too it. Hope your little one settles soon xx

  • what sort of symptoms was your little one having x

  • She was projectile vomiting but just once a day not after every feed, screaming pulling her legs up nothing settled her use too start at the same time each night but then became worst she was sore durning the day too I had her up and down too doctors and hospital until doctor changed her food and added carabel thickner too food also this has made a huge difference xx

  • Aww sounds very similar to my little girl! I have docs today I hope they do something for her it’s so hard to see her crying all the time, poor little thing. Glad to hear your little one is getting better xx

  • Should try anti reflux milk.

    Work a charm with my baby the one thing noone ever told me to use, I decided **** it and did. It stopped instantly, thought it was a coincence at first.. but ive been using it now for 6 months and my little girl is perfecly happy and hasnt cried since, each morning I also give her a mouthful of gripe water. Worked a charm.. Now my little girl is on 3 meals a day and 400ml of milk :)

    After 2 weeks of using it, you should be able to see a difference, if not then of coursse go back to normal milk and see a GP.

    But if you do, therres a SMA a C&G and a aptamil one. the less thick one is SMA so yeah also make sure you either have a poundland or a boots near you, as the only bottle it comes out of are the pack of 2 bottles in poundland or the boots own brand (one that look similar to a tommee tippee with a 6+ teat) luckily there cheap so if baby dont like the milk nothing to worry about. I tried every brand of bottle from tommee tippee to nubys so I decided cheap just to check :3

    anyway good luck im sure you will find someting that works for you.

  • I just cut through the teat of the tommee tippee bottles with the point of a sharp knife worked a charm hope your wee baby girl gets some relief soon let us know how she gets on xx

  • Just left the doctors with some milk! Fingers crossed x 

  • Hope that is what was causing her pain xx

  • Your baby may calm down if you will folow this steps
    • Lay him on his back in a dark, quiet room.
    • Swaddle him snugly in a blanket.
    • Lay him across your lap and gently rub his back.
    • Try infant massage.
    • Put a warm water bottle on your baby's belly.
    • Have him suck on a pacifier.
    • Soak him in a warm bath.

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