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6 month old keeps waking anytime between 3-4am?

Hi mummies...please help image

My 6 month old son sleeps like a log from 7.30ish pm until a late feed about 11-12. He then sleeps well until always 3-4am without fail. From thereafter, I am constantly back and forth his room until he finally wakes sbout 7am. I'm starting to tear my hair out, as it's exhausting. 

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this is happening and any possible solutions? 

We started weaning at 5months. He's currently only on 2 meals a day. Starting the third this week. 



  • Dont be surprised if weaning doesn't make a difference to his sleep - a lot of people think babies will sleep longer if they eat, but that's not often the case. 

    Have you tried white noise? My 10 month old went through a stage of not sleeping past 5am for a while, and it was hard work! But he was teething quite badly. Maybe that's what your little one is dealing with at the moment.. 

    I hope you get some sleep soon xxx

  • Thank you bubbamumma1! 

    He is teething atm. I just find it odd he wakes without fail around 3am 🤔. 

    He can't seem to self settle back to sleep. 


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