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Baby always been rocked or breastfed to sleep: how can i get him to self settling

My 9 month is either rocked to sleep or breast fed to sleep I really would like to be able to put him down at a certain time and for him to just put himself to sleep but he is very clingy and really don't want to leave him to cry it out! I have tried it once and was horrible! has anyone been through this or have any advice please?

He wakes at least twice, (slept better when he was younger) but for the past 3 months has been worse but just getting better now, still have bad nights. 

any advice would be very much appreciated!

thank you! 


  • Sound so familiar my 9 month old was very much the same I thought I was never going to be able to just put him down.. i stopped all naps after 3:30 n bathed him every night b put him to bed n he would finally fall asleep with me touching his tummy ... now he prefers to sleep on his own 

  • I'm starting to think self settling is a myth. I've tried everything nothing works, and now it seems the only thing he wants is to be fed. I'm surprised there is not me shaped hole on the sofa. 

  • thank you for your reply! my little boy has fallen asleep before on his own whilst im stroking his face! So maybe one day it will happen where i can just put him down! 

    How do you keep your little one from napping if you dont mind me asking?

    thanks for your help! 

  • self settling is hard when ive tried before my lb just cries! 

    Hopefully were get there! 

  • My LB has done it a few times and come close a few other times, I'm holding on to the hope that it's just an age thing and he will get there, hopefully soon. 

  • I  havent any advice as my 9 month old is exactly the same. I think all babies are different as this is my 6th baby and I never had this problem with my  others. so unfortunately I don't think there's a lot you can  do until they are ready to self soothe. Sorry not a very helpful post but its just nice to know it's not anything you are doing that's wrong xxx

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