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Help getting my 14 week old to sleep longer at night.

My 14 week old baby boy goes to bed around 7/8 o'clock. 

He sleeps for about 2/3 hours then wakes up until being fed or comforted back to sleep. He is next to me in the next to me crib which makes things easier but I'm exhausted with all this broken sleep.

He seems to carry on waking up every 1 - 2 hours.

Hates being swaddled and hates being in the baby sleeping bags. 

Any tips on how I could get him to sleep a little longer without having to keep making a couple of ounces of milk all the time during the night.


  • Have you read about the 16 week sleep regression? It could be that coming on - has he reached any new milestones lately, cause sometimes this can disrupt sleep. It sounds like your baby isn't settling back into a deep sleep after that first night feed, so maybe try dreamfeeding instead. 

    But I would also try swaddling again, or a dummy if you've not tried one already. It will pass soon though, hang in there. 

  • My son was a very hungry baby so I used to give him a bottle of hungrier baby milk before bed and he would sleep for a good 8hours straight (my HV said I could do this) it was amazing then a few weeks later I would give him baby rice for his tea only one spoonful and he started sleeping through xxx

  • Forgot to add my son woke every 1.5 to 2 hours  before hand xxx

  • Thank you for the reply. My son is on the cow and gate milk for hungrier babies. He was 9lb born so he was quite a big baby so the normal milk wasn't satisfying him. 

    I've tried doing the dream feed before I go to bed too but he only has a tiny bit and stops drinking. 

  • Thanks for the reply. 

    Yes I'm still carrying on swaddling him but manages to pull his arms out and starts fidgeting. He has a dummy so sometimes when it falls out and he starts to wake I give it him back before I go make a bottle just incase it's just his dummy he wanted. 

    It's so exhausting, especially when you hear your sister in laws baby has slept through since 9 weeks old :/

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