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  • Have a lovely holiday MrsP! Remind me where you're going again? I'm sorry to hear your mum has been ill - hope she's on the mend now?

    We're good. Sinéad has got back up to the 9th centile thankfully. She's much happier in herself now too and is still a good little sleeper. I've decided to take the full year off work this time - I had been thinking about going back early but I'm enjoying the two of them so much more not, I'm definitely going to take the max off! The two kids are getting on really well now too - Sinéad is constantly gurgling at her big brother although he is showing signs of jealously!

    How is everyone else?

  • Aww sounds like things are going well for you tayto. I constan think about taking a year off but o don’t like the idea of having no money. 

    We flew to Glasgow today to see family and then on Saturday we take the 5 hour track to the Isle of Skye in the north of scotland. Mil has rebt d a cottage next to the beach so we can chill and relax for a couple days before coming home for a friends wedding. 

    Jack dis so well on the flight. It was an hour and he slept from the time we took of to the time we hit the bagage collection. Let’s hope he can do it on the way back lol. 

  • Meant to add:- Mum is much better thank you. She has had cellulitis in her leg so has been on strong antibiotics but is now on the mend and can at least walk.

    i think jealously is natural with kids your first has had all your attention and now has to share it can be a difficult adjustment. My mum swears by asking the older child to help with thing eg getting a nappy it the wet wipes she reckons that’s what helped with jealousy bwtween my brothers 

  • Glad to hear the flight went well MrsP although Jack sounds like a chilled out little dude so I doubt you'd have any issues! Lots of luck for the trip to Skye tomorrow and enjoy your holiday. 

    Really glad your mum is better x

    The helping out thing won't work here due to his disabilities so we just have to ride out the storm I think. It does help that she now giggles at him which stops him getting jealous. 

    Sinéad took part in a sleep study this week and the night of it completely broke her sleep. She's just done 5 hours in one go tonight so fingers crossed she's getting back to her normal 6-8 hours. She's still quite a reflux baby so still on ranitidine.

    Older brother has received his walking frame so we just have to wait until his physio returns from hols to get it set up. 

    Hope everyone else is well? Hope Chels and elexox are getting on ok xxx

  • Hope you are having a lovely holiday MrsP, glad to hear jack is so settled.

    Sorry to hear you are having a bit trouble with jealously tayto. Aiden has been a bit like that at times too. The mum guilt is tough because you wish you could split yourself in 2 at times. 

    Fab news on the year off! I'm going back part time in October :( I'm starting to get really nervous about it already. Amelia still won't take a bottle and she will only be 7 months so won't be massively established on food so I'm not sure how that will go. I can't really delay my return too much as I'm the bigger earner in the household and I didn't get as much saved as I'd liked with only being back at work 6 months between Aiden and Amelia. I work 30 mins from home too so not even like my parents can pop in with Amelia to feed her!

    Sleep regression has hit us hard. Amelia is waking up every 1-2 hours through the night and Aiden is tantruming through the day so no down time for me at all. Ive had a few wobbles the last few days but hubby has helped a bit today and I lay down for half an hour this afternoon. Woke up to Amelia crying because she wouldn't take a bottle though. It's overwhelming but I know it's only temporary as they are only little for a short while and I'll miss these cuddles soon enough! 

  • Hi all, how are you all doing? Please do come and let us know what's going with you guys, we'd love to hear from you.

    Also, while we're here, do you have any tips on which mattress to buy a newborn? 
    And does anyone have any advice with a newborn that won’t nap? 
    Thank you 😊

  • Hi ladies! How is everyone doing?? 

    A little update on me.. me and Sam got back together for a little while but it just didn’t work out.. so me and Lawrence moved into a mother and baby unit where they will give me support whilst I can show them I can live independently with Lawrence. Also, I found out I’m 4-5 weeks pregnant, AGAIN! Even though I was taking the pill religiously! So I have decided I’m going to try and be healthy etc. following my miscarriage in June. Sam has told me he doesn’t want this child which is so so upsetting really. I am so so scared about having a one year old and a newborn at the same time but I’m sure I will manage.

    As I didn’t reply before, here’s a little picture of my munchkin today at nearly 21 weeks! 

    Hope everyone’s well 🙂 ximage

  • Hi Chelsdavis123, lovely to hear from you, though we're sorry to hear what a rollercoaster of a ride you've been on and sorry about the miscarriage too - but good for you for moving into a mother and baby unit, and that picture of Lawrence is just gorgeous. Also, we do have a lovely Due in April 2019 birth club right this way if you fancy checking it out...

  • It’s okay I’m used to all the bad luck now lol .. yes I’ll deffo check it out!! x

  • aww chelse I’m sorry to here you’ve had such a bad time lately, but everything seams to be on the up for you with the mother and baby home and your new bundle of joy on the way. I’m sure no matter what happens you will do everything you can for both Lawrence and your new babyXx 

    i hope all you others ladies and your babies are doing well xx

    afm:- jack and I are doing well we went to some baby classes this week for the first time. I’ve spent so long putting it off. My anxiety just goes mental and I can’t face doing it but this week I had no excuse and I’m glad I went was really nice to interact with other Mums. I’ve booked swimming lessons for September and there bilingual which is amazing. 

    Hes a little chubby monkey reaching 16“9 on our last weigh in. He’s been rolling over a lot more from back to front and is a very chatty happy boy. he’s sleeping through most of the night now going down at 9pm and sleeping until 8:30am only waking at sound 5am for a feed. 

    I feel like he needs to start food. He’s taking 6ounces sometimes every 3hours during the day. He’s very interested when we eat and often watches copying with his mouth. Here is an up to date pic. 


  • Aw mrsp he is gorgeous!! i still haven’t been to any mother and baby classes as I’ve recently moved to a new area so not sure where the nearest ones are so will have to check with health visitor. 

    I’m gonna sign up for swimming lessons as they sound sooo good! 

    Lawrence is a little chubbier weighing 17.3 hehe! And he started on food when he turned 4 months so almost a month ago. He has porridge for breakfast, sometimes a purée for lunch if he’s hungry enough and purée for dinner too. your LO definitely sounds ready for food!! Just remember don’t worry about what anyone else says you know your child and you know when he’s ready. Sometimes HVs can be a bit nasty when it comes to starting your baby on food. X

  • Thanks for the tips chelse I’m going to see the HV next week and I have the weaning workshop on Thursday so I’ll have a bit more info. I’d like him to have porridge for breakfast but all the baby ones are really high in sugar. So I found some rusks and they a lot lower in sugar. We’ll see how we go after next week. Lawrence sounds like he’s enjoying his food journey.. I’m really looking forward to our journey through food 😁

  • Ah the workshop would be so helpful! 

    yeah it is high in sugar but loz kept choking on them when I first started food as he wasn’t used to it. Have you looked into baby rice? i would assume that’s a bit healthier but I’ve never looked into it..

    Lawrence loves a good rusk now though!! little chunky monkey haha. 

    Yes starting the food journey has been my favourite bit so far. And although it can get very messy, it’s so fun too haha!

  • Hey ladies glad to hear from you all.

    Chels I’m so happy to hear you’re news about a new baby. You really have been through a lot lately but these two children will fill your heart with love and that’s all that matters.

    Jude has been on solids for a few weeks now. He hasn’t a rusk all mashed up for brekkie and then a purée lunch and dinner. He loves it!

    he sleeps from 6pm (literally can’t  keep him awake past that or I would) until 1-2am where he still needs a quick feed. Then back to sleep until 6am. We are putting him in his own room for first time tonight as every move my OH made last night Jude stirred so I think it’s time now. 


    He is now rolling back to front very well. Loves standing at every opportunity and in the last week he has been able to sit fairly well for a few seconds at a time. 

  • Thank you Kara, so nice to hear from you! 

    Yes ive been through a lot recently but looks like it’s getting better! Just can’t wait to get out of the mother and baby place and move into somewhere of my own to make it all perfect for me, loz and little bean when they finally arrive! 

    Oh jude is just so gorgeous! Look at his hair 😍 so glad he’s doing well, I love hearing from you lovely ladies sometimes as I don’t know any babies Lawrence’s age so it’s nice to hear that he’s on the same page as all of yours! 

    Do you find it hard to give jude actually dinner purees ? As Lawrence has tasted some sweet things he has been put off dinners and won’t eat them until I give in and give him fruit instead of vegetables x

  • Hi ladies 

    it has been a long long time but I have been reading and trying to catch up with everything. 

    Chels im glad you are ok and good luck with baby number 2, if anyone can it’s us ladies!! 💪🏻

    Kara Jude is gorgeous look at him 😍

    Eliam and I are doing well, unfortunately as Eliam was born with meningitis and sepsis we have had check ups on regular basis for the last 6 months, he has been weaning since 4 months as he was always hungry and loves his food, he sleeps well at night time now and only needs a feed or sometimes none but it has been really hard as he is teething too. He is So active and keeps me on the move all the time, he sits up on his own and if i hold his arms he walks, we go once a week to feed the ducks and he giggles at them and I just love it! Here is a little photo of him 😊 


  • Oh bless him! 

    He looks and sounds like he is doing really well! 

    Look at that cheeky little grin 😍 can tell the boy loves his food 😉 

    so lovely to hear from you Mel! X

  • Morning ladies, I’m quickly catching up after jack’s feed. He was so tired tonight he only took 3oz before bed. Silly boy. 

    Kara and Mel it’s lovely to hear from you both and both your boys look amazing and sound like there doing so well. 

    Its So lovely to hear off everyone and see how well our little ones are doing. 

    Ps I started weaning jack this week. So far we have only tried carrots but he did so well today and ate a good few spponfulls We will be trying potato next. 

    i popped him in his high chair for the first time today and he’s starting to look so grown up 


  • Thanks Chels and MrsP! Awww look at Jack so cute!! 😍 I love this age so much more fun the messy eating the trying to do everything and touching everything lol 😂 

    it is lovely to hear from everyone and see how babies are doing... we didn’t think Eliam was making it at one point doctors told us to get ready for the worst! And yet he is here and so healthy he is my little hero 💙 

    chels didn’t they offer you a postnatal group? We had it and i meet up with all the mums every week we go to the park or for coffee and just chat about babies or anything that we can think of lol 😂 and there is about 10 of us lol x

  • Lovely to see your updates and hear how your babies are doing!
    As you guys are embarking on weaning, we're hoping you might be able to offer this mum some advice - she's just started weaning and isn't sure she's giving enough food. You can find her thread here. We're sure she'd appreciate any words of advice. 

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