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  • Hi ladies

    hope everyone is well and babies are all ok.

    How are all your babies sleeping lately? Jude goes to bed around 7pm in his own cot now. He was doing really well and waking for a feed around 1-2am then going through til morning but the last 2 weeks it’s all gone wrong again. He now wakes at 11pm for a feed then straight back down but then wakes again at 4am. At 4am he is then wide awake and nothing I do resettles him so I just get up! I’m exhausted! 

    He has got one of his bottom teeth now so I expect the other one is causing him some bother so could that be It?

    its so much harder with a 2nd baby isn’t it. I would go back to bed when he has a morning nap but by then my 3 yr old is awake.

  • Morning Kara! I'm sorry to hear you're having rubbish sleep. I think teeth always mucks up sleep, doesn't it? Is he up for long? I hear ya re the no napping when you have two kids - do you have anyone that can take offer girl today so you can get some kip when Jude goes down? Is it worth looking at routines to see if you can cut out our reduce naps elsewhere to prevent early morning wake-up? I recall you saying in an earlier post that he goes to bed early, may try pushing that out a bit?

    My sleeping never improved really. She doesn't do longer than 4 hours at a go and, due to her reflux, she's still a crap feeder even though I now have her combi feeding. Whilst her weight is still low, I don't want to try any routine stuff and planning to just ride it out hoping that weaning might help! Hubby gets up with older boy though and I take over both of them at 8am and then he works from home. That's my only saving grace otherwise I'd be just a zombie! Weekends we just play by ear. Yesterday hubby had them both in the morning for the first time since S was born.

    Hope everyone else is well? I've been reading your posts but just crazy busy so never get the chance to reply! Congrats Chels on your pregnancy x

  • Lovely to hear for you tayto. You ladies are amazing dealing with a toddler And a baby. Such amazing ladies. 

    Sleep can be so frustrating when baby’s routin changes. Jack had a period where he’d wake multiple times at night and it’s so tiering, thankfully he seams to have gone back to his one feed a night but he’s getting up earlier than he used to but that’s due to us putting him to bed earlier. 

    Afm we’ve started weaning Jack seams to really enjoy broccoli and potatoes and Mellon he really likes Mellon, and yoghurt. As he’s still 5months we’re blending but trying to move on to a thicker blend he’s doing really well now he opens his mouth for the spoon and is chocking less. 

    hope everyone else is well xx

  • Hey tayto lovely to hear from you.

    oh sorry  hear your Not getting much sleep either and she still has reflux. Poor little thing! Your hubby sounds fab! During the week my OH works so I don’t expect him to get up but at the weekend we have a day each to lie in while the other one has both kids. 1 day in 7 is not enough to catch up though.

    Ive tried so many times to make bedtime later tayto but it’s like an inbuilt alarm clock in him and he is falling asleep at 6.30-7pm no matter what I do. As for naps he has 3 naps a day which is right for his age and they aren’t excessive so not sure that’s it either. I hoped weaning would help too as he is eating 3 meals a day now and the odd finger foods but no. 

    He had his morning nap today at 7.45am but by then my daughter was also awake and daddy stayed out last night for a party. Just gonna have to keep riding this wave I guess. It’s just frustrating that I know he can sleep longer than this as he has before. 

  • Sorry for not getting back to you Kara. I'm starting to look more at routines now as I want to stretch Sinéad's nighttime sleep a bit. I've been reading Gina Ford's book and she recommends reducing the naps if the baby is waking during the night - might be a worth a shot anyway? I know you said hes on track for his age but maybe he's ahead of this age so needs less nap sleep?

    How is everyone else? All's pretty good here. Thinking about holidays (hopefully Spain in October and Ireland for Xmas) and returning to work - sometime in January I think. Plus I've now decided to get a nanny for two days and nursery for three. Fingers crossed I'll get someone - it's not easy to hire childcare for a special needs child. Also hoping to start WW or SW soon as I desperately need to lose weight!

  • Sorry girls just realised I typed a reply last time and it mustn't have sent! 

    Sleep is a nightmare here for us. We never recovered from the 4 month sleep regression. A good night is up every 3 hours. Amelia started taking a bottle but evenings she only wants me for comfort and won't settle for the bottle. At least I can relax for my return to work though knowing she takes a bottle. She also loves her food already! (Just like her mam hehe!). I've delayed my return to work as just didn't feel ready to leave the kids, luckily work have been very understanding. 

    Tayto Spain sounds lovely! It'll be nice to get a little family break in the sun. 

    Kara how's sleep going now? 

    Is Jack still loving his food MrsP? 

  • Morning ladies 

    that’s good news about Amelia taking a bottle at least that can help when you go back to work. 

    Tayto sounds like you’ve got a plan if action. Jack’s terrible for napping during the day he only has 3 1/2 hour naps on a good day. Let’s hope it works for you and sinead  sleep more for you at night. 

    Jack is teally enjoying food dinky. I came across the Ella’s kitchen pouches and was pleasantly surprised to find there is no added extras so we tried Bolognese and jack really enjoyed that. I bought a few others but only ones that included foods that I don’t normalt buy such as kale and squash. Figured it was better to buy the pouch than waste food. 

    I don’t think it’ll be long before he’s on 3 meals he seams more interested in having food than a bottle. 

    A holiday sounds lovely tayto we’re not going to be able to afford one for a while. But that’s ok as we will do little day Trips in and around Cardiff for fun. 😁

  • Hey ladies!!! Just had a read through to catch up! Sounds like all the bubbas are doing well! Isla is almost 7 months old! Where has the time gone!!! She’s got two bottom teeth and has been crawling for a month already 😱 she’s like this little super speed baby lol! 

    How are all the mummies doing? If any of you are interested in Herbalife, I’m using the products and have lost 10lbs in 5 weeks with no exercise! Best thing Ive ever tried and fits into the rushy school run mornings perfectly 🙌🏼 Let me know if interested, I’m an independent distributor 💚😁 

  • Hey everyone lovely to hear from you

    Jude is now on 3 meals with pudding a day and has now dropped his mid morning bottle. HV said once he is only taking a 1 pint or less of formula I need to add some vitamins to his diet which I can buy from her. I’m not sure how I feel about that as I didn’t have to do this with my daughter and surely they re getting all the vitamins they need from their food. He is taking loads more than 1 pint at the moment tho

    He now has his two front teeth so I hoped sleep would improve. I guess it has to some degree but I feel like he should be sleeping better at his age. He is now moving from 3 naps a day to only 2, neither of which are particularly long naps so I can’t shorten them. He goes to bed at 6-6.30 (like I said previously I cannot get him to go bed any later). He then wakes for a feed. This varies massively. Last night he woke at 9.30pm for a feed and then needed a 2nd feed at 3am but the night before he didn’t wake for a feed until 3am. The biggest problem is he wakes at 4-5am every morning and is ready to start the day And I’m not 😴😴

    Perhaps I’m expecting too much from him. What do u all think 

  • Anyone here anymore? I'm sorry I've been so rubbish at keeping in touch on here!
    Some (most?) of our babies must have turned 1 by now? Any party pics to share? 

  • Hello guys - please come and check out your March 2018 Toddlers thread this way. 
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