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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in March 2018 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby (we know there's are quite a few of you due, please don't be shy, come on over here!) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in March 2018 Birth Club so far but have a baby born March 2018, do please feel free to post and join in. Come and tell us about you and your baby - the more, the merrier! 




  • Hopefully MrsP will be joining us on the babies bench very shortly so, whilst we wait for her and her little boy, shall we kick this one off?

    How is everything going for everyone? I hope you are all settling in to your new families nicely!

    I'm struggling with breastfeeding again. She's preferring to only last for short periods and only do short sucks rather than those nice deep long ones where she can get a good rhythm and a good feed. As a result, I've been expressing and doing a bottle at night. Went to our baby cafe today and our IBCLC helped me a bit and we got in a good feed there. Sinéad has been fast asleep ever since! I'm still on cloud 9 since she arrived and I can't get over how similar looking she is to Fiachra however I now realise his disabilities were evident at birth. His arms and legs were so inert in comparison to hers. I wish someone would have noticed it but I'm not sure if it would have made much difference. I haven't managed to get the baby blues just yet - I probably shouldn't talk so soon! It is only day 4 I guess!

    I've managed to get a cold which is torture with the section scar! Sneezing and blowing your nose whilst holding the scar is not fun! Plus I keep forgetting to take pain meds and realising too late when I'm struggling. 

    Anyone got any nice plans for the weekend? H will still be off on paternity leave next week which is handy as I will struggle to lift F. Not sure how I'm going to manage when he returns to work. Luckily he works from home for most the time so can help but I don't want to rely on him too much as I don't want his work suffering either. This is a new job for him and is a really good opportunity so a lot is resting on it.

    Hope everyone is well xx

    Here's a pic of both my babies!


  • Aww tayto that's a fab photo! Sorry to hear you are having some struggles with feeding but glad you have support there. We really struggled with shallow latch in the beginning and I was really sore and nearly gave up, it also slowed my milk coming in because she wasn't removing milk efficiently so then we had slow weight gain. It's definitely not easy is it! But worth it :)

    We seem to have hit the 3 week growth spurt/leap. What a day! We've had tears all around. Amelia literally cries whenever she isn't attached to me and hasn't slept for longer than 10 minutes which has been tough trying to look after Aiden too and he's under the weather with a cough and cold. We went for a walk this afternoon and got Aiden to sleep so I managed a hot cup of tea and a some hobnobs while Amelia fed and I feel a bit more human again! Hobnobs are good for milk supply anyway haha! 

    Can't wait to hear from MrsP then that'll be all of the March babies here! How fab! 

  • Hi ladies!

    aww what a lovely pic tayto! Sinead is gorgeous congratulations 😊

    Oh I remember sneezing and coughing after my c section was awful! Even laughing was torture. I’m now 17 days post op and its Still a little uncomfortable when I sneeze and cough but mostly I’m pain free. Sorry to hear breastfeeding isn’t going as well as you hoped tayto, im sure you will get there in the end.

    Dinky your day sounds tough! I’m glad the hobnobs helped and I hope Aiden feels better soon and Amelia gives you a little time out

    Jude remains very laid back. Formula feeding is going well and he takes 3-4oz every 3-4hours. If I feed him before I go to bed he only wakes once in the night then again at 6am ish when we wake with Grace anyway. Was abit worried about him earlier though as he was projectile vomiting after every feed and had diarrhoea but I’ve kept an eye on him all day and it seems to have all stopped Thank goodness! 

    Hoping MrsP is ok and baby arrives soon (if he hasn’t already)

  • Morning ladies I’m sorry for the delay in responding it’s been a very intense few days. However our little one arrived yesterday morning at 9:15am weighing 8lbs11oz. We’re working hard on breastfeeding at the moment as he’s not been very hungry today. But that might be due to the forcep for delivery. When I get two moments I’ll put up our birth story. But in the mean time he’s a pic of our cutie, Jack. 


  • Ahhh MrsP, this is fantastic news! Congratulations on the birth of Jack - he's gorgeous! What a fantastic weigh too! I hope you're ok after the forceps xxx

  • Awww Congratulations MrsP Jack is gorgeous! What a great weight he is! Hope the delivery wasn’t too long/bad. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • Hello ladies 

    Massive congratulations to you MrsP! Been itching to hear your birth announcement! For some reason I can't see pictures on this thread ☹️ Lovely healthy weight, I bet you're glad he wasn't the 10lbs they predicted? Hope you are ok? 

    Tayto, sorry to hear you're struggling a bit with breastfeeding... have you had any fenugreek? The expressing definitely helped my milk come in as I too struggled with a shallow latch and short sucks but eventually overcame both by 7 days old 🤞🏼 For you it works out! 

    Dinky, our experiences sound almost indentical, we struggled with weight gain too with isla in the first 2 weeks, she lost a bit after birth, which is normal for bf babies anyway but eventually went up to 9lbs (from 7.7lbs at birth) by 2 weeks old. She's a little chunk now and outgrown newborn and first size already! We're officially in 0-3 months 😟 

    Kara, sounds like Jude is doing well 😊 I've worked out that isla takes about an ounce per hour too. Although she seems to be changing her feeding pattern quite often! We also struggled with some D&V with isla a bit too, she's literally just done a "poonami"! 😂 MW said it was normal and their digestive system starting up, unless prolonged of course. 

    I cant believe the month we have all been dying to reach is officially over! Happy Easter everyone! 🌱💐🐥🐰

  • Congrats MrsP! Hope you and Jack are doing well. Just goes to show how wrong they are with those weight estimates on scans! 

    Yay that's all of our March babies here safe! Happy Easter everyone :)

  • Hi everyone. Glad to hear that all the babies have arrived. Hope they and all the mummys are doing well!

    Isabella is one month old today, can’t believe how fast it’s flown by!! Here’s a little update on how we’ve been doing.

    We left the hospital on the Saturday and had the midwife out Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as she was concerned about jaindice. We got readmitted  hospital on the Tuesday as Isabella had dropped from 7lb7oz to 6lb5oz and had lost 12% of her body weight. My milk hadn’t come in so they had me expressing for 2 days. After many arguments with paediatricians (Isabella was gaining weight and my milk had now come in) they eventually discharged us. She’s been gaining weight since and when she was last weighed a week ago she was 8lb5oz. 

    Breastfeeding  really been a struggle for us. She’s a very greedy baby and I’m struggling to keep up with her as she feeds for about an hour to an hour and a half every 2 hours. Most of the time I only get a half hour break, if that, before she wants more again. We’ve made the decision to move onto formula as its starting to impact on my well being and I dont feel like I’m enjoying her enough due to her constant feeding. I feel guilty having to change her over but I’m feeling like I can’t  cope with it!

    hows everyone else doing? Glad to hear your baby’s finally arrived Tayto and MrsP!! I’d been checking regularly  updates during my night feeds! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their babies! 



  • Wien Sam look at that’s head of hair 🤗 she’s a beaut.

    it feels nice to finally be aloud home. We’ve been struggling too with feeding. After delivery i was left with no guidence on what to do going forward. So considering we had Both just been tthough some trauma all we wanted to do was sleep. So that’s what we did. i was kind of left alone from there until about 2pm where I was moved to the postnatal ward where I was then asked when did he feed. So we then every 2 hours to try and egg on feeding but very sleep depriving. 

    Jack also has issues with feeding and doesn’t want to latch but im able to express and feed him that and we’re topping up with formula he’s doing well with that. Last night was our first night home and he cluster fed for about 3 hours and were able to get 5 hours kip just trying to keep up on this routine 😊

  • Hello ladies! 

    sorry I haven’t been on here for ages!! 

    Mrs P congrats on Jack! He is gorgeous! And congrats to all of you ladies which I didn’t congratulate before!! 

    Eliam and I are doing well now... we had a wobble as he got sick and we had to return to hospital... but all ok now!! Been catching up with family and loads and loads of visitors so I havent had time to come on here, I’m really lucky as we have a routine already, 11:30pm last feed, 3am and 7am apart from the odd night but normally is good! 😊

    also I don’t know if you remember but I did explain my husband has a sleeping condition and during a night ( 2nights a go) he woke up in his sleep and pushed the Moses basket over with Eliam in it... so you can imagine my trauma, luckily I had some clothes on the floor that I hadnt put away and thank god I didn’t... 

    so at the moment he is in the spare room until we go to doctors tomorrow, apart from that we are ok! Here is a few pics xx (5 weeks today!) 



  • Hi everyone, how has your Easter been? We hope you're all doing ok? Please do let us know what's happening with you guys, if you get the chance. 

  • Afternoon ladies hope we are all doing well with our little bundles. 

    What a whirlwind of a week we’ve had. After the extended stay in hospital due to my sickness we were discharged on Monday only to be called back in on Tuesday. Doctors we’re concerned that baby might have picked up the infection that my body was fighting so we had to go back. We had to stay for a min of 36 hours in order to wait for the blood test to be confirmed that baby was ok. They were giving him antibiotics every 12 hours to help fight the infection also.

    thankfully we were given the all clear yesterday and have been thriving on beeing new parents.

    due to all of this palarva we haven’t been able to Brestfeed but I have been able to express and provide that to baby. He’s 6 days old today and is amazing every second I look at him. Dad isn’t very much in love which melts my heart to see. 


  • Blimey MrsP, got to say that pic above has melted my heart too - it's positively oozing love from MrP!

  • oh no MrsP sorry to hear you ended up back in hospital. I was so keen to get home I can only imagine how hard it must have been to go back in! Glad to hear you and baby are ok now and can finally start your new family life

    Jude is doing well. 3.5 weeks old now and a little character already! He is starting to smile during awake periods between feeds now and it melts my heart! Deffo not windy smiles I can tell the difference 

    OH is back at Work now which is great as I’ve been keen for things to go back to some normality! I also drove for the first time today since my c section and that felt great!

    Here is a pic of my little dude 


  • Aww MrsP bit of a bumpy start but glad you are all home now and enjoying some lovely family time. 

    Amelia caught Aiden's cough so we were at the doctors earlier this week. I thought it was viral but still wanted her checked with being so young but the doctor agreed with me that there was no infection and treatment was just extra cuddles! She seems to be getting over it quickly though hopefully. After the initial slow weight gain we are back on track too and she has gained 1oz a day for the last few weeks which is what they aim for in BF babies apparently. 

    That's fab you are getting smiles Kara!! Bet they are amazing! Jude is adorable! Glad you're all coping well with hubby back at work. 


  • Hello everyone, how are you all doing? Please come and let us know if you're getting sleep, and how your baby is doing - we'd love an update. 

  • Evening ladies, hows everyone doing? 

    sleep, Danielle, is something I will miss. Hubby has been fab though and has made sure that I was getting sleep where possible. But he’s due back to work tomorrow so things are about to be even more crazy. 

    I am anxious about being home alone with baby mainly due to sleep. Concerned that hubby will be exhausted too as bub still is up at least 5 times a night. But on the plus side it’s only for 5 days then hubby is off for another week. 

    Jack is now officaly past his birth weight weighing in at 9lbs on his last check up. His little newborn vests are starting to get to small and we’re moving slowly in to 0-3 clothing. Asda size one nappies are a bit small on him also, he’s such a cute little pudding. 

    Still nonluck breast feeding but I’m expressing 3times a day. But its starting to become a chore I’m not sure how much longer I can keep it up. 

    All in all im enjoying every moment with our little fella and am looking forward to seeing his first smile and all of his milestones to come. 

     He is 16days old today (second photo is wind lol) 


  • Hi everyone, we really hope you and your babies are doing well? Do come and let us know how you're all doing, we'd love to hear from you. 

    Lots happening on the forum at the mo. 
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  • Hi everyone, how are you and your babies doing? We do hope all is well and we would love to hear from you. 

    We were wondering, can you help with these threads? 

    This new mums baby is 3 months and screams and screams when laid down. Sound familiar? Her thread is here. 

    Another new mum has a 5 week old, and she wants to know whether to move her baby to her own room, and about night routines. Any wise words? 

    How long did you bleed for post birth? One mum is 6 weeks....

    And finally, can you add to these tips for new mums: any advice you would pass along? 

    We'd love to see and hear how your babies are doing - please let us know. 

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