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August Baby Concerns and scared for labour!

ive been talking to friends alot about this, im a first time mum and i am so bad with pain, like i can cry buy scraping my hand on a hard object. but i can sit there and get a tattoo.. im due 28th august and the closer i get the more worried i am because i dont think i am going to cope with the pain :( im so scared about it and i dont know what to do. 


  • Hiya hun,

    First of all I know its really hard to have a stranger say to you relax and don't worry but seriously just try stay calm about it as you need to be relaxed for bubba during the pregnancy. if its of any help I'm a first time mum with twins and I went through the same anxiety fears but double as I knew I was to deliver two. Are you going to go to antenatal classes? this is one thing I wish I went to as it would of put me more at ease on the day. I didn't get to go to any the boys came two months early. You will have amazing support from the medical team in the hospital. squeeze the midwifes hand as hard as you like - they are amazing. Try not to let it play on your mind and look forward to the positive side that your bringing a lovely bundle of joy into the world. 

    Do you know what you are having? I miss being pregnant! xx  

    Joanna xx

  • I agree with ChelseaJoJo it’s so much easier for us to say stay calm! I was absolutrely petrified ihave 2 other friends who were having babies within weeks of each oher! All of our birth stories are different and both of them put me off as I was last.

    All I can say is keep an open mind! Don’t rule anything out ie pain relief etc! My mum taught me that it is mind over matter! My mum taught me that if I was to think “oh my god I can’t do this“ I would flip out! And for one part of it I did think that and lost control and it’s so much more painful when you’re freaking out.

    I didn’t want pain relief, only because I didn’t want to be so smashed that I coulnt push and I won’t take paracetamol unless I really have too! However, I had 2 cocodomal and was so sensitive to it i was wiped out for about 4 hours, sat down meditating 🙈. I went from 3cm to 10cm without any help from midwives and was pushing on my own until they checked and the head was there! But honestly, if I was offered pain relief I would of taken it! Even though I wanted no pain relief, I wanted it during! But ended up not having any! It just goes to show that everyone is different and anything can happen So no ones birth story can prepare you for your own experience.

    just keep calm and keep your s**t together! and every time you get a contraction and Minutes pass, just know that you will have your baby sooner! I would give birth again, because its true what they all say, you really do forget about it.

    good luck xxx

  • Like the other ladies said try to relax the more you stress and worry the more tense your going to get. 

    No 2 births are the same so you won't know exactly what it's like until the time comes, I've just had my 2nd in may and it was completely different to the first time round. First time I worried about what labour would be like and in the end I had him at 34 weeks without realising i was in labour because it wasn't like anyone said and only had backache, this time I was 2 days over and knew it was labour as soon as it started. 

    I didn't do any classes but this time I tried some hypno birthing videos on YouTube and I think it helped. I was concentrating on my breathing and counting to get me through each contraction and it wasn't until the last half hour of contractions I had gas and air. I used the positive birth company free videos on YouTube, they are fairly short and easy to follow. 

    Go with the flow, if you want pain relief have it, listen to the midwives they are brilliant and so calming and trust yourself, You've got this!!   

  • thank you, I don’t think anything will help untill I’m in labour ... I’m having a little girl I keep having dreams I’m going to go into labour early.. I keep going in circles thinking I haven’t got anything ready or enough stuff but I know I have I think I dunno everything is stressing me out and I’ve just had my diabetes test aswell which isn’t fun at all anyone else enjoy it haha  

  • You will always have more stuff than you need! So many people told me and it made me mad because I was a first time mum I wanted everything and most of the stuff I’ve forgotten about and not used yet so I didnt need to buy it as early as I did.

    I followed a check list and would note what I needed and when I was going to buy it and how much it was going to cost. I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to needing something and not having it so it helped me relax knowing I would of had it in time! you need to stay calm though.


    All the best xx

  • Im in the same suituation im so scared! But some one said to me if it was that bad then no one would be doing it. That made me feel a little better good luck 

  • I am the same am due 22 of August and am a first time mum and am petrified i just keep telling myself that no matter what this little girl has to come out. 

    I am more worried as I have to be induced and I have been told so many horror stories of how painful been forced into labour is but i just think am going to have my mum and midwifes for support. 

    Your a strong woman who can do this am always here so give me a mail if you want but also come join the due in August chat there is some great ladies in there to who can offer support and things and talk  all your worried through with family and even your midwife as that can also help calm you knowing it’s spoke openly x

  • My induction process was soo lovely it was a breeze until they broke my waters then I was in pain so I had the epidural and couldn’t feel a thing ... everyone and everyime is different for me it was the most painful thing I ever had so I had the epidural be couldn’t feel a thing. 

    Dont be afraid To be Afraid and talk to the midwifes 

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