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11 month old woke up with temperature

morning all,

my 11 month old daughter has woke up with a temperature of 37.5 have given her some carpol about an hour ago and it’s not come down.

shes not herself crying constantly and clingy. She was fine yesterday.

how long do I leave the carpol to work?



  • That's not a very high temp, so try not to stress about that. 

    The Calpol takes about an hour to kick in, but i find ibuprofen works faster than Calpol to bring temp down. 

    It might be the start of a virus or something, but should it turn into Chicken Pox DO NOT give ibuprofen.  

  • TEmp has been rising all day now at 38.4!

    shes crying a lot and won’t sleep for more than 30 minutes.

    drooling a lot and snotty. 

  • There has been some nasty bugs out there my 9month old had a temp of well over 38 for 5 days and was full of snot and everything m. The doctors said only treat the fever if they are distressed as it helps to fight the virus but anything over 40 needs treatment. You can always ring 111 if I'm the uk for advice they are really good normally 

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