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Cosleeping to own room - any tips how to make the move?

Hi All! 

My baby is 7 months old. She has been in our room since birth and quite often shares the bed as she wakes up crying and a cuddle and warmth is all that will soothe her. As sad as it is I know it's time for her to move into her own room. She hasn' really had a bed time as she just comes to bed when we do as her first block of sleep is the longest so I'm trying to introduce both a bed time and a new room. 

On the odd evenings that I've left her my partner has got her to go to sleep eventually but involves a lot of crying before she eventually tires herself out. If possible I'd like to avoid the cry it out method.

She doesn't take a dummy and when I put her down she tends to just wake up and cry again until she is back in arms. 

Any advice? 



  • I think this is going to be a massive change for your daughter and her sleeping.
    It's great you're doing it, so please don't feel bad about that, but as you say it is time.

    I think from what you say, you might want to try the Gradual Retreat sleep method, so it's not too tough on your or your baby. Google supernanny gradual retreat and remember, it won't happen overnight, these things tend to take a week or so... 

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