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Feel like my baby hates me.

My baby’s 3 weeks old and I feel the most rubbish mum feel like I haven’t bonded with him. Just cry’s till I hand him to his dad. Try singing to him talking to him soothing him. Change his nappy to make sure he’s not wet/dirty. Literally just want to cry myself because I really wanted that strong bond with him. He’s been suffering from a bit of colic recently. I feel like if I didn’t fail at breastfeeding maybe we’d have a bond and he wouldnt have colic. 

I feel super alone and so unhappy And disappointed in myself. I keep telling baby’s dad I feel like I dont have a bond with him which I really want to have and have even said do you think there’s some sort of groups I could attend or something to help with this but he just says I’m being pathetic. Any time I express how I feel he just doesn’t seem to understand I’m serious when I say I’m sad alone etc. 

sorry for the rant. No where else to turn x 


  • Oh missg I think everything your feeling is normal. Try and not put too much pressure on yourself and have a chat with the health visitor. 

    Babies pick up on everything so if your feeling anxious they are probably picking up on that and that's why they are getting upset, certainly not because they hate you! 

    Deep breaths and one day at a time. Big hugs x

  • Missg, those early days with a new baby can be bloody exhausting and such hard work. Do you think you might have the baby blues? I promise you your baby doesn't hate you - my second baby sounds very much like yours - she was sooo colicky and have to say, i didn't feel the bond until much later either, because she was incredibly hard to look after (she would always vomit her feeds back up, didn't gain weight, cried alllll the time) 

    Allybob is right, one day at a time. Please talk to your health visitor when you take baby to be weighed - get out and about, even if it's for a walk in the pram. 

    It's hard, but hang in there - you will be ok. 

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