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Reflux + silent reflux and sleep

Just need some advice. Please.
My LO (little one) is 7 weeks old and has reflux and silent reflux. So when feeding I need to keep him upright for 30minutes after feeding. Now this only work with him on his front on my chest as the pressure lessons in his belly like this. But. When it comes to moving him of me into the crib it really is a pain to get him to stay asleep as moving is quite difficult trying to keep him in the same position and cradle everything etc.
Any help or ideas ?? Will be greatly appreciated


  • We had a crib wedge for our little guy that we put under the sheet... was a gentle slope that kept him at a bit of an angle and that seemed to help some. Is your LO on meds? After some time the doc put our little guy on ranitidine and that reduced the amount of vomiting dramatically.

  • Sw2.

    He was on  Infant gaviscon for nearly a month but didn't work and he was getting worse so we changed his milk to the reflux aptamil and seeing how that goes.

  • We’re also having the reflux problem 😩 my little boys on gaviscon which keeps his milk down but doesn’t help with how uncomfortable he is. After being prescribed Ranitidine and that not helping I was told to just deal with it 🙄 my son was really unsettled at night, we brought a toddle pod as there were reviews on it helping reflux babies, he’s so comfy in it and sleeps through the night now no problem 👍🏾

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