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Low temp in 11 month old

hi all,

my daughter is 11 months old and woke up at 1am screaming, gave her calpol and her temp was reading 34.5. 

Left her for half hour took it again and it went up to 35.4 but won’t seem to go up anymore.

is a low temp dangerous?



  • hi there kathryn,

    we had a similar experience a couple months ago. my baby boy got a temperature of 34.5C and i got very worried. it was in the middle of the night as well and i called nhs 24 for some advice. they told me to try to wake him up and because it took some time for him to respond they told us to go to the hospital. everything was fine and we were told that this is very common for little children after a period of fever. 

    was your little one sick or had any fever lately?

    better safe than sorry so id say to contact your health provider. 

    keep me updated xx

  • Hi navi,

    shes been a bit grouchy, a small temp rise but nothing major. 

    Ill get some advice from our gp and will let you know what they say.

  • ok yes do that

    its probably because of being unwell but better to keep an eye.

    keep her cosy and warm!

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