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  • He’s ok, still sniffly and more irritable than he normally is but who isn’t when they have a cold! Its horrible, we we’re so careful to keep him warm but I guess you can’t always stop the inevitable. He’s fine during the day, it’s the night times where he starts to struggle! 

    MrsFish We had the same thing with Abel, he refused to sleep in it at night when he was in it and it was on the stand but would sleep in it during the day when the Basket was on the floor, we wondered if it was because he couldn’t easily see us with the high sides, so we ended up getting a Chicco next to me cot that goes on the side of the bed and he settled straight away and does every time we put him down. Since speaking to some other mums they’ve said they struggled with a Moses basket too. We also started a bit of a routine if it looked like he would be difficult to settle, we’d bath, dress, feed and then put him down with low lighting in our room, seemed to really help. I also tried music, not sure if its coincidence or not but he seems to settle a lot quicker with it on. 

  • Thanks Tonistar, I think we will invest in a next to me crib.  She is cuddly so I can see how beneficial it would be - also she is so long I feel the Moses basket has limited life, but she is still way too small for her cot-bed.....

    Poor little Abel, it’s so easy to pick up germs tho, nothing you can do to stop it, likely someone got a sniffle a few days after visiting you, and didn’t even realise at the time they were carrying any germs.....

    We also went t breast feeding clinic today, they said fine to give her a dummy at night, as she has a bottle then any how, so that should help to settle her.....

  • We have a next to me and i put rauri in his sleepyhead in the next to me. He seems too small to go straight in it. He falls asleep during his last feed and goes in the sleepyhead then ready for bed. Its nice lying next to him and being able to see him sleeping in the night. X

  • Hey Ladies

    Hope everyone and babies are well. I am so far behind I can't even begin to catch up. I broke my phone (which I'm gutted about as I had all birth pictures not backed up ☹ ) so haven't been able to come on here. 

    April is doing well, she is such a greedy girl. I'm still breastfeeding but we have had some struggles. After being told by midwife using nipple shields is not a problem use them as long as I need.. the health visitor then came and said no you can't. She then sent a specialised breastfeeding HV round who said she was tonguetied! After getting that snipped i don't feel it's made any difference and I'm still using the shields. April just comes off the nipple constantly if I don't use them as I think she got used to them. 

    I to struggle with getting her into her crib. 4 weeks old yesterday and she has not yet slept in there for a whole night once. She will go down but after she wakes for her first feed she won't go back in! So daddy's been banished to the spare room and I co sleep. But really wanting to get out of this habit. It's so hard as I do like that I can see her right there with me but hubs can't sleep in spare room forever. 

    We gave in and gave her a dummy as it does settle her but I feel this might not help with the breastfeeding problems. 

    We went to the doctors the other day and it was mentioned while I was there that April could have a dairy intolerance cause she has a spot outbreak! She wasn't convinced but said it might be that or all other symptoms point to colic. In which case she just has a case of baby acne bless her! 


  • Oh njr she's gorgeous!

    As for nipple shields - you do what is best for you. Screw the health visitor haha! If April is happy and feeding it doesn6' matter if you use them or not. You do what's best for you two 😘

    I'm sorry to hear a few of you are having trouble with babas sleeping. Hopefully the babies will settle soon. I've heard about sleeping with a blanket or sheet and then using that in the crib so they feel close to you.

    As for Hallie, she's had a dummy s couple of times when we just haven't been able to settle her but we don't give it all the time. I'm glad she will take it now though because she never used to but we are going on holiday to Florida in August so I wanted her to have it in the plane to help with the ears at take off and landing so hopefully she'll take it then.

    She's 6 weeks old today! Time is flying! I want it to slow down so much, I'm not ready for her to get big haha! 


    We've also booked her christening for 15th July. I can't decide whether to go with a short dress or traditional long one. Here's a couple of each I've seen so far. Obviously won't buy until closer to the time so we know how big she is. 


    The short ones are over double the price of the long ones - they are from a mote expensive shop. Although I do quite like the idea of the last bottom long one as it's like a reverse of my wedding dress which was lace top and plain bottom -


    I've rabbited on enough now and shared far too many photos 😂 - just thinking out loud haha.

    Hope everyone else is well xx

  • Lace bottom not last bottom one!

  • Omg those dresses are soooo gorgeou!s!! I like the second short one best 😍 where has the last 6 weeks gone?? We are a few days behind you.....

    you look stunning in your wedding dress, how long ago was that? 

    NJR, I also received conflicting information regarding breast feeding, it’s super hard to work out what to listen to, and what advice to take.  My health visitor went as far to say that every bottle I give Millie is a nail in my breast feeding coffin!! Well I am still breast feeding and just top up with 1 3oz bottle a day at bed time.  It has been so tougH!! I have thought about stopping so many times, and then it improved again.......

    you must be gutted about your phone, I do hope friends and family can replace your lost pics xx 

  • Thanks Mrs Fish. We will have been married for 2 years on 21st May 💗

    Time really is flying isn't it. I'm sad it's going so fast haha  xx

  • I’m also gutted she has outgrown all her newborn clothes, some of them she hasn’t even worn yet 😔 my husband told me to put them on eBay, as we had decided last one after all the birth traumas on top of the difficult pregnancy, but I am already thinking how long till we can start trying again!! I think 6 months at least.....😜

  • Same here with the newborn clothes! :( although it’s interesting to see how some places they’re newborn size is now too small for him but others still fit him with growing room!! 

  • Hey ladies, thought I'd come and join you over here.

    Harry is 4 days old today and doing really well and has just fit right in to our little family. He's a real milk monster and had put on weight when he was weighed yesterday but the midwives are happy with him and the pediatrician was happy at the hospital so, so far so good. imageimage

    Hope everyone is doing well? X 

  • Lisil, I love the second dress, but I’m sure which ever one you pick Hallie would look absolutely adorable in it.

    NJR, I’m having the same problems with Jacob i know it’s still early days (he’s only 3 days old), but last night I really struggled with my emotions when I could get him to settle, him crying just made me cry too. He hates his Moses basket (he hated the hospital baby crib, and the car seat coming home) cried whenever we put him down, and still does. He seems to want to be held constantly or breastfeeding (using my breast to sooth himself to sleep) but wakes up once I try and put him down to sleep. He can sleep for ages in our arms or like the picture currently propped up a little but sleeping on my legs.


    Midwife seems to think it’s nothing to worry about. He was born 7lb10, weighed today at 7lb5, so midwife is happy that he is getting enough breast milk, poo has changed to a grainy light colour now, and there I thought he was suppose to have tar like poo for a few days. 

    Aww Becky, Harry is beautiful 😍

  • Thank you Charlz x Jacob is gorgeous and looks so contented there. 

    We had the same problem with Oliver, he always slept better and longer on one of us and struggled a bit in his basket but moved into his own cotbed and room at around 4 months and was sleeping through within 2 days, so it does get better. Harry so far seems better at sleeping alone, though he does still love a snuggle, and we have a routine that works at the moment. I think it probably helps that he's number 2 and we know what we're doing a bit more and we're a bit more relaxed this time round but the sleep deprivation is a killer. At least the weather is good so we've been able to get out the house. X

  • imageThank you for my gift xx

  • OMG ladies, I think I have a cure for baby sleeping! Jacob managed to sleep on his own in his Moses basket, stirred a few times, but so happy we actually managed to put him down and have him sleep until the next feed/nappy change without the hours of crying. We played some white noise on our phones. I’ll link the YouTube video I used (it’s like 10hours long)

    Happy mummy and daddy as we both have had some good hours sleep last night 😊

    Hope everyone is enjoying their bank holiday and the lovely weather xxx

  • So glad you found something that works Charlz, life is so much better with sleep x

    We've had an up and down day, Harry has been fine but his brother has been a nightmare, not what you need with a newborn. Had our 5 day check with the midwife and all went well, hearing test fine, heel prick done and weighed again and again he's put on weight. He was 8lb 12oz at birth and he's now just over 9lb 1oz! At least the sunshine is getting rid of the mild jaundice tinge he has and we can get out and about. 

    Hope everyone is well? X

  • Hi all. Just catching up with all your stories. congrats to all the more recent new mummies!

    Our sweet Penelope is now 5 weeks and it’s definitely flown in! We’ve been going through some major colic issues/CMPA. I’m an anxious person anyway but the last few weeks have been so testing I honestly thought I was going mad but then from reading all your stories it seems really similar to everyone else and now I’m thinking I’ve been over dramatic for the last 4 weeks! 

    Penny too would not sleep without being in arms, would cry/scream whenever she was awake, even during feeding, writhe around and was just so unsettled. However at night she eventually went down in her sleepyhead in the crib.

    (Before we got the sleepyhead we used rolled up cellular blankets either side of Penny to make her feel more cosy and that seemed to help for anyone struggling at nighttime. Also a white noise app played really loud helped as well.) 

    Anyway we’ve been prescribed milk for a suspected cows milk protein allergy and ranitidine for silent reflux, and the past couple of days since using it she’s like a different baby. Naps in her pram during the day, soothes herself, feeds most of the time without crying and just generally seems so settled. Anyone with babies who cry once they are laid flat and have colic like symptoms, look into reflux/silent reflux/CMPA. Luckily my HV has been so supportive!

    Is anyone attending any classes? I want to but with the  way Penelope has been, I’ve been terrified to take her out in public as she would just cry all the time. 

    Here‘s my cherub, now weighing 11lbs! imageimage

  • Millie is 6 weeks old tomorrow!  The first 4 weeks she was great, but it has seriously gone down hill....So good to hear all of you are having similar issues to me - I have brought a co sleeper and as soon As I lay her in it she stirs and then screams - she will literally only sleep on me, so I have started having her in bed next to me, which i hate as my anxiety goes crazy over SIDS.  I have been told it is fine as long as I follow safe sleeping rules, but I would much rather have her in a cot.....She has learnt that the sheep means cot and Now wakes up when I put it on grrrr! 

    Haven’t seen my health visitor since initial visit, but think she is coming in a week or so for 6 week check.  I have read it is bormal for babies to be like this and not to expect any self soothing for a while.

    I haven’t gone to any groups yet, but have been looking at the ones at my local surestart centre, I need to start making some new mummy friends, as all my friends all work, and need some day time social interaction now hubbie is back at work.....

    Scotjill, I can’t believe Penelope is 11lb already!! She looks so smiley 😃 

    how’s everyone’s Cherubs coping with the heat? 

  • Scotjill what sort of things have indicated a milk allergy? We went to the doctors the other day for something else and the doctor saw her rash and said may be she had a dairy intolerance but wasn't convinced. But now she has said it I can't stop thinking maybe she does and I should try cutting out milk etc from my diet. She gets such a bad belly like she will screech as she is about to poo and writhes around and arches her back too. And she has wind as loud as her dad's! Never known anything like it. 



    This is her rash. Granted it's a very hot day so looks a little worse. I assumed it was just baby acne which is very common. Hubby wants me to call doctors tomorrow. Anyone experienced anything like this?

  • NJR cows milks protein allergy is quite common nowadays I’ve been told. We have bad colic symptoms, reflux, crying and screaming, including whilst being fed, writhing around like she she is straining for a poo or got trapped wind. The only symptom we don’t have is a rash or eczema like skin. From what you’re describing I would suggest calling the HV and seeing the doctor as it could well be the same. Google the symptoms and see what you think. Don’t be fobbed off if you suspect it, its still a fairly new discovery so doctors may not be as clued up on it and just say it’s colic, so that’s why I suggest speaking to the HV as well as they will be seeing it a lot more.

    I’d never heard of it, I called my HV last week as I was at the end of my tether with the crying and not being able to put her down, and it was the HV that suggested it. 

    Here’s a screenshot from the CMPA website...


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