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  • My little lady is now 7pound 15 at nearly 8 weeks.

    She is suffering really bad in this heat it’s horrible for her. She is being sick with it and has a bit of reflux as well I think.

    how is everyone else little ones coping in it.


  • FYI ladles xxx


  • NJR, Abel is the same when he tries to go to the toilet. We have a full day of very loud wind, crying when he seems to be pushing, and then when he finally goes, there’s a streak of green running through it and he feels much netter afterwards. I’ve asked every body we’ve come into contact health professional wise as he has done this since he was born and they all tell me it’s normal. 

    He’s been really different the last 2 days, very sick and not taking his normal amount of milk every feed. Very grumbly too, I imagine it’s the heat but I always worry it could be something more. 

  • The heat has made Jacob very dehydrated, so he’s asking for more and longer feeds. On Saturday he was feeding every hour for around 16mins each time, and crying his eyes out when I put him down. So I was under the impression I wasn’t supplying enough milk. So I ended up topping him up with a bottle of premade formula, he drank most of it and we was able to have two hours nap before he was back onto the breast again. Gosh the backlash I got from my sil saying breast is better, don’t use Formula, it’s not good for the baby 😒

    Had the midwife visit on Monday, and midwife explained that due to the heat, babys will want more milk, so it can feel like you are constantly feeding. As long as baby still ha regular pee/bowel movements it’s showing he is getting enough milk. midwife said they are suppose to promote breastfeeding, but many people combination feed or top up with bottles and it’s completely fine. 

    I brought the haakaa pump as per Charley’s post. So using that to collect from the opposite boob whilst baby is feeding. (Since it leaks anyways)

    hope everyone is okay xx

  • Ahhh Charlz some people always have an opinion on feeding unfortunately but your Jacob's mum and you do whatever works for you. Both my boys are/were formula fed and are perfectly healthy. 

    We've got the health visitor this afternoon and then the final midwife appointment on Saturday then all the visit's should be finished with. 

  • Charlz ive been combination feeding too. I literally started on day 4 as i didnt have anything to give rauri he wasnt full from my boobs and i just hadnt slept since before the birth. Some days he gets a good feed from me all day and others not so much so if i dont think he getting much ill make him up a bottle. Even if i try and express i dont get enough and ge settles better after the bottle. X

  • Aww Nicola, the midwife said that the formula has something which makes the baby more sleepy, but I think BF makes the baby sleepy too. Just he wakes and wants more often 😂

    I think he’s starting to get better now with the routine and feeding. Starting to find different cues/cries for him needing a poo and him being hungry. 

    gotta keep telling myself I’m doing a good job. He gained weight when midwife weighed him on Monday. So all in the right direction 😊

  • Ladies I have also mix fed since Millie was born. - she is over 6 weeks now.  Most days she just has 1 top up bottle at bed time, 3oz, she actually now really wants it, and will get grumpy from an hour before, but we try and hold off 8/9pm so we can put her down after - she then sleeps for a few hours after and then breast feeds during the night.  If she is super hungry she may have another formula feed earlier in the day, but that is now only really every 4/5 days.  

    Earlier on I struggled to get into the swing of things with breast feeding and was giving more formula, I still can’t produce enough milk to express on top  Of feeding her.  

    Every Mum and every baby is different, we all will chose what is the best option for us.  I didn’t  breast feed my first son, who was far more prem - born 29 weeks.  My health visitor said that every bottle I gave her was a nail in my breast feeding coffin - cheeky cow!!  I can’t wait to see her next week to tell her we are successfully doing both still 🤪

  • What they kept saying to me was if I bottle feed, this would cause nipple confusion. I personally haven’t found a problem, baby is happy with the bottles and still latching fine on my nipples.

    I’m collecting around 30mls of breastmilk per feed on my opposite breast (which would leak anyways when I was feeding) so I would normally top Jacob up with a bottle around 30mls in the morning and a bottle of 60mls in the evening. we are still feeding around 16times a day. For an 8day old, I’m guessing it’s normal. They say 1oz per hour regardless of age. 

    sil invited me into this breastfeeding group on Facebook. I swear they are like a cult. 😂 it’s so hard to read some of their responses to Mums in need of advice. But wortha read as I believe most mums go through the same thing.

  • Finally got some baby gavison after 8 weeks they have now finally listened me and gave my little girl some because her reflux is really bad 

    which isn’t helping as she is crying when she is feeding just feel like I’m fighting an up hill battle with the gp and everyone else ☹️

    hope everyone else is enjoying there little ones 

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  • Charlz, I had a couple of days with Nipple confusion around 2 weeks ago, but I think it was the dummy causing it, or She just got over it - either way she is feeding well and no longer has a dummy.   Some people take the breast feeding way to seriously- as long As bubba’s are not hungry and are putting on weight each mummy has to go with the option that works best for her!! 

    We are still having sleep/separation issues, I have brought a beside me crib, but she still only wants to sleep with me and screams as soon as she is put down, weather awake or asleep.....I am just rolling with it at the moment and using her sling constantly During the day,she will tolerate the car seat sometimes, but goes bonkers in her carry cot and rarely uses her bouncer chair :-(  she is too young to self soothe, we will have to deal with it when she is a bit bigger 😣 

    Babygirl, let’s hope the gaviscon works and your little one starts to improve and becomes more comfortable- so tough when you can see them in Pain and you are getting no help 😔

  • THAT sounds really tough babygirl, hopefully it's all on the way up now x

    I try not to read too much online about the breast feeding opinions of some people because it's hard going like you said Charlz, it should be about support not criticism especially with new mums.

    We've had the hv this week and it was OK, a little pointless personally but I can see how it's useful for others. We also managed to get Harry into a 4 hourly routine so feeling a little more rested but it's still hard work with a newborn and toddler. Midwife in the morning to be checked over and discharged and then off to register him on Tuesday so he's all official. It's all flying along, I forgot how quick it all goes. 

    Hope everyone is doing OK? X 

  • Evie has her first lot of injections on Monday so not looking forward to that she will be 8 weeks 5 days it’s flew by

    yeah it is tough ladies but it doesn’t seem to be doin anything yet but not started that long so hopefully it will improve over next few days fingers crossed

    its hard when they get like that MrsFish my first one was the same but it does get better eventually 

  • MrsFish have you tried swaddling? I found that Jacob needed to be swaddled in order to stay asleep when he is put into his Moses basket. so sometimes we swaddle whilst he is still awake and let him fall asleep in my arms before putting him down, or if I’m feeding, he usually gets tired whilst feeding so we swaddle him after the feed when he’s drunk on milk and put him straight into the Moses. We also purchased a bluetooth speaker with an SD slot and downloaded some white noise to play throughout the night. Seems to work for us at the moment (touch wood) 

    Jacob clamped down on my nipple and tugged really aggressively, so I now have a very sore right nipple 😢 I can’t bear to let him latch onto it whilst it’s so sore. I feel like I’m not being then Mum I thought i would be

    We have to constantly remind ourselves that we are doing a fantastic job! We brought a mini human into this world. We know what is best for them xxx

  • Hope everyone and their babies are ok.

    sorry I've been a little quiet lately, I don't have time to eat let alone anything else. finding it quite tough with me being on my own if I'm honest, harder than I expected. 

    hen I had my son me & his dad took of in turns to do night feeds but obviously with Ivy it's all down to me and I'm exhausted. Crying at the drop of a hat lol.  it'll get easier I know & ivy is very worth it. 


  • Hi all. Sorry just catching up as I know I’ve not been on here lately.

    It seems we are all having some sort of sleeping troubles with our babies, whether it be colic, reflux or seperation related 😔 Harvey wakes as soon as he’s not on me or my husband, then again his siblings don’t give him a chance to sleep during the day because while im feeding him or if he was asleep in the Moses basket, he gets woken up to them in his face wanting to give him attention. As lovely as it is, it’s driving me crazy as they don’t understand we’ve then got to try and soothe and over tired baby!

    We are now only formula feeding as Harvey’s demand became too constant with Trying to work out a mix feed pattern. So he enjoys 90mls/3oz hungrier baby formula and still only goes 2hrs between feeds 😔 I’m starting to forget what sleep and rest is!

    Harvey also suffers with the cold like symptoms as Abel does and I have to clear his nose with a cotton bud daily to remove the gunk from his nose. He sounds like a pig when crying as he snorts until his clear. My eldest child was the same too when he was born.

    Harvey was 4weeks yesterday and weighing 9lbs 4oz (he was 7lbs 13oz Born). Here’s a picture i took yesterday 😍💙


  • Congratulations to all of you, your babies are gorgeous. 

    Unfortunate I fell in a different category and can’t share the same happiness. We had an angel baby 👼 

    Knowing that all of you’re made it through will give me comfort to try again one day. 


  • Oh Mrs Tonkin I'm so so sorry. I know that nothing we can say all make it better for you but sending lots of love to you and your family. We will all be thinking about you xxx

  • aww Mrs tonkin I am so sorry for your loss!

    i hope your doing as well as can be given the situation! 

    youre in my thoughts xx

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