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3 wks old, can I give him water?!

Hi guys, 

my baby boy is 3 weeks old, can I give him a little bit of water, sometimes he just has 1oz of Milk here and there! He wakes up at 3am wide awake, and instead of wasting milk can I give him a little water?! 



  • Water is not a good idea for such a young baby. he needs to be having the milk for sure. ideally nothing but milk until at least 6months

    Are you formula feeding? Formula can be made up in advance & stored in the fridge for up to 24 hours so yoh wouldn’t need to waste any... just make up a batch then when he wakes... pour 1oz of it into a bottle & warm up... if he drinks it all you can offer him a little more. The milk is fine in the fridge... once in his bottle that he is drinking from it needs to be used within an hour but if you only transfer a small amount at a time then you won’t have to worry about wasting as much. 

  • I have my son an oz of water a day he was formula fed and I started when he was a newborn when you breast feed a baby they have a drink first then the milk just make sure you boil the water first then cook it xx

  • Sw2 when my son was a newborn I got told not do store them in the fridge by my health visitor you had to make them fresh when you wanted them and cooled Them down but we used a perfect prep machine and they are amazing will definitely be using again

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