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11 Month old with a high temperature and refusing to eat


my 11 month old daughter has been a bit under the weather for the past few days. She was unwell yesterday so took her temp and it was 40.8! Gave her calpol and stripped her off and it went down to 37.8.

She is still unwell today refusing food but drinking juice, with my mother in law who doesn't have a thermometer (forgot to pack hers this morning!) but she is saying she still feels really hot.

She's also got a cough and has had broncilitus in the past, could her temp be related to that again or could it just be viral infection?

Don't want to bother the doctors if its unnecessary.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • sorry to hear your daughter is unwell. 

    I was told if temp reaches 41/42, to go to a&e (not to panic you!) but keep giving calpol regularly to keep her temp down, and you know you can give ibuprofen too -  and don't worry at all about her not eating, it's ALL about LOADS of fluids, so she has to keep drinking - ideally milk, or water or juice (the sugars in juice will help). 

    i think if fever doesn't break in a few days, then you might need to go to the GP, but just keep her cool, hydrated and regular medicine. 

    hope she feels better soon x

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