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Undiagnosed baby suffering with apnea’s and atonic seizures - doctors don't know what is going on

im looking for anybody who has been through similar to my daughter and can advise me as we are still no closer to getting a diagnosis and feel so helpless and alone.

she was born 4weeks early all healthy and well until 7weeks old when she had an apnea seizure she got rushed into hospital she got diagnosed with bronchitis she was then treated for that but developed sodium problems so was treated for that also she was discharged after 2 weeks she then continued having apnea’s and atomic seizures ( she goes floppy and unresponsive ) these can happen to upto 30mins  she was then admitted to hospital and diagnosed with septis which was treated and cleared and stayed there for 3months they have diagnosed her with SVT but have said this doesn’t cause the seizures they did an mri and CT scan which came back she had bleed on the brain but was an old one but they confirmed this wasn’t likely causing the seizures.. she is still having at least 5 apnea’s and atonic seizures a day she has to have an apnea monitor on 24hrs a day and I’ve had to resuscitate her many of times but doctors still don’t know what this could be has anyone ever been through this and got a diagnosis ? just Looking for advice or maybe a point in right direction with tests etc ? 

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