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No motivation to do anything since having my baby

Sincar having my LB I have had no drive no motivation to do anything. In my head there are so many things I want to do. Such as go to the gym (get rid of unwanted stress & anger), get a new job, sort my life out! 

But none of it seems to be going anywhere because something is always stopping me and I’m not putting myself first. 

How do I get motivation?! Help please!!!! 


  • perhaps try doing something you actually enjoy (a night out, coffee with friends, hair appointment), just to get you out of the house, this may help you have a more positive mind set to help you get the motivation your wanting?

  • Hiya,

    Sorry to hear your having a hard time finding the motivation. I too felt like that when my twin boys came along. 

    Do you have much support around you / someone who can take care of little one so you can have some you time to go to the gym or have time out to do what you need to do.

    How is everything going with little one? :) My two are 9 months old now and one still tends to wake up at 4am to have a chat to himself so some days I just feel so drained but I have my mum who is amazing support. We also have a good network of family around and we try to have one night where the boys will stay at my partners mums house for the night for him and I to either go out or just relax and unwind. this weekend she has them Saturday night so I am going to have a well needed girlie meal out.


  • Hiya ChelseaJojo,

    My LB is almost 7 months and I have just pure anxiety leaving him as I’m sure a lot of mums do. I don’t have many friends around me as I fell pregnant fairly young and they’re all doing different things with their lives. It doesn’t bother me too much, because they know I struggle leaving him so they don’t even invite me sometimes. 

    I live about 15 minutes away from my mum and she works full time so any time she gets to see us is such quality time and I always feel like people might not want to look after him for me, they just feel like they have to and they can’t say no.

    My partner is self employed and is always so busy so doesn’t get a lot of time to take him away from me to do anything. But even if I did just pop to the shops for half an hour I always get a ‘when are coming back’ text. 

    I want to do something with my life but I feel like breastfeeding my baby has worked out for him but not for me, it’s all starting to finally take its toll.

    Thank you for replying x 

  • Hiya, 

    Sorry about delay in replying... how was your weekend? 

    Aww sorry to hear about the support part. Don't worry about the friends part as you will meet so many new friends now being a mummy. I still get quite nervous going out with these two and I haven't got them to any local baby groups but I am going to start doing that to build the confidence up with taking them on my own to places. 

    I see what you mean about the anxiety part - I was like that originally with the boys when I would leave them with family to have an hour or so to myself but now I am happy to get that little bit of time and try stay vbusy without worrying too much. Maybe having a quiet word with your other half about not chasing when your be home? otherwise as confidence builds for him too maybe it be ok? 

    I have an app on my phone of local mums especially first time mums and its been nice to chat to local mums. I haven't met up with any as yet but I do find it good to offload and exchange tips and chats of how were all getting on. 

    Your doing amazing with the breastfeeding, its one thing I wish I could of carried on but I struggled with two once they were home but big pat on the back for you. And when you feel the need to change to formula the HV will be able to support you. 

    My two are about to come off their special prem formula so hoping that goes ok. one of my boys has a heart issue which can affect swallowing so just getting him used to jar food etc which can be challenging :( 


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