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6 week old has (GORD) gastro-oesophageal reflux disease

I’m just after a bit of reassurance or advice. My little one is 6 week old and she has GORD was diagnosed when she was 6 days old and she’s been on randitine since. They have upped her dosage on Randitine but it appears to myself not to be working as well. She use to be on gaviscon but they took her off of this due to her having problems doing her business properly and it was causing her more harm than good and more pain. I am a new time mum and she is my first. She’s been to doctors again today regarding really bad dry skin and rash on her face just her face the doctor said it’s the Randitine and gave her diprobase cream. I’m just wanting to know how old she has to be to go on lansoprazol? Im thinking of going private to see a speacialist and just wonder people’s advice? A lot of help would and advice would be appreciated. I’m also wondering she has just started a new thing when she’s having a bottle she has began jerking her body which the doctors said it’s wind due to her reflux? 


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    This sounds so similar to me, my baby has awful reflux after every bottle (she is 9 weeks Friday)

    First of all I was given gavison which was fine until I upped the dose to 2 sachets and she was red in the face constipated and her poo was full of blood! I took her off this straight away, when she is sick if she is sick say an oz her routine is ruined and she is hungrier 2 hours later and will only take say 2oz every 2 hours for the rest of the day! Nightmare. I was advised by my health visitor to try formula ”comfort milk”she has cow and gate and this helps with reflux but her poo wil be like dishwater (sorry)!!. However I would speak to health visitor or GP before trying other milks.

    I have attached pics of her skin which was blotchy and spotty and was put down to eczema but I found that it was like this from being sick and being sweaty and sticky! I do change her bibs vests and babygrows etc but if it happens during the night I wouldn’t notice for a few hours and the wet would make it worse! I tried Infacare bath stuff it’s less than a £1 in home bargains, It’s for sensitive skin and it’s worked a treat. I’m not sure whether it’s because there’s not so much sick or it’s just a coincidence. 

    she is 9 weeks Friday like I said and weighs 10lb 4 which is good but not putting on as much wait quickly because she was sick so much! its hard work but keep going! It’s trial and error but you will find something that will put everything at ease.

    hope this helps x

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