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am i over feeding, someone please answer this desperate :(

Hi so my daugthers dad has come down after 2 1/2 month of being away ( were separated he lives scotland i live kent). So obviously he clearly doesnt know what i do everyday, whats normal for her etc. He doesnt want to listen or learn and just keeps saying things like ' She jut ate' ' Didnt you just feed her 2 hours ago' its infuriating to me as he acts like I havent  been around for 9 months.. shes not over weight, shes healthy and doctors have even told me she PERFECT nothing wrong with her AT ALLt

But would love some mummy opinions because as you can see he has manipultated his way to making me panic even though I shouldnt, but im here and would love to know if I AM, what do you feed your babies. Of 9 months.. HELP PLEASE. Im scared hes correct.

Anyway so I have a formula fed baby of 9 months who weaned at 4 month (for those breast is best people. Please politely not judge, I didnt produce or lactate, and the little I did, was green (TMI soz). Anyhow this is my daughters shedule from morning to evening.

6am- 6 oz bottle (Usually drinks all or 5 oz)

7.30- 8am- Porriage with fruit ( She usually takes about 10 spoonfuls and some Juice)

9.30- 10am - 4 oz bottle of milk (Nap time, shes always had this bottle since birth)


12 pm- Half a jar of food if that and I mean a 4 month jar lol (So not much)

12pm- After main I give half a slice of toast with whatever on, she usually just plays with it but eats a bit)

2pm- Bottle 6 oz ( really depends, but usally finishes)

5pm- Dinner ( half a jar usually of 7 month food)

6pm- Nap time bottle AGAIN. 6oz.

11pm (If she wakes she will have 4-5 oz)


SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME IF THIS IS ALOT or just a outisde person, being silly.. As she sleep most nights from 6pm- 6am i have a lot of milk and food to get in 12 hours, its a lot but most babies wake through the night dont they lol.


  • You’re giving milk roughly every 4 hours which for a formula fed baby is right about where you would expect... perfectly normal there! ☺️. Until they are a year old, milk should be the main source of nutrition so you are right not to reduce the milk for now & food is more of just a supplement / learning experience for now. You sound like you’re giving her healthy options for food too so all in all I would say you’re doing great! Your ex clearly just doesn’t understand infants / the needs of an infant. 

  • What you're doing sounds perfect, when my son was younger he ate more than that, and the doctors said he was growing at a steady rate! My daughter is 6 months and eats less so I panicked that she was hungry all the time and wouldn't gain weight, but apparently she doesn't need as much as her brother. Your ex sounds like an idiot for not trusting you when you clearly know best and have been told she's perfect!

  • My 9 month old was Always terrible for taking milk n at 9 months we had a 9 ounce bottle on the morning wheetabix (11/2) at 9 lunch like toast snack crips / rice cakes n Fruit pot then dinner at 4:30 and another 9 ounce bottle before bed .... he would point blanks refuse most of lunch except his fruit pots n crisps n is the same now at 11 months .. he’s always had the age appropriate jars at dinner time n eats most of it n a yoghurt but would never take milk in the day n usually wakes up for a bottle at night 

    every Baby is completely different I’m sure yours just loves Milkies more right now Sounds like your doing a great job !!

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