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Baby rolling in sleep

my 8 month old baby rolls in her sleep alot even when I place her on her back she still rolls over she does make sound when she does so I can put her back into a safe sleeping position but she does it a lot is there anyway I can help this problem? 


  • once Babies can roll over themselves you don’t need to worry so much... obviously still put her down to sleep on her back but the main concern with much smaller babies who can’t yet roll themselves is that if they are face down and their breathing gets restricted by the mattress then they can’t fix this. 

     so Long as she is able to roll front To back as well as back to front then you don’t need to do anything to stop that happening during the night. I would still though recommend no loose blankets (a sleep sack is a great alternative to blankets), pillows or stuffed toys etc in the crib until she is a bit older but other than that... she’s fine! 

  • Thank you do much!!

  • *thank you so much 

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