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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in May 2018 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby (we know there's are a couple of you due, please don't be shy, come on over here!) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in May 2018 Birth Club so far but have a baby born May 2018, do please feel free to post and join in. Come and tell us about you and your baby - the more, the merrier!



  • image Hi Girls, hope alls well..

    my little one is still feeding like a bird..

    so lots of feeds during the night:)

    How's everyone and little ones coping with the weather? 

  • Hi littlemscj, how is Rowen doing? Loving that picture of her. 

    Matilda88, how are you getting on? We do hope you're ok.

    And good luck to you NurseJo - we hope baby is on their way! 

    We'd love to hear from everyone, so please do come and let us know if you are thriving/surviving. 

  • Hi girls how's everyone coping?? 

    Rowen will be 7 weeks on Thursday weeks seem to be flying in..

    Shes drinking 3oz now lol, still a little bird..

    I think I'm nearly back to myself now after section.. Scar healed well but still achy and numb in places.. Back to porridge doing the school run, but its not to bad;) love having 2 girls, although my husband is trying to get Theia playing football, which isn't happening for him lol. Critter won't get a boy. I'm defs finished having babies..

    Has anyone had a period since the birth?? Think Im getting ready to so crabbit, spotty and hate my husband past 2days lol..

    I can't help but dress the girls in matching colours every Sunday lol🙈💖


  • Hi littlemscj, Jackson will be 4 weeks tomorrow. I’ve struggled a bit with a bit of pnd, still not feeling myself at all. He’s a very windy baby so a lot of the time restless as he’s obviously uncomfortable but no amount of winding seems  to help. We are using gripe water now but doesn’t seem to make that much difference. He also likes to fight going to sleep so ends up overtired all the time and then just screams. He doesn’t even sleep that great at night. 

    how often are you feeding 3oz? We are not in any regular pattern, some days goes 4 hours in between and drinks the whole bottle and others he falls asleep half way through but wakes as soon as I move him then wants feeding again 2 hours later. 

    I also had a section, seems to be healing well but have a stitch that hasn’t dissolved and is hanging out. I notice it aches quite a lot still and feels lumpy underneath. 

    Im still bleeding on and off at the moment x

  • Hi Ladies

    Lovely to see your little ones are doing well of course my little madam was so late she became a June baby but i keep an eye out for any updates.

    Matilda are you starting to feel better i have been low and emotional mainly due to the birth being traumatic i think but also missing being pregnant hoping things ease with time

    My little one is 13 days and already on 4oz bottles shes a greedy monkey lol

  • Awe Matilda, you sound like me 3 weeks ago. it gets better. I spoke to everyone and anyone who would listen to how I felt. It feels better to talk and get out in2 the fresh air x

    Rowen hasn't a routine as such but it's every 2.5/3 hours Between must feeds..

    i read a book when I was pregnant with my first baby and it really helped get the baby in2 a routine. (Save our sleep by tizzie hall) Im going to try that with Rowen in the next week and maybe adapt it..

    I hate looking at my scar as much as it's cleared up, my abdomen has an over hang now about the scar 😳 Not that I had a flat tummy to start with lol..

    Congrats Jo, what did u call ur baba? X

  • Hi Jo, how often is she drinking 4oz? We are in no routine sometimes it’s 4oz every 4 hours and sometimes he’s hungry again 3 hours after. He seems to chop and change how much he wants to drink as well, sometimes will not take 4oz. Is your little one sleeping ok? I just find it so hard dealing with the crying after feeding due to wind and then because he won’t go to sleep. 

    Littlemscj, that’s exactly what my scar is like, you can barely see it now but I’ve got a overhang too and I hate it. 

  • She is called Rosie Jayne born 6th June by emergency section after failed induction

    She is taking 4oz every 3-4 hours and has 6 bottles in a 24 hour period

    I think the first few weeks are really hard and emotional hoping it calms down a bit

    I am having to redress my wound several times a day due to leaking aswell which isnt helping

  • Awe no fun regarding ur scar jo:( my little niece is called rosie Jane :) Rowen middle name is Jane too 😍

    i managed a night away last weekend 🙈 We had a friends wedding and it was a good journey away so we had to stay.. really nice never the less:) altho hubby made full use of the free bar lol..

    olare use watching anything good on netflix??

  • No, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be having to cope with your scar not healing properly at the same time. 

    I’m meant to be going to hen do for the night on Saturday but I am dreading going because I know how difficult he is and I just worry. 

    How long would you say it’s taking you from start of feed to end with winding etc? Are you then putting baby back down for nap straight after? I never thought I would find everything so difficult. 

  • Awe Ror takes well over an hour to feed. It doesn't feel 1/2 hr but I'm starting again.. just depends if she is tired r I'm tired id put her down especially first morning feed. 

    I had health visitor today i asked her about winding and she said as long as it's coming out of one end it's ok. Said to try massage her belly. move her legs like she's on a bike and give her a good 2oz r more b4 stoping to wind..

    awe go and enjoy the hen . We woman as a bred worry over everything. Go have fun it's defs needed and if it was Ur partner im sure they'd b away without a second thought xx 

    im being selfish this week I plan to get my nails done and have at least 2 glasses of wine last dinner sat night lol

  • Matilda - Go and have a good night hun i cant wait to get out but i will worry all night too

    With winding i find if i try to soon she just screams and gets upset so now giving her over half before attempting to wind and its working much better

    Rosie feeds in about 20-30 mins shes so greedy i do always get her to burp before sleeping otherwise she wakes up scrwaming after a short time 

  • 😢Rowen had her 8week jags today 😰

    Critter cried and I'm traumatised 🙈

    new vaccine Since my little girl, and u had to give them capol  and them 4 hrs intermitent.. critter is really hot and exhausted 😩 

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