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Red hair baby

my baby has red hair! I honestly don’t no how because me and her father have blonde hair! And if your wondering no I didn not cheat or sleep with someone else lol! I know this sounds funny but I thought to myself maybe because when I was pregnant my craving was jam doughnuts maybe she got the red hair from them lol? I’m happy with her hair colour I think it looks beautiful but I just find it strange! But he did tell me he thinks his mother had red hair could That be the reason of the red hair?! 


  • a friend of mine has brown hair as does her husband and their little girl had red hair too, apparently from the mums side. Certainly nothing to do with jam doughnuts 😂

  • people have a pair of every chromosome that makes up who they are... in the case of eye color and hair color there are what’s called ‘dominant’ and ‘recessive’ genes... basically you can have 2 different eye color genes in your genetic makeup and whichever is the ‘stronger’ gene will trump the other and that will be your color.... in the case of eyes... brown is most dominant, then blue then green. In the case of hair... it goes brown, blonde, red... so what’s happened is both you and your partner must have a recessive red hair gene... you don’t have red hair because you also had the blonde gene which is the dominant one... but your daughter got both red genes (1 from each of you) and so is red haired... there’s a 25% chance of that combo (r, r) & 75% chance of all other combos (r, b or b,r or b,b)... which would result in blonde babies. 

    Hope that makes sense!!

  • Wow that’s amazing! I have blue eyes and my partner has brown eyes but my baby has the same colour eyes as me! My mothers mum and dad both have brown eyes but she has one brown eye and one blue eye! My family must just have crazy genes! 

  • Thank you! happy To know it wasn’t the jam doughnuts lol 

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