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4 month sleep regression and routines!

Hi all was just seeing if anyone out there has any advice/tips/routine ideas on how to fix my little girls routine. She’s just turned 4 months and everything has gone to pot to say the least! So.... bedtime was 7 wash/bath bottle bed. it was that easy! Over the last week or 2 it’s such a struggle! She’s started refusing her bottle as she’s too tired but won’t sleep because she’s hungry😑 resulting in her screaming the house down until she’s falls asleep. Then me waking her for her bottle around 20 mins later and still waking 2-3 times a night! She’s never been a good daytime sleeper but has started having an hour or 2 in the morning time and the odd half hour in the afternoon. She is also refusing to be fed on my lap and will only take her bottles sat on the couch or in her bouncer chair. She was having 6oz every 3 1/2-4 hours but most of the time will only take 3-5oz. Bedtime bottle i have to give her whilst I walk around the bedroom just to get her to have it! She doesn’t fall asleep on me only when I put her in her crib and will only nap in the day time if she’s on the couch! After lots of googling and research, I mean a lot of googling! I’m thinking of introducing a ‘dream feed’ to see if this helps. Has anyone tried this method?? Or does anyone have and advice?? Ive tried being baby led and I’ve tried routine but neither seem to be working. 1st time mummy and I am beyond tired and exhausted! 

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