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6 month old waking up for a hug?

he will be 6months old next week he slept 12pm-3am had a feed and change then 3am-7am from day one then couple of months old he cut out the 3am feed and slept midnight until about he goes to bed at about 11pm and wakes up at 2am 3am 5am 6am 7am 8am I’m exhausted, he sometimes wants something to drink but most of the time he just wants a cuddle, like he won’t stop crying until I pick him up, even though he’s right next to me on a side sleeper, as soon as I pick him up he stops and snuggles into me and stares at me until he drops off to sleep then when I put him back down he either wakes up right away and starts crying again or I get a bit of sleep before he starts again...why has this started? I love cuddles but I’m tired lol this started about a week ago, thaight the first night was a one off but hes waking up more and more...he’s currently crying next to me in his side sleeper, maybe I need to leave him to self soothe but partners next to me and he’s got to be up at 7 so feel like I need to get him to stop crying, any ideas on this? Xx

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