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Baby disturbing neighbours?

Just looking for a bit of advice! I'll have to back this up a little so you guys understand where I'm coming from...

About a year ago, I moved into a 4 block apartment building. Prior to moving in, I was obviously aware that noise would be heard, which is fine to an extent. However, we had the neighbours from hell downstairs and they were awful; noisy as hell yet would complain about day to day noises (i.e me hoovering or doing the washing, which I did in the middle of the day by the way) and they made me feel like a prisoner in my own home, I wasn't allowed to make any noise and with a newborn baby, I'm sure you can appreciate the difficulty there, and even though they had a new baby who constantly screamed and cried, which I would never dream of complaining about, they would shout up to me to shut my baby up. Eventually the family were evicted as they pissed off everyone in our block by playing ridiculously loud music day in and day out, and other neighbours started complaining. 

So the last month has been bliss, as I have not had to worry about anyone being downstairs, but a new family recently moved in. They are aware I have a baby, and they do have a chils themselves, but after last time I'm really concerned about anything I do, to the point that I'm scared to have my fan on at night. I hear them and I know they can hear me but I don't want a situation like before because ir was awful! But of course now my LO has decided to be fussy at night again. Kicking the bars on her cot and bashing her heels into her mattress. I know you can't always keep a baby quiet, but my neighbours bedroom is directly below mine and I'm worried the banging disturbs them. I was just wondering if there was anyway to stop her from kicking the cot or do something that at least kills the noise a bit. Its I'm stressing enough about noise thanks to previous neighbours from hell, but this is making it worse!

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