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Desperate for a baby but partner says he's not ready

Me and my partner have been together 8 1/2 years we both have good jobs and our own home, I am so ready for a baby but he keeps putting it off saying he isn't ready, we are 23 +25, I sometimes just cry on my own at the fact I I feel this emptyness where a baby should be, I have always wanted to be a mum and he says he wants to be a dad but isn't ready to give up video gaming and a social life ( we really don't have much of one any way) every time I talk about it he Doesn't seem interested it's making feel crazy.


  • You really do need to make him sit down and stress how much you really would like a baby. If it’s causing you that much upset being without one I would definitely explain how it’s making you feel. But on the other hand if he isn’t ready you cant force that. I suppose you need to find out if you’re both on the same page, is it that he’s not ready or is it that he never will be? You can’t but a timescale on that type of thing but I guess he just needs to assure you it will happen one day, and perhaps you could find peace that it will happen in a few years etc.

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