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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in June 2018 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby (we know there's are quite a few of you due, please don't be shy, come on over here!) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in June 2018 Birth Club so far but have a baby born June 2018, do please feel free to post and join in. Come and tell us about you and your baby - the more, the merrier!




  • Morning Ladies, How is everyone doing?

    My little girl is 10 days old today and doing really well, feeding well she is formula fed as my milk hasn't come in i was expecting this as i didn't produce any milk with my first


    My recovery is going a little slower and i am struggling to come to terms with not getting the birth i wanted. My c section wound is not healing as well as it should due to having a haematoma that burst and bleeds through the wound. Midwife due today to take out the rest of the staples so hoping this will ease the pain and help the wound to heal

    Hope everyone is doing well Xxx

  • Hey NurseJo, how did your appointment go with the midwife and has the healing improved? 

  • Nursejo I had c section, I had no staples or stitches to take out. They were just dissolvable stitches. But mine has opened a little on each corner. Its sore, but because my tummy has deflated I have a skin ledge so it won't get much air. I've been trying to keep it clean but hoping it will the pics everyone! 

    I'm formula feeding as well as pumping whenever I can, I'm desperate to be able to breastfeed. We practice everyday, since Ronnie had her tongue tie snipped fingers crossed x

  • imageimageSuch a grumpy bum 💖😍

  • Lovely pictures allybob, good luck with the feedibg i tried to breast feed my 1st but my milk never came in and the same thing has happened this time as i expected it would

    I have just returned from the doctors given another week of antibiotics no sign of infection but having as a precaution. I have a 3cm cavity so going to need some wound care for a while luckly being a community nurse i can manage this myself without daily visit to practice nurse just frustrated that its gone this way as it was my main concern of having a section.

    Health visitor has been and Rosie is doing well and gained 6ozs in 7 days now 8lb 5 😍 

  • Beautiful pictures both!

    I had a midwife app today and I’m booked in for a sweep on Wednesday which is my due date. 

    Is the sucess rate for sweeps good? I’m so fed up! I’ve been on long walks, shopping, cleaning, gardening the lot and nothing is improving. 

    The head is now and down but that’s all she said 😩🙄

  • Good Luck Tipping my sweeps didnt do anything but my babys head wasnt engaged properly. I have heard they have worked well for some women xx

  • My sweep managed to dilate me to 2cm but nothing else happened, the doctor was explained to me that it can’t send you into labour but will bring forward the day you were going to go into labour anyway. Fingers crossed for you! 

  • Quick ladies I need help! 

    Sorry for the TMI....just had sex. When I went to the toilet there was a lot of bloody discharge but almost looked orange which was weird unless it’s my eyes playing on me. Is this normal? And could it potentially be the ‘bloody show’ we had sex a couple of weeks ago and was little a spot. I’ve put a pad on just in case x

  • Sounds like your show! That’s how mine looked after my sweep l. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  • I’ve has no more blood since after about 4 wipes...could that still be my show? God I hope so 🙈 due date is tomorrow 

  • Hi Everyone! 

    Congrats to all the new babies!! 

    Question to any of the mummies who are formula feeding, what brand formula are you using? I'm 3 weeks post partum and try as I may, my milk supply just isn't regular. I've started subsidising with formula. Just one or two feeds a day. But I've noticed it's given her runny stools and a small breakout on her face 

  • Hi Mum2be sorry I cant be much help - we were using aptimal but sadly nancy is currently an inpatient at the hospital 😢 due to lots of feeding issues, dehydrating and an infection - they are treating her for sepsis just incase. 

    I know lots of people rate about aldi baby milk? 

  • Oh no Allybob! I'm so sorry to hear. Gonna say a prayer for her.

    My milk just comes and goes and I'm eating and drinking properly etc. Tried Aptamil too and everytime she takes it gets runny stools and those tiny bumps on her forehead. I feel dreadful but I've no other choice ☹

  • Allybob - so sorry to hear this sending your little Nancy lots of get well vibes, such a difficult time for you all

    Mum2bejune My little girl is formula fed my milk never came in at all which was expected it was the same with my first baby, we are feeding Aptamil which seems to be suiting her at the minute


  • Keeping everything crossed for you and Nancy Allybob. Hopefully the little lady is feeling better soon. We think Etty might have colic as we are getting episodes of inconsolable crying, especially during the evening and at night. Has anyone had much experience using colic drops?

  • Well we didn’t see a hospital stay 3 days into parenthood - there has been lots of tears. I wouldn’t wish watching your 3 day old baby be canulated and have a ng tube fitted on anybody 😢.

    does sound like colic - have you tried dr browns bottles?

  • Schmorgan I don't personally. Thank God Indie-Blue has  been fine in that regard. My friend who is a nurse did. Her son had bad colic and although the recommended age for colic drops is 4 weeks she used at 3 weeks and said it really helped. Have you still got support from your midwife or health visitor ? They may have suggestions 

  • We have just tried dentinox after this evenings feed and it seems to have made a huge difference. I’ve not tried expressing or anything yet so we had to syringe it in after which has made me feel like a terrible mother and cry. She is just so greedy bless her. 

    Allybob that sounds so heartbreaking. Do they let you stay in with her?

  • Ahh sorry schmorgan forgot you were breast feeding! Hopefully your little one has a more settled evening. 

    Yes we are both able to stay in with her and she is in the best place x 

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