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Calpol in bottle of milk

Hello I just want to ask if is okay to put calpol in a small quantity of milk in the bottle because my 8 mounts baby every time I’m giving her she’s vomiting and she has a bit of temperature.....


  • Honestly i'm not sure about mixing it with milk but i saw this on this site and thought it looked very clever.

  • I squirt it in my little girls side of cheek :) she's only 3 months though. Just try slowly x

  • I use the seringe thing it comes with..Dr gave me a tip he told me to squirt little bit at a time in to the side of babys mouth lay them on their back with their head back a bit and blow in their face..blowing in a babies face triggers a swallow reflex...worked for me :) xx

  • imagei do this but i put it all in the teat and just feed it to her. My 5month old has had some really horrible medicine but has always taken using this method x 

  • I had calpol nailed with putting calpol in the teat of the bottle for a good few weeks until my LG decided she didnt want it that way anymore. I've been putting it in the bottle since and it seems to be working, but unsure if it's taking full effect due to it being diluted? 
  • Oh I don't know about formula but I mix with normal milk..
    But have you ever heard of Paralink Suppositories are painkillers for children aged between 3 months and 6 years. These fast acting suppositories contain paracetamol, which is an effective painkiller.  Found very handy when kids couldn't keep anything down a nurse said it all she ever used.. Hope. Little one be OK x
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