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6 months old and still no break: please tell me my unhappy baby will get better?

Please someone tell me there's a light at the end of the tunnel! 

My son is just 6 months old and since 4 weeks old has just been miserable. We've had a diagnosis of silent reflux which he is taking meds for(since 7 weeks), he is also on cow and gate comfort milk with colief Dr Brown's bottles. I have all the teething gels, have taken baby massage classes, I sit him up to feed, I wear him in a sling, gripe water, infacol...i have done everyhing to try to get this boy content. I am now resigned to the fact he is just not a happy chap, but please if anyone has had a similar experience is there anything that helped to content a baby who is constantly screeching and squirming at me!? Drs say he is fine!

I feel I am losing my mind, I love him so much but at times I can't stand to be around him, he is making me so miserable and feel so guilty that I can't make him happy :( everything makes him upset, baths are an ordeal, getting in the car seat, getting dressed, going in the pram EVERYTHING upsets him.

Please tell me it gets better??? :(


  • Oh honey, it does get better! You are describing my second child - i didn't know what colic was until i had her 😂😂😂She changed for the better at 7/8months old - a real breakthrough! 

    Have you started weaning yet as food made quite a difference to my formerly miserable lg. Also, have you tried one of those jumperoo style chairs? Or one they can scoot about in? This oddly really helped us. Also, what's his sleep/naps like? 

  • Thank you for your reply! We have just started to try and wean him, unsurprisingly he screamed the house down! We are persevering but it's not a fun experience :( he was 7 weeks premature so he's not quite ready for the jumperoo, he has good head control but still quite a wobbly boy. The bumbo works for about 10 minutes which is great, but everything seems like a stall tactic until he realises he's miserable again!

    His naps are erratic, between 10 minutes and 2 hours, usually he has a nap between each feed every 3 hours. Night time is so varied, we've never gone through the night but he will stay in his cot and sleep for about 11 hours, waking to feed twice through the night. I'm close to letting him cry it out at bedtime because it takes about 45 minutes of shushing and putting his dummy back in before he will reluctantly drift off. Hubby has to put him to bed as by that time in a frazzled mess of a woman and I can't bear to listen to the screaming :( I've got squishy earplugs that stay in most of the day just to take the edge off the screaming!

    It just helps to hear others stories that have been through this and lived to tell the tale! It definitely just helps to vent sometimes. He's is currently screeching at his daddy...thank God he's home now!

  • you know, i would really push and try and get him in to a routine - i know totally easier said than done, but routines really do help. So structure his day, make sure he's up at the same time, nap time, feed, play, feed, nap and a good night time routine too. 

    Also, with the weaning, have you thought about trying baby led? Might make eating more fun for him if he can do it himself and chew on a piece of toast rather than spoon feeding (and don't worry if he doesn't 'get' food for a while - it can take some babies a while)

    If you need to him let cry it out, sometimes you just got to shut that door and step away, for your own sanity - i know that one! 

    I remember being on a countdown to my husband coming home so i could hand the baby over and literally breathe. these babies can be so bloody draining! 

  • I have same issue. I've tried 2 differenr types of milk. Gripe water. Infocol. Ovol. I am going to see if maybe he is lactose intolerant. Or soy. It's so hard. Hearing him cry. This is my 7th child and I've never experienced this. 

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