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Help - baby is so unsettled

I have had 7 kids. Most recent in May. I've never had a problem with gassy n unsettled baby. I've tried nutrimagen. Alimentum. Still fussy. I've tried gripe water. Ovol. Nothing seems to settle him. I want to try lactose free or soy. Any ideas? 


  • I can’t be of much help but this is my first and exactly the same as you describe. Really gassy, screams and never settles. Even when he does sleep it’s not a deep sleep he’s constantly groaning moving around waking up. I’m exhausted and just don’t know what to do. 

  • Hi congrats on your baby. Sorry you are having a tough time. I know how it feels .How old is Baby now?

    i would be able to help once I have all the details but please try not to change milk too frequently can make it worse 

    does Baby have a rash or Reflux? Is baby passing stools ok? How is baby’s weight? Have you seen someone about this 

  • Agree with poster above, but also it could just be colic, which is hell while living it. 

    More questions: do you use Infacol? 
    Are you swaddling at bed time? I'd recommend this. 
    Have you tried some white noise? 

    Matilda, i remember no one ever told me about the baby grunts and puppy sounds they made - it does stop, but not for a few weeks. 

    Things will settle down... hang in there. I had a colicky baby and is was hell, so i know how you're feeling x

  • No rash. He has A BM least one a day. Not diarrhea. I've tried infocol. I swaddle him. I didn't get him to Dr to see if it's reflux as she is now overseas on her vacation. He moves alot n never a deep sleep. 

  • Im having the same with my month old he is having wet nappies and he is very unsettled and he is constantly sick after every feed 

  • Awe. It's not fun with baby cryinh and unsettled. I asked a nurse and o switched to lactose free formula so if it works I'll Def let you know. Day 2. And he slept 6 whole hours still lil gassy but improving. 

  • @Sdc1982 good to know lactose-free milk helps. It seems to fit with colic and trapped wind. This is why colief works in some babies. It helps with the breakdown of lactose and releases trapped wind.

    If after 2-3 weeks things change let me know as it is not common for babies to be lactose intolerant they tend to be intolerant to cows milk protein. 

  • I wanted to let anyone know. I switched his formula to sensitive to lactose walmart brand. My goodness what a difference. His tummy I'd mucg more settled. Not as cranky. I went to see dr and they had prescribed him zanatac. I don't think I need to give. Wow. Maybe worth a try to find a sensitive to lactose free formula. 

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