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Getting my 6 month old baby ready for babysitting

Hi, my daughter is almost 6 months old and there are a few special events on the horizon where I would like to be able to leave her with a family member for the day and then overnight. Whilst she knows these people, we are still at a stage where when she sees them, she cries and is unsure at first and I’m pretty worried that it just wouldn’t work and is unrealistic. Does anyone have any similar experiences or any tips as to how to prepare? I have just over a month until the first one and the second isn’t until November. 


  • I’m  when it comes to it you’re little one will be fine, I think babies arw worse when parents are around. My son is 2.5 and still like to play up walking into grandparents house.

    But you could when visiting the family members take a back seat, enjoy a cup of tea and let the family member take over for a little bit. Changing nappies, bottles, playing etc or let them go out for a little walk with them? it might  put your mind at rest knowing they can do things as well as baby settling. Xx

  • Is there anyway you could ease your little one in to it - maybe they could do an hour or 2 while you pop to the shop/get your nails done/sit in the car and wait lol! It might help to ease the anxiety of leaving bubs, and get everyone used to leaving and coming back xx

  • Drop the baby! I knocked back offers of help when I had one and now I've got 2 noone offers.

  • I definitely think that if you're in sight things will seem worse. When you are actually away baby will be fine. I'd just gradually increase the time you leave them. You'll be so reassured when you realise that they're absolutely fine if you are nowhere near. When I was preparing to go back to work I just very gradually increased the time my little one spent alone with his grandparents, and by the time I had to be away from him all day he wasn't bothered! Though I do get the most amazing smile and cuddle when I get home! Also, remember that you're entitled to a break and it'll do you and baby good. Try to enjoy yourself and don't feel guilty. You can have lots of cuddles when you get home. Good luck! X

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