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This is a new thread for the lovely folks from our Due in July 2018 Birth Club who have given birth to an equally lovely baby (we know there's are quite a few of you due, please don't be shy, come on over here!) – and we reckon you deserve a shiny new thread to chat on.

If you've not been part of the Due in July 2018 Birth Club so far but have a baby born around July 2018, do please feel free to post and join in.

Come and tell us about you and your baby - the more, the merrier!



  • Áine is two weeks old tomorrow & I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone! My husband goes back to work tomorrow so we’re flying solo but we’re not planning too much this week so can ease in slowly.

    We registered her today which was lovely so the only post birth task now is to register at the doctors. She’s still 2oz under her birth weight so we have an extra midwife appointment on Friday. 

    How is everyone doing?

  • MrsE wow can’t believe she is two weeks old already! How do you pronounce her beautiful name? Hopefully she catches up with her birth weight soon, is she breast or bottle fed? 

    Harry is 5 days old today can’t believe He’s here let alone 5 days old, hes like a little boss baby 💙 


  • It’s an Irish name and it’s pronounced like this: 

    I can’t believe she’s been with us for two weeks. I love being her mummy. She’s bottle fed - when my milk came in I was painfully engorged so made the decision to switch as she lost 10% of her birth weight. She’s 1oz under now so nearly there! She’s a little dot x


  • She is absolutely beautiful! Love her name 💗 I’m having the same problem, I woke up Sunday morning with flatish nipples and think it’s because of how much milk was there, so gave him bottles and have been since trying to draw them out and he’s now not interested at all and I’m absolute gutted ☹️ 

  • Keep trying and you’ll get there!

  • my little chap has tongue tie and wont latch on to me properly, he gets on and goes for it but it was painful for me and he wasnt getting enough, was worried about him not getting enough so got him on bottles & he was great. I’ve been expressing and giving him my goods in the bottle. I havent done it for every feed, he’s probably having 1 serving of mummys goods a day and others bottles, going to carry on for another week and see how we both get on. I need to find a routine that works to sit and actually do it.

    is anyone missing being pregnant?? After the last few weeks of being too hot and large etc i didnt think i would miss it. Strange feeling.

    absolutely loving my little man, daily tears from mummy when he stares into my eyes because i cant believe how lucky i am. He’s just amazing.

    to think this time last week i was hours away from his arrival.

    He sleeps like a dream overnight too, dont know how long that will last but im thankful for now

    he’s been into contact with 2 kids who apparently now have chicken pox so ive got to go for some tests now to see if i carried immunity for him.

    i am officially the happiest, most emotional & in love i’ve ever been before!

    hope everyone is doing well 😁

  • imageimageimage

    took Mummy & Daddy 1 week & 2hrs to give me a name....they called me Benjamin Claude Parr (Benji, Benny or Ben for short & enough variations for mummy to insert my name easily into songs 😁)

    happy 1 week old to me, yes i am a cutie, if i wasnt sure mummy & daddy remind me every 5 minutes 😘

    love to all the other boys & girls (and mummys of course!)

  • Joner Benjamin is gorgeous!! Love his name how much did he weigh? I also miss being pregnant, but not at the same time 😂 

    Harry is 12 days old today! He’s fitted into our family just perfectly! I’m struggling to remember a time when he wasnt here! I always said I only Wanted to 2 but I already want another one 😂 

    how is everyone else doing? 

  • Joner, we love that took you your time naming Ben - it suits him perfectly. We must ask, what have you been calling him the past week and a bit? And have you been trying lots of names out on him? 

    Mummytolilyandharry - are you missing your bump, or really fancy a go for a number 3??? 

  • Danielle a bit of both I think! Oh has said a definite no to another one though 😭 


  • OMG look at that sleeping baby boy - he makes my uterus hurt! My husband also said NO to a third and honestly, not sure i'll ever get over not having another one - but he was probably being very sensible. But it didn't/doesn't stop my body aching for one, esp seeing these pics 😌

  • Awww Danielle ☹️ It’s so sad isn’t it ☹️ That’s the thing I know my oh is being very sensible and thinking financially itd be tight with 3 but I reckon I could live on just water maybe an occasional slice of bread if it meant I could have another one 😂 he’s just so beautiful isn’t he 😍 

  • Mummytolilyandharry - he weighed 8lbs exactly, easy to remember, 8lbs @ 6pm.

    your two look adorable together, how is big sis taking to her new role?

    Danielle - since the 20 week scan he’s been called ‘the boy’ never the baby, always ‘the boy’ and thats how he’s been addressed for the last week, i didnt mind not rushing for the first day or so but it got to the point i felt genuinly upset for him not having a name. We had names picked out but none of them suited him. (I cried when it got to 6pm on Monday and he was a week old and nameless!)


    He melts me every time i look at him 😍

    we went to a classical thing at the royal albert hall in May and he was booting me something  rotten, i was sore after. Played him some of the songs earlier and he lay listening to them for a good hour in the most content relaxation ive ever seen. goT a playlist ready next to his changing mat for future 😁

  • The many changing faces of a newborn 😂

    (the angle is weird he doesnt have hulk arm!)

    how is everyone getting on with their treasures? 



  • Joner a lovely weight! We had Harry weighed yesterday and he’s now 8lb 7! That’s a gain of 1lb 1oz since birth, he’s 2 weeks old today 💙 loving the hulk arm haha, bless him he’s adorable! 

  • slash, how are you doing today? 

  • Hi Danielle. I’m okay if not feeling a bit tired. Baby kept me up last night, was having lots of strong movements but still no sign of labour. Hoping to avoid induction on Sunday - fingers crossed x

  • Fingers crossed for you slash. How are everyone doing with visitors? Have you been having loads or has it eased off? 

  • image

    Hey, how’s everybody keeping their little ones cool in this bloomin heat? 

  • Hey guys 

    I was in the due in August club but my baby girl decided to make an appearance 4 weeks and a day early so was born on the 24th of July hope use don’t mind me joining This thread.

    this is Eloise and she is 1 week and 2 days old now and for been premature is doing great we got signed off from the midwife today and have our health visitor on Monday.


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