Rainbow Babies 🌈👶



  • Aw Evelyns mummy that's great congratulations! You get all the worry but you get all the excitement all over again! Hope everything works out for you x

    I'm actually feeling a bit insane and missing being pregnant. Definitely planning another. 
  • Just found the forum again!!

    Happy Birthday hallie - look forward to some birthday pics!! 

    Evelyn’s Mum, super jealous, we are still ttc and not doing very well 😢 but massive congrats to you ❤️❤️ 

    Jdoo welcome!! Congratulations on your rainbow baby, how are you finding motherhood? 

    6 days until amelie’s birthday, celebrating this weekend and then off to Euro Disney for her actual birthday. 
    she is also not walking yet, crawling, sofa surfing and racing around holding 2 hands, she is on 75th for length and 25th for weight (well last time I took her about 2 months ago) 

  • Thank you Jdoo, Ive definitely missed my bump. Hope all goes well so I can get it back. 

    Happy 1st Birthday to Amelie when it comes Mrs Fish! Sounds like she's going to be tall and slim! Disney sounds amazing, I was actually looking at deals for next spring but don't think that will be happening now. I'm also sure you'll get another BFP this year, we were planning to wait until September to try 🙄. 

    So the issue I have now is that I'm still on Mat Leave until 20th May, I was going to take extra but. My qualifying weeks look like they start 26th May so I really need to be back if I want paid. How do you think they'll react when they find out I'm pregnant again? I'm nervous about it. Also - how long after I go back should I tell them? I'll be 12 weeks the Friday before I go back 😂
  • Wow Evelyn’s mummy that’s amazing and soooo quick congratulations
    i cannot believe that babies are turning 1 that is absalutly mad like it is the quickest year ever I remember you all getting your bfp’s like It was yesterday 

    I’m still ttc and hoping for a rainbow as soon as possible, I have good days and bad days of coping luckily more good than bad but it’s getting frustrating especially as my cycles never want to stay the same for more than a few cycles but seem to have settled to a 31/32 days at the minute so that’s looking hopeful if nothing else 

    please keep updating I’ve always felt very invested in all of you nevertheless met any of you but genuinely don’t think I could have gotten through the past 2 years without you original girls ❤️❤️❤️
  • Thanks MrsRees. I really hope. You aren't far behind with your BFP. I can't believe they aren't helping you more with this - it's really not good for your mental health all the stress is it! 
  • Thanks MrsRees. I really hope. You aren't far behind with your BFP. I can't believe they aren't helping you more with this - it's really not good for your mental health all the stress is it! 
    Nope it’s not good it all comes down to money in the end I’ve gotta wait till it’s been a year since I last mc so gotta wait till July they won’t count the nearly 3 years I’ve been trying 😕 
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  • Congratulations Evelyn's mummy!
    Mrs Rees I have every faith that your time will come soon.
    So Hallie turned 1 today! Crazy stuff! Here's some photos from this morning. We've had a lovely day at Chester Zoo and now are heading home to go out for tea xx

  • Lisil she is just the cutest 😍. Love the last photo of her at all the different ages, I never thought to do it which is a shame as we have the baby frame with the months. 

    How does she like her rocking horse? We got a unicorn one for Evies Christmas but she's only interested in chewing the horn right now 😂. 
  • Thank you! I agree of course but I am biased Haha!
    She loves it! Mike's nan got her a unicorn for Christmas too but she wasnt really interested. This one is a lot smaller and lower though. It's from mamas and papas. It's definitely more baby friendly than the other one which seems huge against this! It's gone in the loft until she's outgrown this one!
  • Was it the celeste and fae pink one? We got the 9m+ one but she's so tall she can go on it already 😂. 

    We weren't going to get a lot for her 1st birthday (bad mummy) as we're meant to be in the US for it again but that's assuming I'll be allowed to fly! If we can I'm getting her a trunki 😂 my mums already got her a little tikes car up the loft but it's a princess carriage. Way too organised 😂! 

    Just put madam down to sleep and I'm going to nap. I forgot the tiredness 😂
  • Ah happy birthday hallie 😍😍😍 love the photos, she is just too cute xx

    Evelyns Mummy how far along are you? 

    Amelie had her cake smash yesterday and party today, still a couple more days until the main event 😂

  • Urgh, havin massive issues using the site since the upgrade, it won’t let me upload hardly any of the pics I wanted to 😡 
  • MrsFish I'm only about 5 weeks, so sickness hasn't kicked in yet!

    I love the Peter Rabbit cake! I'm obsessed with anything with him on, so cute. 

    Also how big is Amelie getting, and so blonde! 
  • Wow massive congrats evelyns Mummy! How lovely they’ll be so close growing up! How are you feeling? 

    Happy birthday Hallie! I hope she had a lovely day! I can’t believe she’s 1! Gone so quickly! 

    Mrs fish love the peter rabbit cake! Did Amelie have a good time at her birthday party? 

    Harrys 8 months now 😭 can’t believe how quickly it’s gone (I’ll say that every month up until he’s 18th birthday I think) 😂 he’s a bit poorly atm has a nasty cough which makes him sick ☹️ 

    Won’t let me upload any pictures

    Hope everyones well xx
  • Evelyn's mummy I'm not sure which it is but I'd say it's more for a 2-3 year old 😂 a trunki sounds like a fab idea. We might get Hallie one with some of her birthday money. We go back to Florida in August!

    Mummytolilyandharry I hope harry feels better soon. Poor boy 😔

    Mrs fish I love Amelies cake 😍 hope you had a lovely day. The pictures look fab.

    We also had a cake smash last week and her party yesterday. Here are a few pictures:

    Just a note on pictures - if you email the ones you want to yourself and resize them to small in the email and then save them from the email you can then upload them - long winded but it works. 
  • Lisil those photos are amazing! Did she have a lovely day? I remember lilys first birthday party she was so overwhelmed and was a bit grumpy 😂 thanks for the tip!

    lily on world book day as Matilda 😍

    Lily finding it funny that Harry’s trying to roll onto her 😂
    harry in his Thomas the tank pyjamas 😍

  • Awwww look how big all these babies are getting 😍😍 I cant believe they are all hitting 1 

    what lovekys photos looks like great fun those cake smashes

    im in fertile days atm and we going away for the night on Thursday when I’m hoping I’m ovulating so 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  • Hi ladies i am new to this chat. My rainbow baby is 7 and a half months. She's lactose intolerant plus carnt tolerate any fruit but is a healthy happy little one
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