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  • MummytoL+H both of yours are getting so grown up aren't they! Lily looks like a proper little lady and excellent choice of costume. So far no sickness yet but last time it didn't kick in for another few days. I just have major insomnia.

    Lisil she's mummy's double! Where did you get her wee dress it's a beaut 😍. I'm waiting for Una the Unicorn to come back into stock and I'm going to order it, so cute and girly.

    Roberts77 the wee ones allergies must make weaning a little more difficult as you'll have to be so careful, but as long as she's healthy and happy that's what's important.

    Evelyn is at the health visitor again tomorrow as they were worried she had lost weight (we didn't see a HV from 6 weeks until a fortnight ago). She was 17lb1 then which is above average but she's very long and lean - she's always ravenous so people must think I don't feed her!

  • Evelyn is beautiful 😍
    And do you think? You've made my day! Everyone thinks she looks like Daddy! 
    Her dress was from next online. It was £20 which I don't think is too bad considering some people get things like Ted Baker dresses for 1st birthdays which are a lot more. I do love it though! It's super cute and girly 😍 lots of people bought her less girly stuff for her birthday so I must dress her in pink too much 😂
    How far along do you think you are now?
    Hi Roberts77, that just be so hard but I'm sure it'll all become second nature soon. My sister has a wheat/gluten allergy so I know what it's like to have to check labels etc.
  • Mummytolily and harry I didn't see your pictures as it had gone into another page! Just looked back and they are both adorable 😍😍 you must be so proud!
  • Lisil she's defo like you! I got a couple of beautiful dresses from Next for our local festivals in June. Ones blue and ones green. How did she like the cake smash? 

    I was told the other day by my grans friend she was dressed wrong because her dress was navy with pink not plain pink or white. Had to bite my tongue so hard 😂.

    I think I'm 5 weeks. Last time I threw up from 5+3 and I just assumed it would be quicker this time. I'm actually so excited but terrified of something going wrong again. My date to go back to work is about 4 days before the cut off for getting full mat pay again so making it by the skin of my teeth there - good planning (except there was nothing planned).
  • There's a collared navy dress in next that I really like so I might have to get her that one too. Might wait to see if it goes in then sale but it's really  nice so that might not be the best idea as it might sell out before I get it!
    She loved the cake smash. The photographer commented how the babies dont tend to really be that interested or eat the cake. She demolished it 🙈😂 she was so shocked as she said it never happens Haha.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that everything is ok. And that's so lucky with the cut off isn't it! He.doee it work? I have no idea how long you have to have been back for before you ar eligible for mat pay again.
  • I think I'm entitled to it as long as I have a year's service which I do, but I need to be back by the qualifying week. I think it's the 8 weeks before I turn 25 weeks pregnant normally but there's an hmrc calculator that says mine is much earlier for whatever reason! It's to do with paydays. 

    It's a navy collared one I've got her. Might be the same one! I'll try and add a picture below of it! It's so cute on her

  • Yes that's the one! Gorgeous isn't it!
  • It's even prettier on. Hallie NEEDS it! We ordered a green version too but it was out of stock so waiting to see if they get more 😂
  • Lisl what photo app did you use for you collage? 

    Loving all the pics and welcome Roberts - my bubba was lactose intolerant for her firs. 8 months, luckily she out grew it, have you tried the lactose ladder? 

  • Its was this app (android phone)

    And then I added the text with this one

  • Thanks Lisl, I have an iPhone and couldn’t find that app, but never mind.....

  • I have some gorgeous Disney pics, but site won’t let me post them as they are too big 😡
    I haven’t got time to email them to myself and resize, I think mfm need to look at their new unimproved pages, if you are unable to post photo’s taken from your phone 🤷‍♀️
  • @MrsFish I agree. I preferred the old format! 
  • DanielleMFMDanielleMFM admin
    edited Mar 29, 2019 9:04AM
    MrsFish said:
    I have some gorgeous Disney pics, but site won’t let me post them as they are too big 😡
    I haven’t got time to email them to myself and resize, I think mfm need to look at their new unimproved pages, if you are unable to post photo’s taken from your phone 🤷‍♀️
    Hi MrsFish - we're so sorry about the picture size issue, we totally get it's really annoying, but in the meantime we do have a way of compressing the images which you can read a little guide for here. HOWEVER, we will have this sorted in April, where you'll be able to post pics as you used to on the old site - we're having a bit of software added on to sort this out, they're just busy making it. 

    Also, while we're here, we have a question, on behalf of Shared Parental Leave where they’d like to know about the kind of childcare the dads do in your home (if there isn’t a dad around, you can totally say that too). There’s a £200 Amazon voucher up for grabs, so might be worth a shot! To enter, head to this thread.
  • Evelyn’smummy how are you getting on? Any sickness yet? 
  • MrsFish I called the GP last week for antisickness. The first kind worked for 2 days. I got stronger ones which are better but still throwing up a bit - nothing as bad as it could be. I'm hoping it stays that way.

    Evelyn is trying so hard to crawl, I forget how big she's getting, she's just a little wobbly still with it. How is Amelie? 
  • Oh wow, clever Evelyn, how old is she now? I hope the sickness doesn’t last too lon for you 🤞  Everybody said that when they start crawling you are running around like a headless chicken , but Amelie has been on the move for 4 months and doesn’t go very far at all! She has certain places she like to go like the utility area to watch the washer/dryer or into the dressin room to pull all the clothes out 😂

    Amelie is still struggling at Nursery, she has 1 staff memeber she loves as she really loves playing with hair (ouch 😩) but when that person leaves she just cries until we pick her up.  
    She is loving bike rides tho xx
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  • Hey everyone! How are you all? Everyone have a good Easter? 

    @EvelynsMummy6390 how’s your pregnancy going? 

    Harrys still not crawling! He’s 9 months now but he is starting to try, I don’t mind him staying a baby for a bit longer though 😍 we took them both to the farm in the Easter break they both loved it although the photos say otherwise haha! I’m back at work now but only working Thursdays, oh has Thursdays off so don’t need to think about child care thank god! Hope everyone & babies are well! 

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