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  • MummytoL+H they're both so grown up looking 😍. It looks like you had amazing weather for Easter too. It's so nice to get them out in it. I took Evie to the local ice cream shop which is attached to a dairy farm but she didn't seem impressed with the cows 😂. She's trying her hardest to crawl and can get up on to all 4s but that's about it. Her daddy walked at 9 months but I'm hoping to get a little bit longer 😂! How did you cope with back to work? I have 3 weeks to go...

    I'm 9+3 today and not classed as high risk this time as I'd managed to shift a little bit of weight. However they still want me to go for extra scans later on because Evie was so big. At my booking appointment she pretty much said to expect a baby over 10lbs this time 🙄. Sickness is awful again too but being managed better with medicine which is just as well. I think ill be stopping at 2!

    How is everyone else getting on? 
  • Oh here's my big girl 😍
  • Harry and Evie are just gorgeous. I honestly can’t believe how fast the time is going- I remember when they were just born and it only seems like last month!!

    @EvelynsMummy6390 my first baby was 7lb- 2 weeks late but my 2nd baby was nearly 10lb- 2 weeks late- I think I’m in for a crumper- haha!! They said they’ll induce me 2 weeks early this time so compared to my other babies, I’ll do 4 weeks less!!! I think that’s maybe to make sure it’s not too big!xx
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 they have both gotten so big! Lilys grown so much since starting school in September! It’s crazy! & Harry’s just a chunky monkey haha! How are you getting on with weaning now what does she eat in a day? Glad you’re not classed as high risk! Do you know when your first scan is yet? Well that’s not always true, Harry weighed less than lily did not by much but Lily was 7lb10.5 and Harry was 7lb 6 they were both 8 Days Late! 
    Evelyn looks so grown up! It’s going so quickly isn’t it 😭

    @EmJ3 it’s going so quickly emj 😭 how many weeks are you now? 

    Harrys christening is 2 weeks today so excited for it xD
  • @EmJ3 I hope theyll consider taking me early too. My nephew was 10lbs on his due date which is giving me the fear a little. I don't think I could do anything bigger than that. Hope your pregnancy is going well. I'm half following the other thread but I think it's only you on it that I know now!

    @Mummytolilyandharry I'm still waiting on my scan letter. Knowing my luck it will come in for the first day I'm due back at work though.
    Weaning is going really well. Our health visitor said she could have pretty much anything from 6 months and she's not a fussy eater at all (well, no avocado). Yesterday she had some fruit muesli, then had some of my rice crispies. A yoghurt and banana and some bites of my ham roll for lunch. Then she munched in some apple slices and a bit of cheese and at dinner she had campfire stew with rice and green beans, followed by a chunk of melon. She's a proper wee gannet but has dropped to 3 bottles so we were told to make sure she's getting some dairy too. I'm not sure how she stays skinny, other than she doesn't really get sweet stuff. How's Harry's eating coming along? I know you were nervous after what happened with Lily. 
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  • Hey ladies, how is everyone doing? Evies now crawling and cruising. She's 8 and a half months and I'm 13w3d with no2! Time moves so quickly now.

    Can I ask when you guys went back to work did you get a silly number of holidays? I went back on Monday and apparently have 10 weeks to take before I go back off in November!

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