Rainbow Babies 🌈👶



  • MummytoL+H they're both so grown up looking 😍. It looks like you had amazing weather for Easter too. It's so nice to get them out in it. I took Evie to the local ice cream shop which is attached to a dairy farm but she didn't seem impressed with the cows 😂. She's trying her hardest to crawl and can get up on to all 4s but that's about it. Her daddy walked at 9 months but I'm hoping to get a little bit longer 😂! How did you cope with back to work? I have 3 weeks to go...

    I'm 9+3 today and not classed as high risk this time as I'd managed to shift a little bit of weight. However they still want me to go for extra scans later on because Evie was so big. At my booking appointment she pretty much said to expect a baby over 10lbs this time 🙄. Sickness is awful again too but being managed better with medicine which is just as well. I think ill be stopping at 2!

    How is everyone else getting on? 
  • Oh here's my big girl 😍
  • Harry and Evie are just gorgeous. I honestly can’t believe how fast the time is going- I remember when they were just born and it only seems like last month!!

    @EvelynsMummy6390 my first baby was 7lb- 2 weeks late but my 2nd baby was nearly 10lb- 2 weeks late- I think I’m in for a crumper- haha!! They said they’ll induce me 2 weeks early this time so compared to my other babies, I’ll do 4 weeks less!!! I think that’s maybe to make sure it’s not too big!xx
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 they have both gotten so big! Lilys grown so much since starting school in September! It’s crazy! & Harry’s just a chunky monkey haha! How are you getting on with weaning now what does she eat in a day? Glad you’re not classed as high risk! Do you know when your first scan is yet? Well that’s not always true, Harry weighed less than lily did not by much but Lily was 7lb10.5 and Harry was 7lb 6 they were both 8 Days Late! 
    Evelyn looks so grown up! It’s going so quickly isn’t it 😭

    @EmJ3 it’s going so quickly emj 😭 how many weeks are you now? 

    Harrys christening is 2 weeks today so excited for it xD
  • @EmJ3 I hope theyll consider taking me early too. My nephew was 10lbs on his due date which is giving me the fear a little. I don't think I could do anything bigger than that. Hope your pregnancy is going well. I'm half following the other thread but I think it's only you on it that I know now!

    @Mummytolilyandharry I'm still waiting on my scan letter. Knowing my luck it will come in for the first day I'm due back at work though.
    Weaning is going really well. Our health visitor said she could have pretty much anything from 6 months and she's not a fussy eater at all (well, no avocado). Yesterday she had some fruit muesli, then had some of my rice crispies. A yoghurt and banana and some bites of my ham roll for lunch. Then she munched in some apple slices and a bit of cheese and at dinner she had campfire stew with rice and green beans, followed by a chunk of melon. She's a proper wee gannet but has dropped to 3 bottles so we were told to make sure she's getting some dairy too. I'm not sure how she stays skinny, other than she doesn't really get sweet stuff. How's Harry's eating coming along? I know you were nervous after what happened with Lily. 
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  • Hey ladies, how is everyone doing? Evies now crawling and cruising. She's 8 and a half months and I'm 13w3d with no2! Time moves so quickly now.

    Can I ask when you guys went back to work did you get a silly number of holidays? I went back on Monday and apparently have 10 weeks to take before I go back off in November!

  • Hello ladies!
    Wow look at all these babies turning 1, I recognize a few names here!
    I was in the pregnant after a miscarriage forum and had lost one at 5 weeks and then another missed at 13 weeks and disappeared for a while so why am I back all of a sudden?!
    Well after deciding we were going to take a break from 'trying' and refocus on us and our daughter (Sienna), we got surprised by another pregnancy and April 1st (of all the dates) this year we welcomed our second little girl, rainbow baby, Mila!
    I've been meaning to come back on and update everyone and see how people are doing but I don't know where the time goes!

    Would love to hear about the babies and how everyone is getting on! 😊
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 wow that’s amazing!! How many weeks are you now? Do you know what you’re having? So exciting! 

    @MrsJessB I am so so so happy for you! That’s amazing news!! Massive congratulations!! How is sienna taken to being a big sister? I had baby harry in July last year... 3 weeks today is his first birthday 😭 he’s absolutely amazing, here’s a recent picture of him 💙 

    @MrsRees how are you doing? Any luck? Xx

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    and some pictures from his christening last month! 
  • @Mummytolilyandharry it's good to hear from you! Look how big your babies are getting! Absolutely love Harry's cake!

    I'm 19 weeks on Monday so it's flying in this time - we aren't finding out again but my gut is telling me I'm team blue this time, the pregnancy sickness has been quite a bit milder!

    Harry must be turning 1 very soon? Evie will be 10 months next week and is raring to go, although not quite walking!

    @MrsJessB congrats on rainbow baby number 2!

    Heres an up to date picture of the wee one taken today at a local children's festival!

  • Wow I can’t believe how big these babies have gotten it’s amazing 😍
    @MrsJessB that’s fantastic news I often think about how your getting on
    @Mummytolilyandharry how is Harry 1 in 3 weeks it’s amazing I follow you on insta so have been seeing all the pictures but hearing he’s nearly one is mind blowing 

    @EvelynsMummy6390 Evelyn is so cute and I bet you can’t wait for these next weeks to hurry up to have the next baby in your arms too 

    as for me thanks for asking mummytolillyandharry 
    im still trying and getting nowhere it’s been a year since I got pregnant the second time and a year since my miscarriage number 2 next week so will probably be feeling a bit down over next week or so

    i finally got to see a consultant who organised blood tests for day 21 and day 3 and just had an ultrasound internal and external to check my womb and overies and stuff, they couldn’t see a major problem really so obvious signs of pcos or anything like that so have to wait 5 months now to see consultant again and have gotta organise oh a sperm test too and see how that goes 

    really glad to hear from you all 🥰 xxx
  • These babies are seriously gorgeous!!!! I cannot believe how much they’ve grown!
    @Mummytolilyandharry, harry’s Cake is amazing! 

    @MrsRees, nice to hear from you, I’m glad things are moving in the right direction regarding consultant, although it probably feels a bit slow. Fingers crossed it speeds up!

    @EvelynsMummy6390, 19 weeks has gone quick. Your baby will be here before you know it! Very exciting!

    @MrsJessB congratulations on your addition! That’s lovely news.

    I’m nearly 33 weeks now and waiting not so patiently for my rainbow. Got another growth scan tomorrow so will see how she’s measuring. She was fine a few weeks ago but I feel huge now. She’s still baby no name though!!!
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 I know they’ve gotten so big 😭 Harry’s one in just over 2 weeks and Lily is 5 in just over 7 weeks 😭 gone far to quickly! Harry’s not long started crawling so I won’t be expecting walking for a while! He’s very clever and knows exactly what you’re saying and has said a couple of words but he’s a typical lazy boy 😜 wow 19 weeks already! That’s flying by! Evelyn looks beautiful!

    @MrsRees I’m glad they’re finally doing some checks to get to the root of the problem hopefully you fall soon, if you’re feeling sad you can always talk to us! 

    @EmJ3 woah!! 33 weeks! That’s gone so quickly although probably not for you! You’ll have to let us know how your growth scan goes today! What are your other children names? I’m sure when she’s born you’ll see her and think of a perfect name to suit her! 

    AFM me & harry are both poorly atm, I think I’ve got tonsilitis, not too sure about harry but he’s got a snotty nose and a cough, he is fine during the day still eating everything as normal but at night he’s screaming the place down! Luckily lilys a deep sleeper so he doesn’t wake her up! Will hopefully get a doctors appt for today but no doubt it’s viral! 
  • Mrsjessb congratulations on your rainbow baby!
    Can't believe how big all the babies are getting!!!

    As if Harry is nearly 1 @Mummytolilyandharry, where has the time gone? Hope you are both feeling bother soon.

    @MrsRees hopefully you get your answers soon and can then decide on a path forward.

    @EvelynsMummy6390 I hope everything is going well with your pregnancy.

    @EmJ3 good to hear everything is going well. Not long left now!

    AFM I've been back at work for 7 weeks now. I'm only doing 3 days a week and was very lucky to have nearly 14 months off thanks to holidays. I work wed-fri. I don't mind it other than the pay cut with going part time but even if I was full time I'd be both better off because we'd be paying for nursery so it is what it is. And I'd much rather spend time with Hallie than have a but more money!

    Here's a couple of recent pictures xx

  • @Mummytolilyandharry, hope you’re both feeling better really soon! Growth scan was fine- baby measuring normal. They’ve said they’ll induce me/c-section at 39 weeks now, not 38 unless things change at the next scan. I’m a bit disappointed!!!
    @xLisilx, Hallie is gorgeous and although money might be a bit tighter, you’ll never get the time back with her will you, so part time is great if you can!
  • @xLisilx I know it’s gone so fast! It’s so sad because we are definitely not having anymore 😭 Hallie is so beautiful! Is she walking now? I completely get money being tight! I’m only working one day a week now and last month I had to have a day off because harry was really poorly and they promised they’d pay me holiday and they never did so I only got paid for 3 days this month 😭 but I’m waiting for a letter on a job interview for cleaning a school, hours are 4am - 7am 5 days a week so kids won’t even know I’m gone! 

    @EmJ3 I’m so glad everything went well at the scan, I get your disappointed but just think the longer she’s in there the better ☺️ She’s gunna be absolutely perfect and worth the extra week wait xD 

    we went to the doctors and both have a sore throat & red ears but of course viral! Harry’s slept today from 8.20 - 11am then we both fell asleep on the sofa from 12-2 and he’s been asleep for about an hour now! So unlike him he normally only naps for 20 minutes! 

  • @EmJ3 glad all went well with the scan. I'd be gutted too but it's a good sign if they are happy to leave baby longer so remember that. Still not too long though.
    @Mummytolilyandharry hallie isnt walking yet. She can walk holding our hands but still isnt steady enough by herself. She's started standing for a short while by herself if we let go of her now though. She only started crawling just after turning 1 so her gross motor skills have always been a bit behind but since starting crawling she's come on leaps and bounds! Fingers crossed for the job in the school. Although early mornings it would be perfect with the kids! 
    And oh it's always viral isnt it! Hopefully all the sleep will do you both some good and you'll both start to feel better soon xx
  • Thanks everyone for the thoughts for me I’m so gutted I’m still not joining you all in the mummy club 
    the baby I end up having had better be an angel and the best behaved kid ever or I’m gunna be pissed 😂😂😂

    friday has has been a year since I started bleeding for 2nd mc do a bit sad (cried watching storks the other day) but I’m sure will be fine 

    Hope you and Harry feel better soon @Mummytolilyandharry there’s a similar bug going round here all my residents have it 

    @EmJ3 glad scan went well, It must be disappointing having to wait but all the better for baby girl growing 😊 hope you pick a name soon I’m dying to know what she’s gunna be 

    gosh @xLisilx Hallie is so big now and so beautiful 

    i feel eel like I have 2 kids right now mind my 17 year old niece and her 19 yr old bf have been living with us and they have given me someone to look after and mother a bit so that’s helping 
  • @xLisilx oh my god harrys exactly the same as her he only started crawling a couple of weeks ago! I can imagine he’ll take ages to walk too! But I don’t mind the longer I can keep him a baby the better 😜 thank you I really hope I get it, I’ll definitely have to start going to bed earlier if I do 😂 it’s perfect though gets me home just in time to wake lily up and get them both ready for the school run! Do you think you’ll have anymore? 

    Mrs Rees it’ll definitely happen! The best things are worth waiting for! now you’re getting help does it feel like a weights been lifted? How lovely that they’re staying with you takes your mind off of everything! 

    I dont ever remember lily getting ill so much in her first year but I think because she’s started school she’s picking everything up off of everyone and sharing it with harry ... sharings caring after all 😂
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