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  • @Mummytolilyandharry it's going to be so odd when she does get teeth. My nephew is 5 months and can see his teeth through his gums already - I keep joking that she needs to beat him but doubt she will. Not sure on walking because she's only just started assisted walking so we could be a while off! 

    I can't believe Harry's 1 so soon! Are you doing anything for it or just a nice family day? I've caved on my 'no parties for first birthdays' rule and arranged for our local baby class to run a session for her and her wee friends - it's going to be a teddy bears picnic theme 😍 it's 6 weeks on Sunday which is way too soon!

    Got my appointment through today to have baby's heart scanned properly on the 30th - the fact they're not worrying about it is helping keep me calm. 
  • @EmJ3 your baby shower looks lovely and such beautiful kids you have 😊

    @Mummytolilyandharry omg 2 days till he’s 1 time has really flown 

    I finally got some ewcm I hardly ever get any last time I had any was like 4+ months ago if not more than that so the fertility lube is coming out and some fun will be had 😂😂😂
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 cute gummy smiles are the best at least if she learns how to bite it won’t hurt haha 😂😂 glad your scan date has come through too another chance to see baba 
  • @MrsRees good luck and have fun! 
  • one year ago today I posted this picture announcing the birth of my beautiful baby boy and I’m pleased to tell you all he’s had the best 1st birthday ever 

    As you can see my living room is covered in toys and what you can’t see harry is covered in chocolate cake and I wouldn’t have it any other way feeling truly blessed 💙
  • Hey Everyone! 

    Just catching up on the hundreds of posts I've missed!

    Firstly! WOW! Evelyn'sMummy- Massive congratulations on your pregnancy. When are you due?

    Happy Birthday to all the babies! Can't believe they are all one now. It's gone so quick!! 

    Ailbhía has 7 teeth so I have now finally given up breastfeeding because it wasn't getting way to painful!! She is 11 months next week and I can't believe she will be turning one next month. I think I'll cry. 

    She has been crawling since 7 months but no sign of walking yet. 

    How is everyone doing?

    MrsRees- Hoping it is hope month. I have been thinking about you and sending you lots of positivity!

    Recent pic of my beauty..

  • Happy 1st birthday to Harry @Mummytolilyandharry. I remember this time last year, I was still feeling really down after losing Jacob but your babies gave me the hope that I’d be lucky enough to have a rainbow baby of my own! Only 3 weeks to go before she’s born now - 2 weeks early. 

    @MickeyS- gorgeous pic!!!!

  • Happy 1st birthday Harry! Hope he had the best day xx
  • Happy birthday Harry :)@Mummytolilyandharry I did put a post on Instagram under your picture I hope he had a lovely day 

    @MickeyS what a beautiful little girl you have she’s adorable and thank you for your wishes for me greatly received I’m really hoping 2020 will be the year I finally get my long awaited and very deserved baby
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  • I've not been getting notifications and I've missed so much!

    @Mummytolilyandharry I hope Harry had a fabulous birthday! Can't believe how tiny he was 😍

    @MickeyS look how beautiful Aibhlia is! All that hair! And 7 teeth! I can't believe she's only a week older than my gummy wonder 😂. It's mad the speed they can crawl isn't it. Second baby is due 25 November.

    @EmJ3 not long at all now!!! 
  • It feels like a long time coming but here’s my rainbow baby!!! 🌈🌈🌈Matilda was born on Friday 9th August by emergency section, weighing 8lb 2. She’s everything and more and we’re so in love with her!💖🥰💖
  • She's beautiful @EmJ3 and I love her name so happy for you xxxx
  • @EmJ3 awww emj she’s absolutely beautiful & love her name suits her perfectly! Massive congrats to you & your family! 

    How are you feeling after you section? Xx
  • So beautiful! Hope you're both doing ok xx
  • Thanks @MrsRees- I hope your rainbow comes along very soon.xxx
  • @EmJ3 she's beautiful 😍 and I love her name. Hope you're enjoying getting to know her ❤️
  • @EmJ3 she is an absolute dolly - just so gorgeous! 
  • @EmJ3 aww she has the cutest squidgey face!! 😍 Congratulations!
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