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  • Emj, sooo happy your Rainbow has arrived, huge congratulations to you.  I hope you are feeling ok after your section?? Totally love the name, she is a super cutie 😍😍😍😍
  • Thanks ladies- you all helped me to get through last year and now she’s here, it’s all been worth it. She’s just incredible. I can’t stop staring at
  • EmJ3 said:
    Thanks ladies- you all helped me to get through last year and now she’s here, it’s all been worth it. She’s just incredible. I can’t stop staring at
    Our Rainbows are so precious and loved.  They are truly a miracle that we will always treasure xxx
  • Hi Everyone, how are you all doing?

    My baby was 1 on 27th August, can’t quite believe it! When is Evelyn one? She was a week after Ailbhía right??
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  • @MickeyS she was 1 on 3rd September, I think they were bang on a week apart?

    How did Ailbhía get on? We managed to get a 1st birthday and 1st tooth the same day. Now she's got 3 and another 3 about to burst through 😂.

    We had a little party last Sunday with some baby friends which was nice. How are all the other babies getting on? (Although I don't really feel like I have a baby anymore). 12 weeks until number 2 arrives ❤️

  • Oh wow so she’s getting all her teeth all at once 😂 How is she coping? Ailbhía had a lovely day too but it was soooooo hot!!!!  This was her in mummy’s dress when she was a baby 😘
  • Awww they’re both so cute! @EvelynsMummy6390 can’t believe you only have 12 weeks to go- that’s very exciting!
    matilda is 4 weeks old tomorrow. Time is flying but I’m loving it!
  • Awwww they all look adorable and are getting so big! (Apart from Matilda she’s still teeny 🥰) 

    hope they both had amazing birthdays? 

    Lily was 5 on the 23rd August and I can’t believe I’m a mum of a 5 year old I don’t know where the time has gone? 

    Harrys doing really well, still not walking and not saying many words his favourite word to say is ‘look’ yesterday it was said whilst pointing to the ice cream man and this was the outcome 😂

    hope everyone’s well! 
  • @MickeyS she's doing OK with her teeth during the day, she's inconsolable at night and always ends up in beside me for a cuddle until she goes back over (I've been told many times I'm making a rod for my own back and I just don't care at this point 😂). 

    @EmJ3 look at all her hair 😍 she's just adorable. Can't wait until it's me again. Had my 28 week scan on Wednesday and this baby is weighing in slightly smaller so far. Pretty sure we saw a willy too 😂. Watch me be wrong!

    @Mummytolilyandharry Lily looks so grown up from the first pictures you posted of her. She really suits the colours in the dress too! Belated Happy 5th Birthday to her!

    Evies not walking either, unless it's pushing her pram. I'm not too concerned because I didn't walk until 15 months. They'll go when they're ready ❤️
  • @Mummytolilyandharry, they’re both just so cute. Can’t believe how quickly time flies though. Sounds to me like a Harry is saying the right words!!! 🍦!!!

    @EvelynsMummy6390  how big was Evie? I had growth scans for Matilda because my son was a crumper!! He was 9lbs 15 at 42 weeks and was induced. Matilda was 8lbs 2 but is still around that now 4 weeks on as she lost quite a lot of weight. Her chubby cheeks are back now!🥰🥰
    my eldest daughter was 7lb 8 at 42 weeks. This pregnancy was so different. 
    So you think it’s a boy then? Do you have any names?

    my 3

  • @EmJ3 Evie was 9lb7 at 41 weeks. At my 28 week growth scan with her she was 2lb15, this time baby is apparently 2lb8. Not that I'd put much on that as baby could pile it 9n over the next 11 weeks.

    Now at a year old she's just over 20lbs which I think is quite average? 
  • Ps how besotted do your oldest 2 look with their baby sister 😍 x
  • They’re so good with her @EvelynsMummy6390!!!! 

    yeah that sounds like a totally average weight for 20 months. The new baby sounds like an average weight too. Matilda was like that- slightly bigger towards the end but a nice weight. It’s so exciting for you. I’m just loving it- after waiting so long for her! Or at least it feels like it.xxxx
  • Hello everyone. We're putting together a project about Rainbow Babies, and we wanted to ask you if you might like to share your stories? If so, please do come and post them on this special Rainbow Babies thread - we would so appreciate your help. :blush: 🌈👶
  • Loving all the phots ladies 😍😍😍 it’s so lovely to see the journey and growing up of our rainbows 🌈 after so much turmoil getting them here. 
    Amelie was 18months yesterday! She is talking a bit and loves singing Row Row Row your boat. 

    I’m not sure what I have shared with this group, but we had another loss last month.  Very similar to the first time - missed miscarriage, I think we are going to stop trying now, as the losses are so heart breaking, and with getting older are more and more likely 😢

    I wish I could freeze time right now! Am’s is a lovely age, only just starting terrible 2’s and my big one is also being quite good at the mo.....
  • @MrsFish I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I hope Amelie has been a great help in you getting through those first few weeks.

    I can't believe how grown up she looks again since you last posted. She's going to be wee heartbreaker when she's older xx
  • How is everyone???

    @MrsFish how are you doing?

    @EvelynsMummy6390, how are you getting on? Not long to go now till the baby arrives! I’ve been reading the due in Nov thread so I know you’re ok!

    we are on holiday in Fuerteventura and the weather’s amazing. Matilda is fab and is 10 weeks old today. Her smile brightens me up every time!

  • @EmJ3 omg look at her 😍 I love the baby blue on wee girls and she looks bigger already!

    I have 5 weeks to go on Monday. I feel less involved in the birth club chat this time round but I pop in now and again. The last few days I've been getting my dizziness back like I had just after Evie was born and there' been a couple of occasions where there's been a pinprick drop of blood when I pee but I don't think it's worth worrying the midwife about?

    Hope everyone else is doing OK and all these little live wires are keeping them on their toes!

  • Awww look at Evie there!!! 
    Not sure about the tiny bit of blood. I think I would just mention it to the midwife. Could it be done if your mucus plug maybe!!! 5 weeks- gosh the baby will be here before you know it. I was 2 weeks late with maizie and Jackson but 2 weeks early with Matilda!!!xxx
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