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  • @EmJ3 I'm counting on not going early 😂 my dad's getting a knee replacement and I need him to recover a bit so they can take Evie while I'm in labour. I finish work on Tuesday to use up holidays so I'll start getting stuff ready then.

    We're taking Evie to get her first shoes on Wednesday. She's gone from falling over to practically sprinting around the house this week. The dog is terrified!

    How is Matilda coping with the warmer weather? I bet you're loving it! 
  • Awww first shoes is so cute!!! Are you having a surprise?

    Matilda’s doing fine with the weather really. I’ve just hired a fan for the room to keep her cooler... and me!!!

    fingers crossed you don’t go too early then!!!xxx
  • @EmJ3 Ive not found out. I was convinced its a boy but the consultabt said something about sisters generally being smaller when they found out this baby was on a lower centile. Who knows! 
  • MrsFish- Really sorry to hear of your loss. Hope things are ok and you are feeling better in yourself. 

    EvelynsMummy- Not long to go now! How are you feeling?

    We went to Clark’s to get Ailbhía’s first pair of shoes- so cute!! She is on the go now too! Although she walks on her tippy toes and a few people have made comments about it... not sure if I should check with health visitor about it? Unless anyone thinks it’s normal and has gone through this? Any advice welcome!

    Hope everyone else is well x
  • @MickeyS feeling great knowing I only have 5 hours to work, and 5 weeks today until baby is due to arrive!

    I'm not sure where we'll get shoes. There's a start rite shop within walking distance so might try there and see if we fancy anything - then onto Clarks if no success ❤️. What style did you go for? I want really girly t-bars but I'm not sure they're going to be practical for winter 😂. 

    I wouldn't worry about her walking on her tiptoes. Lots of babies do it and usually they'll correct it themselves - I've known a few. I hate how people feel the need to comment when they have no medical background and you haven't asked for their thoughts.

    Evies walk is more of a dinosaur stomp. I took her to baby ballet on Sunday for the last week of her trial. All of these pretty little ballerina babies in tutus and she was stomping about growling, covered in cuts and bruises because apparently stopping isn't a thing (nor is looking) and mud on her face from a poor decision to lick my car while I grabbed the changing bag 😂! Who wants to be like everyone else eh! 
  • @EmJ3 Matilda looks so cute 😍 hope you’re enjoying your holiday! 

    @EvelynsMummy6390 I can’t believe how quickly your pregnancy has gone although I’m sure it doesn’t feel like that for you 😂 any guesses on the gender? And any names picked out yet? 

    @MickeyS Lily always used to walk on her tip toes! & she now she’s absolutely incredible at ballet! (Also walks on flat feet now 😂)


    harry took his first steps unaided on Friday (1 day before he was 15 months) better late than never ay 😂 

  • @Mummytolilyandharry look at Lily ♥️. And clever boy Harry! That will be the peace well and truly shattered in your house too then? I dont think 15 months is that late for walking, I'm sure both my sister and I were older than that. It's scary that they're all more toddler than baby now too 😭.

    I was convinced we were having a boy (James Howard nn Jamie) until my 32 week scan when the consultant said baby is tracking much smaller then made an offhand comment about how 'sisters tend to be smaller though' and backtracked on herself immediately after. If it's a girl I think we've settled on Elodie Jane. I liked Elodie Violet a bit better but we really wanted a family name for the middle name. Honestly though, this pregnancy has felt so much easier than last time so far, I don't even feel like my bump is thay big! 
  • Hi all, my notifications emails never come through, so I always miss them! 

    I still haven’t had my first af since mc - spoke to EPU who said to give it another week last week - but still hasn’t arrive, it’s 8+ weeks now....... I am pretty sure I haven’t OV’d yet, and I had similar last November, even tho I was still breast feeding AF went awol for months, so I think this really does confirm that I have got very early menopause - I will go to go when I can get a bloomin appointment.

    its lovely hearing all your updates of how your babies are doing. 

    @MickeyS Amelie also walks on her tiptoes, she is flatter in shoes, but when around the house she is still on tiptoes.

    @[email protected] yay go Harry!! How is he doing a few days in? Is he off and running? 

    @[email protected] maybe get things checked out with the blood, it could always be a urine infection if it is pin prick amount when wee? That could push you into early labour at this stage......

    love to all xxx 
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  • @EvelynsMummy6390 how are you doing? Any signs of the baby?

    @MrsFish how are you? Did your AF arrive?

    @Mummytolilyandharry, how are you????

    how’s everyone else?

    matilda is 12 weeks now. She’s so good and I’m loving it! 


  • Its a hard
  • @MrsFish I don't seem to get all the notifications for this thread either! How are you feeling? Any luck with a GP appointment? I got them to run a full urine test and they said although there were traces of blood in it, there was no obvious cause so I've probably just irritated the cervix somehow (not dtd I'm too busy and sore for that nonsense but it's stopped since I finished up work!

    @EmJ3 I have 3 weeks to go on Monday. Baby finally turned out of its breech position this week and the pressure is unreal, I swear I can feel waters bulging already. The doctor laughed when I asked if this was another 9lb7 baby and said absolutely not, it should be under 8lbs but I'm skeptical! How beautiful is Matilda! 

    How was everyone's Halloween? Mrs Fish I'm sure it was Amelie had the amazing pumpkin pictures last year? Evies all partied out - and so am I 😂
  • @EvelynsMummy6390- 3 weeks to go- wow!!! Can’t wait to see pics of your little bubba! Evie looks so cute! She’s definitely been having fun!! Haha!!

  • Hi ladies, No AF, I have the tiniest tinge pink of spotting, but I am really worried I have Asherman’s syndrome, and that they have screwed up my womb.  Basically when they do D&C is the scrape too much it causes scarring, and in the worst cases as the scarring heals your bits all heal together and end up getting stuck together. 
    So nothing out, nothing in and everything too scarred for any future babies, oh and from investigation treatment on the nhs is not good.  
    I am dealing with it ok at the mo, I had the worst few days with spotting, I was in agony, it has subsided for the time being. 

    @EvelynsMummy6390 yes it was us last year with Am’s say in the pumpkin 😍🥰

    this year we went Pumpkin picking - we didn’t do much in way of parties or dress up as I was at work and Am’s was at nursery 

  • Hi girls I'm. So glad your all doing well the babies are so gorgeous I love seeing the updates on them all

    I haven't commented really cuz there's no updates from me at all I'm. Still trying and still having no luck
    I have consultant appoinemtnet in a month but what will happen with that I have no idea 

    If you could send me some baby dust I'd be very thankful haha 

    Love to all ❤️❤️
  • @MrsFish that’s blimming rubbish. Fingers crossed it’s not that and your body’s just taking it’s time getting back to normal.

    @MrsRees nice to hear from you, wish you had better news though. Although hopefully your appointment will go well and you’ll get some help with ttc. 

    Sending huge amounts of baby dust to you both.xxxxx
  • Hiya all! Man time goes so fast!
    Loving all the photos of the babies although I can never keep up with who's who and I'm rubbish with names anyway 🤣
    Hope everyone is doing well, Sienna started first school (that came around too fast!) and Mila is 7 months now and wants to eat everything! 
    Me and the hubby are finished making babies now, even though Mila's pregnancy went well we were both so stressed out the whole way through thinking it would end the same way as the others but our two girls are enough for us 😊
    Looking forward to Christmas now! 

    @MrsRees hope they can tell you something, sending you loads of positive thoughts 🤞

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  • @MrsFish he’s still not running around just yet but he’s attempting to walk more and more everyday and he does the biggest proudest smile everytime he does and I love it 😍 

    @EvelynsMummy6390 how are you doing? How long have you got left now? 

    @EmJ3 Matilda still looks so tiny she’s absolutely beautiful! Are you all looking forward to her first Christmas? 

    Loving everyones halloween pictures we didn’t t dress harry up this year well he had a pumpkin Sleepsuit! Lily was a Minnie Mouse witch and I was cruella deville 

    We had to take harry to the walk in centre on Friday night because he was struggling to breathe, turns out he had croup it was very scary, when we got there they did debate on calling an ambulance for him but after getting a second opinion they gave him some steroids to reduce the swelling in his airways and luckily they worked and he could breathe a lot easier he’s loads better today but still just has cold symptoms! 

    This picture was taken this morning, still not his happy smiley self but isn’t he just perfect 😭 

  • @xLisilx how are you & Hallie? 
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