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  • I’m just going with the flow at the minute, after not being allowed near me for so long hubby is pretty much obsessed at the minute and have been dtd as much as possible but I’m trying not to stress, will take note of my cycle length and all that when first af arrives but I’m not going to obsess and use opk’s and stuff just going to relax :) 

    hows lily enjoying being a big sister?? Xx

  • Hey everyone. I‘m new to the website but thought I’d introduce myself. I‘m currently 5 months pregnant with my little rainbow due in December. I have two angels in heaven who I miss everyday.

    Getting pregnant has been so hard and it took a very long 4 years to make it past the first trimester but I finally made it. Hopefully our little peanut makes it all the way to December. I hope to offer you all lots of support in your journeys. 

    I hope you’re all well and I’m excited to join the group 😊🌈🤞🏻

  • Mummytolilyandharry your breast feeding story sounds exactly like mine! Glad you're feeling happier now.

    Mrs fish it's just a family holiday. However, I do recall someone else of the ttc thread was trying to decide what to do because of a family wedding abroad so you've not completely made that bit up 😂

    Mrs Rees I think going with the flow is the best way. That's what I did. The most I did was track my periods using a calendar but other than that I just went with the flow. I think I would have been too stressed using tests etc.

    Kaaayls congrats on your rainbow. There's also a pregnancy after mc thread which we have all come from/are a part of if you want to chat to other ladies who are on right now. Looking forward to you sharing your news of your arrival in a  few months.

    Not much to report here. Hallie has been a bit restless these last few days so may need to up her bottles. She currently only has 4 6oz bottles a day and I do think she should probably be on more for her age and weight based on the guidelines but she's been ok until now. Will see how we get on but will probably be increasing an ounce I think soon.


  • Mrs Rees yeah that’s your best bet! don’t add more stress by using opks and remember last time you fell after relaxing! I have everything crossed for you that it’ll happen soon 🤞🏻🌈

    lisil yeah they are Very similar! I remember when you We’re struggling with Hallie when she was first born, it’s nice to know I’m not alone and others have bad the same struggles! as long as he’s happy I’m happy 💙 Hallie looks beautiful as always 💗 sounds as though she could do with an extra ounce! Worth a try anyway!

    kaaaayls you’d definitely Benefit from the pregnant after miscarriage thread the girls over there are lovely, we’ve recently come over here as we’ve all had our babies now 

    harry is 12 days old today 😭 where has the time gone! He’s got his hearing test & first health visitor appt tomorrow! I know there’s no problem with his hearing as he jumps at the slightest sound 😂 


  • That face is gorgeous 😍 

    Lisl sounds like an extra Oz is worth a try - how much does Hallie weigh now? 

    So we booked our holiday - so excited!! Going to Mauritius for 10 days in november - hopefully I will be a bit motivated to eat well and lose a bit of weight 😁

  • I had her weighed a just under 2 weeks ago and she was 13lb 12 then so I reckon over 14lb now!

    Your holiday sounds amazing! Bet you can't wait. Are all 4 of you going or just you, hubs and Millie? 

  • My son doesn’t want t come, he hates being away and travelling.  So we are going to have a few different people drop in and stay with him over the duration- he will be 17 and doesn’t need looking after per se, just making sure he doesn’t have a party 😂  we haven’t had any Issues with him since he got rid of the crazy girlfriend, so hopefully all will be ok - although I am starting to get a bit nervous as to wether I should have insisted he came 😬

    We have just had our last lot of injections. She fell asleep at 4pm and then woke at 10pm, went back down at 1am and back awake at least they are finally done for a while! 

  • Mrs fish how exciting hope you have a lovely time! I’m glad your sons better now he’s not with her! Are Millie’s next injections at 13 months now? I’m glad all of lilys will be at school now, her last ones (3 year 4 months) she kept asking me why I let that naughty lady hurt her it broke my heart ☹️

    lisil wow so hallies about a stone now! That’s crazy as she was so tiny at birth wasn’t she it amazes me how quickly they grow! 

    Harry was weighed on Wednesday and now weighs 8lb 7oz so he’s put on a pound and an ounce in 2 weeks! He’s gunna be a big boy 😂 we are literally getting no sleep atm as he doesn’t like being put down and wants feeding every Hour- 2 hours! 😭 hoping it’ll pass soon and that he’s just having another growth spurt! I start slimming world again this morning 😭 no more junk food for me! Hope everyone’s okay! 

  • My granddaughter was born today - 9lb4!!!  Millie is still in the 11’s and is 18 weeks - she looks huge!! 

    We had an unsettled night last night - slept from 3pm-10pm then up to 1am and then up again at 4am.  Had a bit of a temp this morning and has slept all afternoon again 😬

    wow, Harry is doing really well!! Amelie still feeds 2 hourly all day long! Luckily not over night!  It will defo pass, the first month or so are all about feeding and sleeping. It’s also sooooo hot that he is likely to be needing more to hydrate - is hubbie taking his turn so you get to sleep a bit? 

    The boy is doing super well, so proud of him 🤞it lasts!! We have lots of people who can keep an eye on him, won’t have any nights home alone xx 

  • Mrs fish massive congratulations that’s great news but my god what a big baby! What has she called her? I bet Millie will always be quite dinky! I bet it won’t be long and harry will weigh more! thats exactly what I thought because it’s so hot he needs a lot more to stay hydrated I’ve been told to not give him water at all I was told different with lily and to give her a few sips if she’s showing signs she’s thirsty! Yeah oh is helping out as much as he can luckily! but I’m a bit of a Harry hog 😂 so glad he’s doing well! 

  • Ah Mrs fish congrats on the granddaughter being born :) hope feelings re better now between you all as I know there was  lot of upset b4 Millie was born 

    I’m waiting for af to arrive now it’s been 28 days on sundy since bleeding started so hoping it won’t b long 

    if I where you mummy to l&h I’d be a harry hog too 

  • she still seems to be being difficult unfortunately - she has pretty much ignored us since baby was born (ok I get she has a lot on her plate right now) finally called my husband back and suggested meeting in a shopping centre!! To save us having to drive so far!! It’s like 10 mins closer to us, and of course if she is in a shopping centre she can go home and potentially not let us hold baby - such a horrible thing to say!! So we still haven’t got a time to go and see her, she knew hubbie was working tomorrow, but of course suggested tomorrow......

    Having has so many difficulties with my own family, I find this all super hard to deal with and it is starting to push me into a depression - once we have seen her and baby, done our duty I will just let her and hubbie get on with it! A couple of weeks ago she wouldn’t let us take the older one out, said she would come to us instead, cancelled that last minute and then the other son let it slip that they had all spent the day together!! She has not liked the few pics I have put on Instagram of Millie, but of course instantly likes anyone else’s pics. How one person can treat a baby with such spite, never mind her own sister is beyond me, I have let things go up until now as she was pregnant and I didn’t want to cause any distress to her - but even things like we were meant to pay for the little one to go to ballet as part of her Xmas pressie and kept saying and saying.  Recently she has arranged it independently and not even told us, her brother let it slip out - and all this because we had a baby, she was fine with us before that! 

    Sorry to rant so much about it, it’s just not something I talk about to anyone else, everyone just says it will be fine when the babies are here. They will grow up best of friends - She got married 1 year ago today and we all were getting on so well, we paid for her reception and had a fabulous time.  Then a week later O got my bfp. I think she is doing everything possible to minimise contact without cutting us off - which I think will happen eventually, especially if we have another one! hubbie isn’t the type to keep persisting and the other boy is moving to Oz in December.......

    Mrs Rees it will be nice for you to get the first one or two out the way if you don’t fall that is. So you can start getting back into a regular cycle!

    so I am meant to be in my most fertile zone, but of strips aren’t even showing a second line!!  It’s not unusual for me not to Ov, but can anyone remind me how you use the cheapie strips, just in case I am doing anything wrong......

    MummytoL&H how are you doing? How’s Harry and Lilly? 

  • Ah Mrs fish that sucks I can kind of understand that maybe she thought all the excitement would be on her having A baby and that having a sister being born just before her own baby is unusul but it happens more often nowadays ive even heared of aunties nd uncles younger than nieces nd nephews, she shouldnt be so selfish nd should understand your feelings about wanting a baby especially after everything you’ve been through and more so now she’s a mother herself

    of course you can rant to us we are all here to support each other 

    i cant wait to get af 1 out of the way 

    with the cheapt opk the line has to be as dark or darker than the original line but that’s all I know s well as don’t drink for 4 hours before and apparently they work better in afternoon 

  • Mrs Rees I hope af cones soon for you l just to get it out of the way hopefully you fall quite quickly I have eveything crossed for you 🤞🏻

    Mrs fish well i must say she’s being rather pathetic about it all, maybe now she’s a mother sge’ll Realise that! I would say to her how would she feel in many years to come if her daughter treated her the way she’s treating you & her dad! Because I bet she’d be devastated! Unfortunately there’s soms very selfish people in this world, don’t let her get you down at all 😘 weare doing really well thank you! Lily & harry Are great! Oh went to a bbq yesterday with his friends we were all invited but I didn’t really wanna take harry as I didn’t know How much shade they’ll be urns out there was like none 😂 and kept lily with me as none of his friends have kids either so nk doubt she would of been stuck in the corner watching something on his phone! So we popped to my mums, they have a massive swimming pool in there garden so lily went in there with my stepdad, her swimming is getting so good and she even voluntarily went under water herself which she’s never done before!  So so so proud of her then me and harry just sat in the shade with my mum & younger brother was really lovely & oh got a bit of time to himself then! last night Harry slept from 9.30-2.45 then from 3.30-6 and now he’s just gone from 9-2! Can’t beliece It! I’ve never used an opk so can’t help there but if I remember rightly can’t breastfeeding stop you from oV? How is hubby finding it with his daughter? How are you & Millie? 

    ele how was your holiday in Spain? Was it more difficult having two? 

    Lisil hows Hallie doing? 

    Sorry for any spelling mistakes only one hand free 😂

  • Mrs fish dont be nervous about your son. I'm sure he'll be fine. And just think of the money you've saved haha. Good to hear he's been better since breaking up with his girlfriend.

    Also congrats on the birth of your granddaughter. However I'm sorry your step daughter is being so awful. As mummytol+h said, she wouldn't like it if her own daughter did that to her in the future. I'm hoping she comes round soon and realises how silly she is being.

    Mummytolilyandharry that's fab that Lilly is so confident in the water! Sounds like you had a lovely day.

    Mrs Rees I hope af comes soon for you too.

    Hope everyone else is ok.

    Hallie ended up with a cough and cold so we think that might have been the reason for her being unsettled. Still keeping an eye on her ounces though. Last night she was up at half 2 until around 4.15 which is very unlike her. Not for milk though. She was just moving and chatting to herself so I just rocked her basket but then she got a bit mpddy so picked her up and noticed she'd leaked through with wee a bit so changed her - screamed the house down. As soon as I picked her up she was silent but just startung at me and didn't want to sleep for ages so just wanted cuddles

     She eventually went back off and didn't wake up again until 8.20. Mike took her but I can't get back to sleep now. I'm hoping it was just the damp nappy and sleepsuit and it's not the start of 4 month sleep regression!! Other than that we are all good xx

  • Urgh my message for lost 😔

    we have mild chicken pox - I wrote a lot more but can’t be arsed to write it all again 😂😂😂

  • Lisil I hope hallies feeling a bit better now?

    Mrs fish oh no I hope she’s okay! 

    Im having a nightmare with lily in literally sat here in tears ☹️

  • Oh dear for chicken pox glad it’s only mild though

    whats happened mummyl&h xxx

  • Oh no MtoL&H what’s happened with lily? 

    I’m not convinced yet it’s the pox as she literally has 4 spots!! Time will tell 

  • That’s face and the bird 😂😂

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