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  • Awww @Mummytolilyandharry your pics are fab. Harry is just a dream. He’s so cute and Lily's Face painting is amazing! You look fab as cruella de volley too. So glad Harry’s ok- it’s so scary when they’re ill! I hate it.

    @MrsJessB your girls are gorgeous. I think we’re done making babies now too. I think even if I had ten I’d always want another!!! So might as well stop now! Haha!! I’d be too scared of something going wrong again too. 

    Time is just flying by! Matilda has definitely found her voice over the last few weeks. She likes to chunner away! 

    Really looking forward to christmas!!!! Does anyone have some good tips on losing  weight??? I’m really struggling this time. My appetite doesn’t seem to be going down. I’m still on steroids from the blood clotting problem so that’s not helping
  • Hello ladies
    Your babies are gorgeous 😍
    Cai's is 4 month already and had his first(and hope last) trip on ambulance as out GP thought he could have meningitis... While I was waiting to get him checked I thought I will loose my mind... I know he did't have symptoms at all and she based it only cos he fall asleep while she been checking him and his temperature was high... Well all finished well and he just had very bad cold
    @EmJ3 I am struggling with weight loss  this time...just trying to convince myself when Cai will start solids I will eat steamed veg and boiled chicken and will loose weight.... Well I hope
  • @EmJ3 thank you xD I’m definitely done having babies too! I lost a lot of weight calorie counting when harry was born I weighed 15 stone 2 and in May this year I was 11 stone 9, unfortunately I’ve Put most of it back on again 😭 I’m now 13 stone 4 but I’ve drawn the line this morning and have started calorie counting, hoping I can get close to what I was before Christmas 😭 
  • @Mummytolilyandharry It’s so hard to diet and keep it off isn’t it. You did well losing yours though and you’ve not put it all back on!!! I’m sure you can get the bit off you want before Christmas.  I need drastic measures- doing rubbish! 

    @Sigsauer I’m thinking the chicken/salmon and veg for tea this week to see if that helps!!! 

  • In reality I want mashed potato or chips and loads of pasta- not together!!!🤣🤣🤣xxx
  • Hey Ladies!

    @Mummytolilyandharry look at your cuties 😍. Sorry to hear Harry was unwell. I've heard croup is terrifying to deal with but it sounds like he responded well to the treatment! Lily is so so like you!

    @EmJ3 peace will be well and truly shattered in your house now! But a noisy house is a happy house ❤️

    @sigsauer how is that 4 months already, time is moving so quickly just now. Its hard with GPS, they're so overly cautious, especially with babies then they start you panicking incase they're right!

    Ive got 2 weeks left today 🎉 desparate for this baby to arrive. We've had a crappy week. Evies running into everything and looks like a beaten child - we put foam on the corners to try and help but she just bites chunks out of it. She's also started playing up at bedtime. I don't know if it's her age, or she can sense the change coming but she wakes up after 4 or 5 hours inconsolable and refuses to go back to her cot. I try to be strict but she ends up hyperventilating and inevitably in with us. I wouldn't mind if I wasn't resembling a baby elephant so space is a premium. The dogs also started peeing on the carpets again. Then to totally finish me off MIL is popping over for a fortnight, landing ON MY DUE DATE despite that being the only day we said no to. We found out yesterday and I had a bit of a tantrum and sulked in the bath about everything. A little calmer this morning, and trying to sort out the bombsite my daughter has created while I showered! 
  • Loving all the pictures! Such cuties. 

    Sorry to hear Harry us poorly @Mummytolilyandharry hope he feels better soon.

    @EvelynsMummy6390 can't believe how close you are now!

    Sorry I've not really responded individually to everyone. I have read all your messages and hope you're all doing well, just so many to reply to 🙈

    Hallie and I are good thanks. Looking forward to Christmas. She's really trying to talk now and can say quite a few things. Always getting into mischief and we do have the odd tantrum too 😂🙈  not much to really repot other than that. Here's a couple of recent pictures 💗

  • Loving the pics too!!

    @EvelynsMummy6390 I read about your mil on your due thread! Nightmare or what!!! Hope you’re feeling more calm about it. This baby could come any time now though so try not to get stressed over it. Easier said than done I know!!!  So exciting though!!

    I hope Evie’s sleeping settles down too- not the best timing!🙈🙈

    Can’t wait to hear when the baby arrives!!!xxx
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 you having nightmare hun.
    My boy has a sleep problems week before Cai arrived, same was with my oldest before Leo been born...babies can feel this things and will try to get closer to mummy knowing soon she will be busy with baby. 
    I am now thinking about what type of feeding to choose... Mashed veg, porridge or go with baby led. With both my older boys it was mashed vegetables and porridge, but now I am thinking going with baby led but too scared
  • Thanks everyone I hope he’s better soon too although I’m glad he can just breathe again 😂 

    @xLisilx Hallie looks so grown up! How old is she now? Will you be trying for number 2 soon? harrys talking a lot more now too, everything’s yeah and no 😂 he’ll sometimes refer to himself as ‘Haz’ as well 😂 like lily will say that’s mine and he’ll say no, haz 😂 he’ll also shout YAYYYY when breakfast is ready he’s such a cutie! 

    @EvelynsMummy6390 really do you think so! It’s a shame she’s got my attitude as well 😂 can’t believe you’ve only got two weeks left! I can’t wait to find out what you’re having! 

  • @Mummytolilyandharry Haz 😂 I love that! Sounds like he loves his food like Hallie too haha!

    She'll be 20 months on 22nd November. I don't know where there time has gone. 

    No baby number 2 for us for a while. I've always said I want a slightly bigger age gap - a bit like with your two. So like 3-5 years between them. Ideally around 4 though. We have a big holiday booked at the end of August next year so we definitely won't be trying until at least then but to be honest I think we'll wait a little longer. My ideal would be to have a baby end of August/start of September when Hallie starts school so I can take her and pick her up for her whlle 1st year of school but how likely is that to happen? Haha! 
  • I have 5 year gaps between all my kids and I love it. Older kids are a lot more independent now and my oldest is a good help
  • @xLisilx yeah it is a good age gap and they do still play so nicely together! There’s just under 4 years between my two I think harry was about 7 weeks old when lily started school, it was nice because it gave lily chance to get to know harry & I got into a routine in the mornings with them both to get lily to school for half 8 and plus she was at play school for 2 days a week before she started school which gave me alone time with harry it’s a lovely age gap! where are you going on holiday? Xx
  • Yeah that's exactly what I want!

    We are off to Disney again with my family (thanks to the help of my mum) but have a mini cruise for 4 nights at the Bahamas at the end. I don't fancy being pregnant on the cruise and also the cruise line is quite strict with how far along you can be anyway - i can't remember how many weeks but it us less than the normal limit for travel. Also babies have to be at least 6 months old so there's no having a baby beforehand - although that would be very tight timings now anyway and not actually possible if I think about it based on the date we go haha xx
  • @Mummytolilyandharry oh how scary for you, I've heard a few cases of croup and it sounds awful!
    Glad he's on the mend now!
    Love your Halloween costumes! I keep planning costumes but never get there, S was in a princess dress this year and that was it lol

    @EmJ3 I'm so useless with diets, the moment I decide to diet I eat more and obsess about food lol
    I'm trying to make smarter choices tho as Sienna lays on my belly now and says 'mummy I love your jelly belly' 🤣

    @Sigsauer omg what a scare! I get so paranoid with rashes!

    @EvelynsMummy6390 when I was pregnant with Mila I had a similar moment, I think we are allowed to have meltdowns while pregnant lol

    @xLisilx aww she's such a cutie!
    We have a 4 year age gap, worked out nicely as S is at school now so M can have most of my attention during the day! 😊 

    I'm juggling my own little printing business too so keeping busy! 
    (There's a giveaway on there at the mo for a family portrait, search Blackledgeprint 😜) xx
  • How is everyone???

    @EvelynsMummy6390 how are you??? I’ve been keeping an eye on the due in nov thread do I know there’s no baby yet. How are you feeling?


  • Hey @EmJ3! Still no sign of a baby, I'll probably go a week late again but they want to do a sweep next weekend anyway. I'm coping much better in this pregnancy - sick free for almost a month now which is a miracle. I'm torn between not wanting to wish this time away but also GET OUT BABY, usually after I take Evie to a ballet class or something and have to basically crawl out at the end 😂. How are you and the wee one getting on?

    Hope everyone else is well, babies are doing well and those waiting for Dr's appointments etc are a little bit closer to finding out what's going on! Sorry I've not done personal replies, I'm going to be selfish and have a 30 minute lie down before I'm a Celebrity starts and I have to sit and fold ironing 😂
  • Awww so glad you are feeling pretty well @EvelynsMummy6390

    I was 2 weeks late with my first 2 then my waters went 2 weeks early with Matilda- I couldn’t have been more shocked!!!!

    definitely enjoy these last weeks- that was my plan!!! Enjoy the kicks and the time together before everyone else steals them! Haha!!!xxx
  • @EmJ3 ideally I just want baby to arrive a day or so before my MIL does so we can have a little time just the 4 of us.

    Nap and I'm a celeb didn't happen. Madam decided she doesn't like sleep so screamed the house down for an hour. She's got bad nappy rash so ended up lifting her for a cuddle and baby went mad and kicked hell out of her (me) so I'm in the bath soaking my battered muscles 😂
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