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  • Any baby news EvelynsMummy? 😍
  • @MickeyS no 😭 I think I'm the last one in the November birth club still waiting. Bump has definitely dropped overnight though and using my initial dates I would have baby tomorrow, on my MILs birthday 😂
  • @MickeyS clicked send my accident. How's are you and little one getting on? 
  • How are you getting on @EvelynsMummy6390? I hope the baby’s ready to make an appearance for you! It’s my daughter’s birthday tomorrow and she thinks it’s a really exciting time to have a birthday because of advent calendars etc and said everywhere looks magical with lights and decorations!! So hopefully your baby will be here soon!xx
  • @EmJ3 I had hoped not to go as far as December bit it would take a miracle for a November baby now. No signs really, well I keep thinking there are but I'm kidding myself. I have the midwife tomorrow afternoon so hopefully they'll offer another sweep so I at least feel like somethings being done to get it all started 😂. MIL has been here almost a week and I'm feeling pressure to deliver before she has to fly home on the 8th, but its likely that would be my induction date! 
  • Awwww @EvelynsMummy6390 don’t feel the pressure- there’s nothing you can do. The baby will come when they’re ready. What a lovely Christmas pressie you will all have!!! I hope the sweep tomorrow helps!xxx
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 how are you doing? I hope you’re coping ok going past your due date. Sending you lots of baby birth dust and hugs!!!!xxx
  • @EmJ3 I'm demented. Now 9 days over but I've been having period pain for about the last half hour so hoping I won't make it far past 10 (probably wishful thinking on my part). Hubby is out on his Christmas night out so we're totally tempting fate 😂.

    How is everyone else getting on? 
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 fingers crossed this is it and it develops quickly!!! You’ve done long enough. I was induced with my first 2- it’s fine! It’s a means to an end. I was more or less induced with Matilda too but early. Hopefully you won’t need
  • @EmJ3 worst case I only have to wait until the weekend eh! I'm the last one sitting babyless in the November birth club and it's quite lonely 😂. I wont lie, hubby was going to stay home tonight but I sent him along in the hope something might happen 😂. Imagine if he has to take me up to hospital in a tux 😂😂😂😂
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 did it work??? Did hubby have to go the hospital in a tux?  The things we do- with my son Jackson, I worked right till my due date- on my due date I was sat in the staff room crying! Haha! I was convinced if I gave my due date as my finishing date, I would be that tired, I would go early or at least on time unlike my daughter who was 2 weeks late! Obviously never worked!!! 🤣🤣🤣 he was 2 weeks late too! Matilda was 2 weeks early though. Hope you’re
  • It didn't work 😭 everything has died down again and to add insult to injury I've just stood up, heard a massive click and all my hip pain is back with a vengeance! At least I'm down to 3 days to go!

    I wish I had worked later, because I fell so quickly again I had a glut of holidays left from last year and they made me take them or I'd lose them so I've been finished up for 5 or 6 weeks already. I'm so ready to be done with pregnancy and get this baby 😂
  • Awww just think @EvelynsMummy6390, you’re gunna be holding your gorgeous new baby very soon. It’s such a magical, amazing time! It’ll all be worth it!xxx
  • How are you holding up @EvelynsMummy6390???xxx
  • I hope being induced yesterday was ok and that baby has already arrived.xxxx
  • @EmJ3 thank you. Induction was quite quick and I had no control over it. Baby James Howard was born at 8.46pm last night. We're home now and Evie is obsessed with her little bro! (He's 8lb15 which I feel isn't very big for 2 weeks overdue!) 
  • Massive congrats @EvelynsMummy6390 he’s a beaut and I love his name! Harrys middle name is James 😍 welcome to the boys club you’re going to love it xD xx
  • Awww congratulations @EvelynsMummy6390- well done! One of each now- how very clever of you!!!! Haha!! He’s absolutely beautiful. He’s just a nice weight being overdue. Glad Evie is enjoying being a big sister. How are you feeling? I hope you’re floating on air- enjoy this magical family 
  • Congratulations! What a gorgeous photo of both of your babies 😍 hope you're all doing well xx
  • Ahhhh massive congratulations. A new bubba in time for Christmas- how lovely. So happy for you xx
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