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  • Thanks guys. He's just amazing. I'm quite sore but labour was at least not dragged out! Think that's our family complete for now! 
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 how was your labour? I am so glad you had a boy! It’s so lovely having one of each! Even lovelier that they’re so close in age they’re gunna be the bestest of friends! Enjoy little James whilst you can before you know it he’ll be throwing cars at your face haha it’s all fun and games isn’t it (help me 😂) 
  • @Mummytolilyandharry labour was so different to last time. I was crying to hubby on Sunday morning refusing to go to my appointment because I was scared I'd be there for days just waiting!

    I was to be there at 2 but because if shift handover and then needing to monitor baby it was 3 o'clock before they came near me and decided to try the gel and see if it would work. 4 o'clock I had started contractions and my face had broken out in some weird rash (we assume due to the gel). They didn't want to check me again until 9pm but around 6 the pains went totally mental, about a minute apart lasting 45 seconds. About 7 I asked for paracetamol and the midwife convinced me a bath would help and went off to run me one. Well I was in the bath all of 5 minutes and I heard a really loud pop and the bathtub filled with blood (or it looked like a lot). They stuck me in a wheelchair and took me back to the ward - this was about 7.45 and she checked me and I was sitting at 4-5cm so they decided I could move over to labour. It took me a good while to get myself up onto the bed so they could attach a monitor to the wee ones head and she said by this point I was 5cm, stretching to 6, except I had turned into some kind of caged animal and was growling at anyone that would listen that she was lying to me. My body started pushing involuntarily and Jamie arrived 10 minutes later, 15 minutes after I first arrived in the room. I defo owe my midwife an apology because I was way out of order but nobody would believe me. I'm in a lot of pain from him coming so fast. The midwife who checked me after told me I have to be careful thay me labia don't FUSE together????? I didn't think that would be possible! So not the worst birth but I definitely preferred Evies, slightly longer but I felt a lot more in control.

    I have a wee guard for the wee man too. She just stands and stares at him in his basket and cries if we don't immediately pick him up when he fusses 😂... 

    Haha about the cars, they're all at a fab age just now aren't they! 
  • Awww it sounds very full on @EvelynsMummy6390 but he’s here safe and sound now and what a Christmas present he is!!! He’s just scrummy.xx
  • Thank you @EmJ3 - we're quickly readjusting to having a teeny tiny in the house again. This time breastfeeding is going better so hopefully we actually manage it. And for the first time I have a child who fits newborn (fits used loosely) - is anyone else unable to remember having one this size? Our babies are so grown up!

  • @EvelynsMummy6390 wow it sounds very quick! I had a similar experience with lily with my body pushing, the midwife kept telling me don’t push it’s not time but I couldn’t control it! I just ignored her in the end and just pushed, your body knows best! And I’m sure your midwife has had people be a lot worse with her and they must understand how painful it is and it’s not easy to keep your cool when being so frustrated by no one listening! I’m glad he’s here safe and sound and he’s absolutely gorgeous! Were you all shocked that he’s a boy? How are you finding having two?

    hows everyone doing? 

    Harry had a doctors appt on Wednesday for the bone that pokes out (don’t know if I ever told you all) but everything’s fine and won’t ever cause him any pain which I was so so so pleased about! He’s confidently walking everywhere now and he’s definitely no longer a baby 😭 

  • Merry Christmas ladies. I hope you’ve all had a magical Christmas with lots of nice food and drinks!!! I hope all of the babies and children were made up with their pressies!

  • @Mummytolilyandharry look at him 😍. They're all getting scary big!

    @EmJ3 Hope you all had a fab Xmas - and the rest of you too! It was so much more exciting this year when they could open their own parcels wasn't it. Our house is a bit of a toy explosion just now though. Daddy is back to work today so my first day with the 2 kids myself and of course they're both choked!

    Jamie is back up to 8lb1 after losing quite a bit of his birth weight. He's 3 weeks old and the hospital are still monitoring him but here's hoping for another good gain on Tuesday! Apparently he should have been back at birth weight last week?

  • Ps @EmJ3 that tutu is just the cutest 😍
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 they’re gorgeous pics. Jamie is doing really well with the breast feeding. Don’t worry it took Matilda 4 weeks to get back to her birth weight but she was absolutely fine. I think it’s more when they’re tiny babies but we had good size ones. It’s good that they’re monitoring him though. 

    I bet Evie had fun opening all her presents and Jamie’s! Haha!!! 

    How’s the first day on your own going?? Xxxx
  • @EmJ3 going OK - only 6 hours til daddy gets home. The dog ate a full box of Mince pies, then a tube of Milkybar that I'd forgotten to lift so I'll probably need to take her to the vet AGAIN. Then Evie got stuck under the climbing frame while I was feeding the baby and had a meltdown. I've now got them all tucked up in bed with me for a nap but Im much calmer than I probably should be about it all 😂 hope your day is going more smoothly. I really don't know how people cope with more than 2 of them on their own, not at this age 😂
  • You’ve nearly finished your shift @EvelynsMummy6390!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

    I think staying calm is the best thing. What’s the point in overly stressing??? Nothing changes!!! You got this!!!

    having a toddler and a baby is hard work! Hope you can enjoy a glass of wine or something nice in a
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 Both babies look beaut! I believe they like them to be back up to birth weight within 10 days but I think like emj said it’s probably the teeny tiny babies that it’s a major problem for and as long as he’s gaining little bits I can’t see the problem! Are you breastfeeding? Jamie looks as though he likes playing with his hands sooooo cute! 

    @EmJ3 Matilda looks so big now!!! She was teeny last time I saw a picture! 

    Did everyone have a good Christmas? There are toys literally everywhere in my house I can’t step anywhere 😂 

    Harry has really bad eczema 😭 he had it last year and lush dream cream worked wonders but it’s doing nothing this year, we did get a cream from the doctors which has done nothing, I’m now trying a balm called balmonds skin salvation?! Has everyone ever heard of it or tried it? I saw good reviews online But we’ve only used it today it seems to have helped a little but I’m really hoping for miracles! I’ll let you all know how we get on! Lily’s never had any problems with her skin before so this is all new to me! 

  • @EmJ3 I can't wait, bottle of fizz in the fridge, it's meant to be for hogmanay but would a wee glass really hurt? The bottle can always be replaced 😂! I'm keeping her up to see daddy since she was asleep when he left but regretting it since she's running around with a nappy sack from before her bath and is too fast to be caught!

    @Mummytolilyandharry he's such a proper wee boy now, and Lily looks like such a proud big sister! Jamie's obsessed with his hands, he actually came out with his hand up by his face in a superman pose. I blame that for the stitches 😂. Your house sounds like mine - we decided we should build the climbing cube in the lounge which Evie is loving but with her other gifts I can barely move. Bad mummy didn't really buy for Jamie, just a swimsuit and a couple outfits from the mothercare clearance!

    Evie has a bit of psoriasis and we got a cream on minor ailments that seems to do the job (pic below). We also had some success with child's farm unscented and if it's really dry the white metanium barrier cream stops them hurting so much! I hope it clears up soon for poor Harry! 
  • Happy new year ladies and babies (although more like toddlers in most cases).

    We ended up at out of hours with Jamie today. He's still choked with the cold and refusing to feed so I wanted him checked. They weren't too concerned by his breathing or cough, but we're quite worried as his weight had dipped a few ounces again so ran some tests. They've ruled out a few conditions and by process of elimination decided he has difficulty digesting the protein in my milk/formula which is stopping him gaining his birth weight back. I was given the options of cutting dairy completely from my diet or putting him on a specialist formula.

    As selfish as it may sound, I don't think I could drop dairy completely so we've opted to start him on the formula and he's like a different baby already. Initially I had said I'd want to feed him until hubby was finished his paternity so I've already given him a week over that which I've enjoyed and at least we've had that bonding time.

    Earlier we all had a 3 hour nap and I'm like a new woman! 
  • Happy new year everyone so glad you all had great Christmas and I hope all the very best for you in 2020

    All these babies are so big now, from following all your ttc journies from the very beginning through all the high notes and the low notes I feel very honoured I could share it with you 

    I don't come on here much as I'm sure you can understand this is my 3rd year of trying now since mc number 1 so it can be difficult realising how far behind you all I am
    But I'm really hoping that 2020 is the year that I'm goi g to join you 

    The doctors have said I'm doing everything g right I've lost over a stone in weight and hubby is having sperm test next week to see if there are any issues 
    I got diagnosed with pcos which I expected but it's only the hormones no actual cyst so got to try and combat Thst somehow

    I love reading all the updates and look forward to seeing what you all get up to this year 

    Love to all jess xxx
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 you did brilliantly breastfeeding but sometimes it just doesn’t work long term. It didn’t for me either but I did longer this time than with my other 2 so I was relatively pleased. So glad Jamie is a little more settled! His weight will shoot up now!!

    @MrsRees so nice to hear from you! I’m glad you are doing well and tests are being done to try and help you get your rainbow! Well done on the weight loss too!! Fingers crossed 2020 will be your year.

    Happy new year everyone. Wishing you lots of love and luck in everything you do.xxxx
  • @MrsRees it's so nice to hear from you. I'm glad things seem to be going in the right direction and like you say, 2020 is going to be your year!

    @EmJ3 I was going to ask you since you had a similar situation. What do you do about your milk supply? I've been sore/itchy today so just been letting off enough to be comfortable. How long does it normally take to go away? I have a fear or mastitis if I don't get rid of a little bit as needed x
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 mine dried up over a couple of days. I just got rid of a bit like you and it settled quickly thank god.xx
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 just try to to massage them, milk will leak a bit but  it's normal.. Just till point you feeling relief. If you have pain put cold cabbage leaf in bra it works miracles.

    My boy is 6 month old already... Where time flies? He was super excited on Christmas day. He understands a lot more than my oldest two did.

    Also he is little foodie monster... He loves food, eating everything and with big appetite 
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