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  • Aww Mrs fish 😂 so cute and naughty haha! How's the pox?

    Hope you're ok now mummytolilyandharry. Here if you want to vent.

    So hallie's cold has gone but she now has a cough and I think a sore throat because she keeps sticking her tongue right out and making a weird noise. Also she's made me ill because I can't help but kiss and snuggle her even though she was a little snot bag and I have a sore throat so pretty sure she will too. Trying to stop being so affection whilst I'm ill incase mine is a different virus so she doesn't get ill AGAIN! It's definitely irritating her though, poor thing 😞

  • Mrs fish I had the same with lily a few months ago thought she had the Pox but only a few spots then they just went so don’t think she did have them in the end! with millie though time will tell! 

    Lisil so glad Hallie is feeling better! I know that one cant tell you how many times I’ve been ill from giving lily thousands of kisses and cuddles everyday 😂 hope you feel better soon! 

    Thanks for asking Mrs Rees, Mrs fish & lisil she’s just being an absolute nightmare for someone so small she has so much attitude! I miss how she used to be and find myself moaning At her all day long, im turning into the mum I never wanted to be! Cooing at my newborn and moaning at my preschooler! And I promised myself I wouldn’t do it but her behaviour is just not acceptable ☹️ It’s not even the way she treats harry she loves the bones off of him and whenever I’ve googled how she’s behaving it’s come up with kids Saying things like I hate my brother and she’s not like that at all Towards him but I think it’s more because she’s not the smallest one in the house she thinks she’s become an adult and can talk to everyone how she wants! She’s been screaming in the middle of shops everytime we say no she can’t have something which I could probably of counted on one hand how many times she’d done that in the past and now it’s everytime, today oh said no to getting a magazine As she was very naughty yesterday slapped me round the face god knows how many times, headbutted me 4 times and pulled my hair so hard it made me cry and she screamed you’re so stupid daddy! Constantly stomping her feet followed by ‘I want ....’ it breaks my heart because she used to be so good, I keep asking her why she’s misbehaving in the hopes that I can help her and maybe change a few things, it’s not as if we haven’t done things for her recently, we took her bowling last week, she’s been to soft play, been to the park god knows how many times so I don’t know how she can feel left out, there’s been a few times where her & harry have been crying at the same time and I’ve comforted her first, me & oh have tried so hard to make sure she still feels just as loved as she did before and I know her whole world has been turnt upside down but I miss the sweet loving little girl that I had a few weeks ago ☹️ If anyone has any advice or suggestions I’d love to hear them x

  • Oh MummyroL&H that’s sounds really tough!! I don’t know what to suggest, hopefully it is just attention seeking behaviour that she will move away from 🤞 Have you managed to get some 121 time away from Harry with lily? Maybe that might help? Does she help with feeding etc? It sounds like it is difficult for her dealing with the change rather than not liking Harry - has she been any better last few days? 

    Pretty sure we don’t have pox, the 5 odd spots have just faded and gone, not got all scabby and no more 

  • Mummytol&h that is difficult other than showing her that she’s not a grown up and cant Speak to people in the way she is I don’t k ow what to suggest as obviously you don’t want her to feel pushed out either hopefully as Mrs fish says it’s just a phase and she will hopefully adjust to the new situation soon 

    glad it appears it’s not the pox Mrs fish 

    hope yours and hallie’s sore throats are clearing up lisil 

    afm still waiting for af to show up been 31 days since bleeding first started the day after taking the tablet for medical management of miscarriage, my cycle was 32 days before mc but I don’t feel like af is coming anytime soon and I feel completely normal no signs of anything pregnancy related or af related so I think I could be in for. Bumpy ride this time, maybe will take longer because I was later in the pregnancy this time??? 

  • Mrs fish I’m glad she doesn’t have them that’s great news!

    Mrs Rees maybe take a test if you’re waiting too long!

    Thank you both, it is really tough she’s been a lot better the last couple of days I’ve tried my best to have 1-2-1 time with her but it’s difficult to especially as oh has been back at work this week, she’s had the same amount of attention but it can’t just be me & her, I just need to find a way to show her that just because Harry’s here doesn’t mean I love her any less, I think it doesn’t help when we have visitors and she’s trying to get there attention and they’re ignoring Her to hold harry ☹️ That’s broken my heart when that’s happened ☹️ im hoping The situation just resolves itself ☹️

    Harrys 3 weeks old today, I had him weighed this morning he’s now 9lb3! 


  • awwwww 3 weeks already that’s mad it’s gone so quick mummytol&h 

    maybe tell everyone when they come in they have to make a big fuss of lily and explain the situation, it’s sad that people do forget about the older children, maybe some little sweets or smlll presents for them to give her so that she feels special too 

    I’m not gunna test really think it’s just going to take a bit longer maybe I will test if it’s like 10-12 weeks since bleeding started but will see I’m really expecting it to turn up at some point 

    but if I was pregnant at least I don’t know I can’t worry too much and the wait till the safe zone would be shorter 

  • I keep losing my posts!! 

    Amd then can’t be bothered to write it all out again 😔

  • How’s Lily Doing? 

    Any signs of AF Mrs Rees? mine arrived today, 23 days! Same as after my mc and before I fell last time.  No idea if OV yet.  We missed the fertile window due to hubbies shifts.

    more to follow....

  • So had Amelie weighed, 12lb2 - so she is still only on around the 5th centile, almost 20 weeks old! - I was expecting more as she has been really unsettled at night, waking up for feeds and not resettling.  Partly teething and also change in sleep cycles, which means she is havin light and deep sleep cycles and waking herself up by rolling over.  She is not ready for weaning just yet as she isn’t really interested just yet. Dr wants to do another 6 week style check on her in 3 weeks to check her weight and height, but thinks she looks nice and healthy 😁 we have also been referred for dietician to support with trying to introduce Dairy into her diet 

    Lisl how are you and Hallie? 


  • image

    Me with my 2 babies yesterday at a wedding 😍

  • What a lovely photo mrs fish, I think Amalie is just going to be a little dot, pertite and precious 😍 but good that doctors are working with you so she can have dairy not sure how I could live without it now 

    no af not arrived yet, I think it’s going to take a while, I regret not checking that my pregnancy tests went negative after bleeding finished now though just in case I but really think it’s just going to be A long cycle due to being further long in pregnancy when mc it will be 5 weeks tomorrow since bleeding started 

  • Mrs Rees luckily my family still make s big fuss of her, it’ll soon wear off and she’ll get all the attention again! Try and wait as long as you can before you test! Like you say at least then you don’t know & cant worry! 

    Mrs fish lilys alot better still attention seeking a bit but not as bad! I don’t know if it’s also to do with her birthday which is less than two weeks as I remember her being like this last year! Think the excitement just gets to her! I agree with Mrs Rees she’s probably just naturally petite as long as she’s fed & happy I wouldn’t worry! She’s absolute beautiful & perfect just the way she is! What a lovely photo! Love it!

  • Hi everyone, sorry to interrupt your conversation, but we're just wondering if you had a moment to help a new member - she's suffered a miscarriage a few days ago, and is looking for hope.... we thought where better to find it, amongst all these 🌈 babies. If you wanted to say hi, or give her a virtual hand hold, we're sure she would really appreciate it. Here thread is here. Thank you. 

  • Hi All

    we got our first tooth!! Just like her brother it’s a fang first 😂 he looked like a vampire for a while, so will see what happens with Millie 


  • How’s lily getting on now? X

  • Hahahaha Mrs fish that is the best picture 😂😂 hopefully the rest will follow quite quickly! Lily’s a lot better now thanks for asking she has her play school leavers party that she’s at atm! 


  • I keep losing posts at the mo, driving me bonkers!!

    glad Lilly has settled down, she looks adorable on her outfit for her party - is she starting school in September? 

    How’s Harry doing? 

    Couple of snaps from yesterday 



  • Yeah she starts in less than 3 weeks 😭 she won’t be 4 until Thursday So she’ll be the baby of the school 😭 

    millie looks adorable I bet she can’t wait for those teeth to come so she can sink them into those donuts! Love the photo with her cuddly toys 😍 

    harrys doing okay I’m thinKing he may have a bit of colic as hes got quite whingey, if he does have it it’ll only be mild but might grab some Infacol and see if that helps otherwise he’s very happy and definitely packing on the weight! He’s been smiling quite a bit the last few days, please look at his little dinosaur Feet in the second picture 😍😍😍😍


  • He is gorgeous!! Love those feet in the onesie 😍

    Oh bless him, colic is tough!  Leon had it reallyyyy bad :-(  Amelie was horrific until a I gave up Dairy, it was a complete game changer for us.....

    how mich does he weigh now? How are night times? X

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